Pakistan: One State, Different Narratives

Posted August 14th, 2016 at 7:23 pm (UTC+0)

Taliban Fighters
By Pir Wilayat Shah and Iftikhar Hussain

Pakistan’s powerful Army Chief General Raheel Sharif warned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government, in the aftermath of Quetta’s massacre, that lack of proper implementation of the National Action Plan would result in serious consequences. The General said, “Establishing long term peace and stability in Pakistan would remain a ‘distant dream’ unless all stakeholders deliver meaningfully on the National Action Plan (NAP) against terrorism”.

The General’s remarks were indirectly responded to by Punjab Province’s Law Minister, Rana Sanullah. He stated, “If the criticism against military can take us away from our target, in the same fashion, criticism of our civilian institutions and law enforcement agencies can take us away from our objectives”. The ping pong approach to the shift in blame blatantly exposes the gaps in the Pakistani civilian-military approach in the fight against terrorism.

Gaps in Pak Civilian-Military Approach to Terrorism

Discrepancies in the Pakistan civilian-military approach to confronting terrorism and terrorists in the country has long been debated by independent analysts, who have viewed the policy with concerns. To analysts the reasons are obvious, the stakes for fighting terrorism are different for the military and civilian government are different.

Pakistan’s leading analysts caution on the widening gap between the state and military institutions. Most worrisome for them is perhaps their view of how Pakistan continuously insists that there is a distinction between good and bad Taliban. Meanwhile, Nawaz government is criticized by his opponents for failing to take action against extremist groups within in his home province of Punjab.

Although they share the same surnames, the two Sharifs hardly share the same views on terrorism apart from acknowledging it is a severe issue and shifting the blame on foreign entities. In the aftermath of the Quetta massacre both General Sharif and Prime Minister Sharif stated that a “foreign hand is involved,”

One State, Different Narratives

Former Pakistan Army General and leading security analyst, Talat Masood dubs the army stance that the civilian government is selectively pursuing the 20 point National Action Plan. “The army chief wants to put pressure on the civilian set up to make it more pro-active against the menace of terrorism”, says Talat Masood. General Masood says if the blame game continues, the gap between the two institutions can widen further.

However, Pakistan’s military campaign against terrorism in the tribal region titled, Zarbe- Azb has also come under serious scrutiny following the Quetta attack.

Pakistan Senate Chairman, Raza Rabbani, a respected voice within the Pakistani political scene, equaled Pakistan’s state approach to eliminating terrorism as ‘fire-fighting’; the state puts out one fire and then waits for the next fire to erupt. He called for changing the fundamentals of the strategy after the bloody Quetta massacre. Raza Rabbani’s sentiments on Pakistan’s policy on terrorism are echoed both in Pakistan and abroad.

Pakistan’s Counterterrorism Plan

Pakistan National Action Plan is a concise 20-point plan of action that PM Sharif’s government devised in the aftermath of Peshawar school massacre by terrorist outfit Tehreek Taliban Pakistan in December 2014. Analyst Zahid Hussain believes that selective implementation of the national action plan has yielded very limited results. “Hate material is still easily available in the country and the government claims of arresting thousands of terrorists under national security cannot be verified independently”.

Nawaz Sharif’s Punjab Problem

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif draws his political power from his home land Punjab, the largest province in Pakistan. His government is accused of inaction against Punjab based terrorists such as, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Analysts say inaction against militants, or simply the lack of it, in Punjab will diminish any gains operation Zarb-e-Azb’s has achieved. Their view. is that the root causes of extremism lay in Punjab and unless a decisive action is taken into action, counterterrorism efforts elsewhere will not be able to yield results.

‘Pakistan’s Enabling Environment is the Perfect Cultivation Ground for Extremism’

Michael Kugelman of Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington DC says an enabling environment in Pakistan allows terrorists to remain resilient. kugelman told VOA Deewa, “The issue here is the environment, the climate continues to be conducive for terrorists. You have the types of narratives, the types of ideologies that drive militancy and terror. This messaging coming from clerics, that appears in school text books, that you quite frankly hear on the television that talks about how India, the US and Israel are trying to surround and harm Pakistan and Islam. These are narratives that are everywhere across society in Pakistan. And these are the types of narratives that terrorists are able to act upon violently”.

Where is Pakistan Heading on Terrorism?

Experts think the more pressing issue at hand are the differences in the state and the military’s priorities. Both institutions are eager to pursue their own interests in the fight against terrorism. Regardless of what each side might say of its success, the nation is caught in a bloody quagmire due to institutional ambivalence. The nation bleeds and the ethnic Pashtun, Baloch, and Sindhis are the innocent bystanders of terrorism as the stakes of peace remain amidst disparities between the military and civilian government of Pakistan.

**Niala Mohammad contributing editor

48 responses to “Pakistan: One State, Different Narratives”

  1. Syed Naqvi says:

    What a shame that both India and Pakistan became two independent nations at the same time even India have more diversed populations, lanugage, religion and traditions yet historically far more stable politically as compared to Pakistan. There has been more Martial Laws then Civilian governments in Pakistan. Lies, cheating, deceptions, screwings each ohters have a way of life. Government officials speak from sides of the mouth, they support hell raisers across the borders and they lie to the teeth and plead their case for millions of dollars to fill their pockets and open bank accounts overseas. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves individually and collectively. You have become the extended Taliban Kindgom.Perish Now!

    • Dean Mirzada Safi says:

      All correct what has been mentioned above. The foundation of Pakistan was laid down on cheating, lying, bribes, looting and deceiving and greed. Thanks

  2. Anjan Malapaka says:

    A country born based on religion the people are fed with religion and hatred even the schools teach children to hate other religions. Power is the goal of politicians army and religious leaders, power comes through loyal followers which in todays world is bought. Leaders are normally educated professionals, while at the base they recruit unemployed and un educated youths.These leaders invoke explanations to the effect that they share common views of social economic and political problems and use the followers for their own goals. Three of the most wanted terrorists with price on their heads walk freely and address rallies. The decent and educated people know what is going on but no one dare say anything or they might disappear or shot.

    • anuraj says:

      Fully agree with the point of view expressed above.
      Till the Pakistan Government starts differentiating between Terrorism & non terrorism they will always have this problem. The so called good & bad terrorism as propagated by some sections only lead to confusion in the society and thus leads to terror acts.Good or bad is interpretation of different people as per their beliefs. Children studying in Madrassa are taught that all other religions are enemy of Islam,so they think killing others is good. They are only taught the negative interpretation of their religious books.
      Basic curriculum at schools need to be changed,that will help improve the situation.

    • Pakistan is moving in the right direction and many terrrorist outfits are marginalised, so that they are only killing innocent civilians. Though there are some differences in government & army, what they have done in last one year is commendable.
      Even the opposition, which is giving tough time to government on its policies is behind the operation Zarb-e-Azab.
      Only handful of mullahs and their foreign masters spread dis-information.
      Some of their foreign masters are trying in vain to divert attention from their attrocities of using 700,000 army to imprison 10 Million people for 70 years despite pledge to United Nations to hold plebiscite.

      • Ram Kot says:

        You say RIGHT direction, but your word is wrong from start.
        You and the whole world knows for long time that Pakistan has been going in WRONG direction for a very long time.
        And in recent time is wrong direction and whole world is watching the truth, and also lies.

    • ASIF says:

      See your own country. Lower caste Hindus are terrorized by upper class and their women are rapped. Indian army is involved in terrorism in Nagaland , kashmir and many other parts. Thousands of Muslims were butchered in Gujrat,is it not terrorism?

      • Vinesh says:

        Commenting ON what is happening wrong in India is not going to solve Pakistan issues.
        We have acknowledged the issues ,learned from the History first step to correct the mistakes is to make our state policies which are not based on Religion, caste or breed. Huge loss was in 1947 due to religious hatred. Till now we are decreasing in causality on this ground .I am no saying zero .But the policies are in place ,actions are taken to educate the people and how to live with differences.
        It starts from our school system- where all kids belonging to different religion, caste and region are studying together .So if corrective system is in place it will give correct results .
        As said by our President Dr. APJ Abdulkalm -Just correct your schooling, give national vision to the KIDS and see the results after each school year.
        We show the results to the world just wait for some more time.
        If system started with hate it will never going to give positive results.

      • Ram Kot says:

        You are forgetting honor killing which is in news all the time.Also most of this killing of young
        girls and women is done for punlic display.
        You let Terrisost declared by independent agencies and United Nation. You also praise
        these criminals let them release from prison.
        You forget to mention killing Ballopis in their
        country. This is not your country.
        So please stop your lies and help your
        country man first and respect the humans of this

      • P Setra says:

        Two wrongs do not make one truth. But Pakistan is much worse situation than India, Compare the two in every sphere and you will know. Blame game is for people who shirk responsibility and reality. Being bold and facing the truth may lead to solution otherwise not.

    • Dr M Aamir says:

      Strongly disagree with statement of gentle man , our curriculum never mentioned to hate any one on the basis of religion, ethnicity. Our education system is robust, Pakistan is producing Doctors from same same education system, who are leading physician across world, did we initiated war in Afghanistan? did Pakistan created Taliban? did pakistan created OBL? did pakistan stopping UN PEACEKEEPER NO TO MOVE FREELY IN AJK? the author must read history of Islam, religion of tolerance… before making imposing his personal thought on media….

      • Chandra Shekhar Afroz says:

        While it is true that Islam==peace, Pakistan has chosen its own version of Islam. This version of Islam is filled with hatred toward India, no matter what. Almost the whole nation of Pakistan is blinded by this rage against India. When you are this angry, you loose reasons. While it is true that our Pakistani cousins are also smart doctors and engineers, this fact gets trounced by the covert political and military support of terrorists based in Pakistan. This is more news worthy and sees daylight. Unless Pakistan changes from an Islamic Republic (which is India-hate-centric) to a Democratic Republic, things will continue to be bad and deteriorate further.

      • Ram Kot says:

        I strongly disagree with your arguments. All are based on one-sided information. You want others to check facts, but you yourself are blind to overall situation in Pakistan.
        Not in current times, but for a very lomg time.
        So look at all the facts yourself and see how bias you are.

      • Ram Kot says:

        All your comments are not supported by world.
        You are blind to your country and you have not created enough doctors to take your own people. You are sending
        terrorist to all neighboring contrie including
        Afghanistan. These lies keeps you
        from progress for your Pakistan.

    • Ram Kot says:

      Agree read all your comments Excellent post keep posting this kind of correct information. I enjoyed your posting very much. thanks.

  3. Sam says:

    It appears that Pakistan is headed toward military rule. It has happened in the past when military becomes critical of the civilian government, they decide to take over. It’s ironical that last time it was the same Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who was overthrown by military gen. Musharraf.

  4. Friend Of Pakistan says:

    Pakistan has to get rid of the two Mafia dynasties Mr. 25% & Co and Mr. 10% & Co. These
    two Mafias dynasties are corrupt and robbing the country of it resources and wealth. In a nutshell their mission is the same under two assumed names PML-N and PPP. Wake up the people of Pakistan before it is too late.

  5. Agha Ata says:

    Only if the powerful and the most admired general Raheel Khan retires and then comes back, as a civilian politician, would be able to fix things up.

  6. This is a good analysis of the different approaches of the Pakistan Military and its civilian administration vis a vis terrorism in the country. However, the author while correctly blaming the prevailing climate of fear of a triple alliance of the U.S. , India and Israel “surrounding and harming” Pakistan widely circulating in the country as responsible for keeping alive the various organisations adopting terrorism as their modus operandi , he has missed the point in regard to what has given rise to this obsessive fear in Pakistan almost from its very inception. It is the unresolved issue of Jammu and Kashmir – a princely state in undivided India with a Muslim majority which should have acceded to Pakistan without any fuss in the same way as the other large princely state under a Muslim ruler but with a majority Hindu population acceded to India. In the latter case there was some fuss but the matter was clinched when the Indian army walked in. This was to ensure that the will of the majority of the state’s population was respected by the ruler who happened to be of a different religious persuasion. It is worth noting that in the mid-20th century the Indian subcontinent had descended to such an unbelievable level of religious frenzy among Hindus and Muslims that their respective leaders, all highly educated people, had to conclude that it was impossible for the two communities to live together – the consequences in loss of innocent lives, dishonour of the womenfolk and destruction of property were monumental. When Jammu & Kashmir acceded to India and the tribesmen from Pakistan tried to preempt this accesion the country’s founder and first Governor General, Mr. Jinnah, wanted to send in his nascent army to help the tribesman. His British military chief, General Gracey, refused to carry out his order. That was the time when Mr. Nehru, India’s Prime Minister, wanted to send in the better equipped Indian army to invade Pakistan and undo the whole partition project and restore India to its pre-partition boundaries. He was stopped by his Governor General Lord Mountbatten.
    This and India’s failure to keep to its promise to hold a plebscite to ascertain the will of the Kashmiri people and India’s current stand that the will of the people has been ascertained and the problem now is one of defeating terrorism etc. etc. have together made Pakistan view India as an existential threat. Initially, the U.S.was seen as an ally by the Pakistanis but in recent years with the emergence of Israel as an ally of India Pakistan seem no longer to bank on U.S. support in the event of a showdown with India over Kashmir. Pakistanis feel beleagured and their fear level has compounded. While the Pakistani government is unable or unwilling to force the issue with India, the various private organisations are championing the Kashiri cause. The solution therfore lies in India and Pakistan resolving the Kashmir issue and eliminating the raison d’etat for terror to intervene.

    • Ram Kot says:

      Your very long narrative is false with many facts misstated. Meaning most of them can not be verified by independent sources. AND NOT AS STATED IN YOURPOST.

  7. maher.m says:

    Fear , hate & terror rules the country. Forget the infidels, Sectarian , ethnic . name it.

  8. Shiraz Ali Charania says:

    Religion should not be the base of any country. Secondly, the power is concentrated and nothing is left to the general public for deciding their future.I think the constitution should be revised and power should be transferred to the public in true sense. Public servants should not be at the mercy of so called elected representatives. Documentation is yet another and more vital problem for the country.

  9. kakakhel says:

    The article is very useful and very correct according to ground realities. The civilians leadership must come out from their own personal agenda of election 2018. People across the country think that with the help of the extremists in Punjab, the present regime took advantage in election 2013 and they still think for the same result in 2016.In our society, one rouge can keep a flawk of 100 peace lovings under his control. This is true for educational institutions and all and sundry. If these rouges are eliminated then how the leaders shall results in elections?
    Military must end this base of evils in Punjab, like Shaheed General Asif Nawaz Janjua did in Sind in early1990s by exposing the evils of a political party in Sind, which ultimately paved way for peace in Karachi.

  10. Muhammad Ilyas says:

    ‘Pakistan’s Enabling Environment is the Perfect Cultivation Ground for Extremism’

    The account that “india, israil & u.s. are surrounding Pakistan & Islam to harm are quite visible around the world, although there is only 1 thing and that is media projection, that makes it the look the other way”………

    The blame that extremism/terrorism related material is available in school textbooks and is preached by religious leaders is a blame very baseless & unethical one, that has no credibility, because ISLAM is the religion of peace and cannot spread hatred or terror

    • Ram Kot says:

      Islam may be religious and i respect that.
      But I as a bystander constantly see in real videos and news many if not all muslim countries
      are fighting among themselves. But they are killing innocent people including women and children. And with ruthless weapons and by other manual methods.
      No future for people of almost all these countries, that adds lot more than what we can count with our 10 fingers.

  11. i completely agree with the statement that there is a gap between Military and Civilian Government secondly, the leaders of largest province of the country always created barrier in the way of progress. only the smaller provinces are blaming. torching and pushing towards terrorism, extremism

  12. Timothy Andersson says:

    PM Nawaz Sharif is the product of Gen Ziaulhaq who made the most stupid action to listen to the USA and helped to kick out USSR from Afghanistan. Gen Raheel Sharif is a man of utmost integrity and a real soldier whose mission is to protect the sovereignty of Pakistan. PM Nwaz Sharif is a businessman who lives overseas and visit Pakistan on vacation with prime mission to loot as much as he can.

    There is an aphorism that both India and Pakistan are fiercest enemies and peoples sentiments are exceptionally intolerant. Politicians from both India and Pakistan came into power by blaming or fooling their people to bark against each other. There is an ego involve where both the nations are in a nuclear race with unpredictable motives. Without any bias it was India that initiated nuclear testing and led to NSG and then Pakistani PM Late Zulifigahar Bhutto said to the nation ” eat grass and develop atomic bomb. ” We have seen the consequences of both WWI and WWII, the end result was dialogue.

    Both Pakistan and Israel emerged on religious ideology where Israel is more sensible and Pakistan’s politicians are crooked. Pakistanis think they are more Muslims than Saudi Arabia or we say more Catholic than Pope. Pakistani public expect that PM Nawaz Sharif should say something about the captured Indian spy or RAW officer Commander Kubhushan Yadav in Baluchestan while doing destabilization in the region, Indian victimization on Kashmiris and other activies. Basically greater Baluchestan is confusing because half of the Baluchestan is in Pakistan and half in Iran. Can India dare to do the same in the Iranian Baluchestan, the answer is NO.

    Here I recall Oscar winning movie Slum Dog Millionaire portraying Indian culture or society. Indian politicians are trying to behave like so called Mega-Power while their peoples are plagued in Caste and other troubles. Indian Government always tried to crush the protesters with utmost inhumane way like an intolerant State.

    Can India has any justification for the above or the following matters.

    US Secretary of Defense Chuck have clearly indicated. Bottomline, public sentiments both in India and Pakistan are based on deep DISTRUST. It is in the best interest of the USA to push Pakistan to help peace in Afghanistan. India is developing long road in ChahBahar, Iran while Pakistan is developing CPEC with the help of China. Basically USA has paved the road for China to have presence in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. There is no possibility of peace in Afghanistan and our US forces are always in danger while more than 70 percent of Afghanistan is controlled by Talibaan.

    At the moment PM Nawaz Sharif is on hot seat and most untrustworthy politician in Pakistan. May be his plane is ready to take him out any time. Majority of Pakistanis believe he is Pro-India and that is not acceptable to both Pakistan Army and People.

  13. nawaz says:

    “Army Chief General Raheel Sharif warned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government in the aftermath of Quetta’s that lack of implementation of National Action Plan would result in serious consequences”.
    It could happen only in Pakistan. A Grade 22 employee of the State is “WARNING” his benefactor as the elected PM of Pakistan appointed his out of turn.
    CAN WE CLASSIFY PAKISTAN AS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY? Can British Chief of Staff ever dream to warn the PM? At best he can show his concerns, nothing beyond that. I quoted Britain as Pakistan follows Westminster’s democracy.

  14. Muhammad Arshad Qazi says:

    In 1979 while fighting against Russia America, Israel, Pakistan and Afghanistan were on one page. After defeating Russia America left Afghanistan and Pakistan with success and joy. Weapons in abundance were in hands of Mujahideen (Afg+Pak). No action were taken to educate and to provide jobs, unwanted result was obvious and same Mujahideen were named as Terrorist. What has been spend on War, it was better to develope the areas by providing education and jobs. There is no action ahainst states terrorism like India is doing in held Kashmir. NO ACTION ON UN FINDINGS/ RESOLUTIONS. Now only Pakistan alone is taking action against terrorist but America stopped grants.

  15. shahid hussain says:

    Policies of the West & India to establish their control in this Region against China’s Economic interests, provide fodder to Extremist Groups to build their Narratives & make it public by using religious inclinations of the masses. Whereas Islam is the Religion of Peace & co existence unless attacked by opponents.

  16. zid says:

    India is injecting huge funds to fan terrorism and chaos in Pakistan. The world should know what India is doing in Pakistan.

    1. It funds centrifugal forces in Pakistan’s all provinces and territories. Its agents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh and parts of Punjab as well as in Gilgit-Baltistan.
    2. It funds lawyers and so-called human rights activists in Pakistan who openly speak against the government policies and the state of Pakistan.
    3. It funds NGOs who create and fan anti-Pakistan sentiments in general public.
    4. It funds politicians who speak against Pakistan.
    5. It funds senior bureaucrats in Pakistan who work against the state of Pakistan.
    6. It funds media persons and media houses to fan anti-nationalism and disappointment among the people.

    India has successfully created a lot of fifth column in Pakistan who is on its payroll. All these agents work in tandam to weaken the strength of Pakistan and degrade people’s moral. The Pakistani government is weak. it knows everything but it cannot act against anti-pakistan forces as it will raise international cry against already bewildered Pakistan.

  17. Salim says:

    The civilian government does not want to take any action because it will heart its vote bank and their allies such as Maulana Fazal, Mualana Sami etc. etc. Further, it would also heart their own relationship with Saudis who are funding banned organizations. Both political parties do not want to educate the illiterate because they use them for their election. Madressahs will not flourish if students start going to school and will not vote for both of them.

  18. Sir Anjan
    This is not the case. In fact, both powers (US & USSR) were in cold war for many decades. Soon after fall of USSR, the world’s major countries under the leadership of US raided countries like ours. The imbalance of power hastened US to entangle in the internal matters of countries in the South Asia & Middle East. This game of US Government sooner or the later will have sever consequences in the world at large & within the US. It is a natural phenomena.

    Gone are the days when US/USSR were controlling the world and deciding the fate of each country having weak economies & the defence capabilities. Now, the scenario is changed altogether. Each country should refrain to involve into the matters of the others. The acquisition of Missiles & nuke technology by other 3rd world countries may result into a very devastating condition if the involvement in any of the countries is not stopped by US and its allied forces.

  19. mustafa sheraze says:

    Enough is enough if the country has run out of good leadership please feel free to contact me with absolutely no political experience I feel confident I at least I have the most basic and most important qualification ( honesty and love for human life and country.).
    If our leaders cannot protect even one single human life leave aside millions in our beautiful God blessed country they do not deserve to be office.
    Shame on the leaders of Pakistan,also shame on the people of Pakistan for not being able to produce just one HONEST person to lead ,for it said when the people and masses become corrupt and sinful then God leaves them to be ruled by brutal and ruthless rulers.
    In concussion I advise the whole nation to have a pray day and go down in sajood all day to ask our good Lord for forgiveness and mercy for all crimes and corruptions and sins etc. then and then only if our great Lord have mercy do I see any hope for Pakistan.

  20. LandofIndus says:

    General Raheel Sharif shot into popularity only after he took on the Taliban. That indicates how much the Pakistani people oppose extremism and terrorism. The country is not divided on this issue. The allegations about foreign agencies sponsoring terrorism are not entirely unfounded. A senior Indian naval officer has been arrested for sponsoring terrorism. The civilian government does not have the expertise to tackle terrorism; they need to develop that expertise. Over time they will become more effective too.

  21. ayub k umraj says:

    This article reveals the truth to an extent that terrorism & extremism exist on the soil of Pakistan. However most of the time it is exaggerated. Military & civilian government do have differences on NAP & other issues but it is not something unusual. In most of the countries the differences do exist but are taken business as usual & are not reflected or surfaced to the media.
    In the neighboring country India e.g, such religious forces also exist & are far active but they are politically suppressed & due to interests of US, EU & other powers, such issues are not exposed.
    The fact that Taliban earlier known as Mujaheddin were created & brought against Russian war in Afghanistan, was a success story by USA & its alliance. Later these bad guys were left for Pakistan alone after the target was accomplished. It was & is Pakistan to face the music one way or the other. As far as Good & bad Taliban are concerned, Pakistan now has no other choice except to keep Good Taliban abreast. Pakistani military however can wipe out Good Taliban as well provided India quits Afghanistan & peace is restored on its western border.

  22. siddiq fudda says:

    The question is the foreign countries do not understand what is going on in Pakistan, they comment without knowledge, how can we say that this is terrorist and that is not, we have to say this person is terrorist because USA says so, or because India says so, what about the raw agents caught in Pakistan accepting that the India has sent them here for terrorism and who know the USA may be behind it. Pakistan military and agencies are capable of handling such terrorists but the problem is political leaders, ministers, they are afraid that when comes to corruption the military and local population will come to know how much they robbed and the military will start catching them, they are avoiding this so such terrorists take shelter in areas where these corrupted leaders are not allowing the agencies to take action. Most of the ministers were poor, those richer ones also do not pay taxes because they have dirty money, in addition to that they are not well educated to serve this country, but, because of the amount of money they invest to get elected those who are capable do not have that amount to win elections. Everything is mes in this country, people are suffering and do not see any solution so those frustrated are getting involved in suicide attacks also. Lot of change is needed.

  23. Kishore says:

    2 countries got independence in Aug 1947
    Indians have become CEOs of Google, Microsoft, Pepsico, Jaguar, Land Rover….
    Pakistani have become heads of Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Jammat U Dawa, Hijbul Mujahideen, LeT……

    • LandofIndus says:

      Four or five success stories of Indian expatriates does not explain much about India. What about the remaining billion+ Indians? They are mostly CEO’s of the spot on the roadside where they were born and had to spend their entire lives, isn’t it? Focus on toilets, not weapons.

  24. Vinesh says:

    Why Pakistan played in the Hands of US against USSR ?Their leadership civil/Army do not have brain? They cannot decide what is beneficial for their own country ?If you will create problems to your neighbors on the behest of others what will be the outcome?
    Please understand the basic nature of Pakistani leadership /People “to play in the hand of others for greed” that is why USA ,China ,India ,Iran and Afghnistan can do anything to Pakistan any time any where.
    They have not learned from the History:
    -Jinnah played in the hands of British to provide a base against the USSR (1947) and created a country on the basis of religion” Used hatred against Hindus
    -Military Leader played in the hands of Religious leader created another country (1971)
    Bangladesh used hatred against Bangladeshi
    -Played in the hands of US and fight against USSR and destroy the Afghanistan used religious terrorist group hatred against Communist USSR
    -Now a days playing in the hands of China again hatered against INDIA ,IRAN and Afghanistan
    But they belongs to a peace loving religion as the state policy “Islamic Republic of Pakistan ”
    and become the world’s most peaceful nation and place
    Everything their is fine except their people /Military and Civil leaders are played in the hands of other in the name of religion and hatred but claimed everything wrong in Pakistan is due to others
    So please do not learn from the history and continue to enjoy the “peace loving Islamic republic Pakistan ”
    No peace
    No Islam
    No republic
    No Pak

  25. A beef eating Hindu says:

    Pakistan was created out of mistrust, reverse paranoia ( after all it’s the Moslems who invaded Hindu India that included the territory of current Pakistan , committed unspeakable atrocities encouraged by their religion and dominated it for a millennia ), fear of retribution for their past genocidal crimes, intolerance against non Moslems. Moslem leaders like Jinnah mobilized their masses with exaggerated stories of discrimination by Hindus. So lies, denial of culpability and using violence to have their way is in the DNA of the Pakistani character and endemic even today. Pakistan can never become normal till individual Pakistanis become more honest about their true character – a pack of rabid killers, liars, cheats and back stabbers and try to reform themselves.

    And FORGET about that K in PaKistan. Be happy with all the STOLEN LAND you already got and thankful that you were not all deported to Saudi Arabia, the source of your MURDEROUS & RAPIST religion.

  26. bala srinivasan says:

    USA is belatedly acknowledging the fact how Pakistan used USA for its interests learning litterally from both UK the country that created it&USA that nurtured it for its coldwar purposes.So for USA to decide &influence Paki governance need more than stop gap tunnel vision but an honest introspection just as the Middle east countries which were artificially&arbitrarily created after WWII for super powers PAWN like reasons&are being now distanced from.Until PAKISTAN is reviewed fully for its credentials to be a nation it is superfluous to think of type of its governance.It is today without question THE EPICENTER of terrorism&ISIS will use Pakistan for its army&nukes.

  27. ASIF says:

    First provide toilets to your people then give equal status to low cast Hindus then control your poverty. Millions of people born and die on footpaths in India.You are not in position to advice other’s.

    • Vinesh says:

      As I have already told India has identified its problems and corrective actions are in place like we made 20 million toilets in last 2 years.
      Next two years all the villages in India will be electrified.
      and so on
      Don’t worry about India we know the Issue ,we have the plan in place to solve them. This have already proven many times you can win the discussion by pointing out others negative but it is not going to solve your problems.

  28. Gohar says:

    It is foolish of Indian leadership who wants to burn the house of their neighbor and think that they will remain unscathed.

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