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President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the U.N. General Assembly

Posted September 19th, 2017 at 6:39 pm (UTC+0)
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United States President Donald Trump Addresses the United Nations General Assembly TRUMP: It is a profound honor to stand here in my home city, as a representative of the American people, to address the people of the world. As millions of our citizens continue to suffer the effects of the devastating hurricanes that have struck our […]

GoZest Returns

Posted September 13th, 2017 at 12:13 am (UTC+0)
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Written by Niala Mohammad  Swat, the Switzerland of Asia Popularly known as the Switzerland of Asia, Swat Valley was the heart of tourism in Pakistan, tucked amid the Hindu Kush and Karakoram mountain ranges. However, in recent years Swat became synonymous with terrorism and extremism. It is the very same place where Pakistani Nobel Laureate, […]

KP Declares Dengue Health Emergency

Posted September 7th, 2017 at 8:20 pm (UTC+0)
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Written by Niala Mohammad Seventeen- year old Shahabuddin died of Dengue Virus in Sherpao Hospital in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa today, he is the 18th person in the province to have died from the mosquito borne virus since July this year. The Health Ministry of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa has declared a public health emergency and has been aggressively […]

Pakistan’s Population Doubles-2017 Preliminary Census Results

Posted August 26th, 2017 at 11:21 pm (UTC+0)
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Written by Niala Mohammad Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) carried out its sixth population census earlier this year after a 19 year long gap. According to the preliminary results Pakistan has had an overall 57% population increase since its last census conducted in 1998. The 2017 preliminary census results show Pakistan’s population at 207.7 million; […]

General John Allen Applauds President Trump’s Strategy on Afghanistan

Posted August 24th, 2017 at 7:53 pm (UTC+0)
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Retired General John Allen, who commanded US and coalition forces in Afghanistan from 2011 until 2013, and Michael O’Hanlon, director of research and foreign policy program at Brookings Institution applauded President Trump’s new strategy on Afghanistan in their recent Op-Ed for USA Today, “Donald Trump Makes Right Moves In Afghanistan”. Brookings Institute recently held a […]

Syrian Refugees and the International Immigration Crisis

Posted August 16th, 2017 at 8:13 pm (UTC+0)
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Written by Niala Mohammad  Dr. Henna Qureshi recently returned from Zaatari Camp, the largest Syrian refugee camp in the world located in Jordan, where she volunteered her pediatric services with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). To her astonishment, she found that the majority of refugees in the camp (60%-65%) were orphaned children. The UNHCR […]

iGem Peshawar Wins Bronze Medal

Posted November 16th, 2016 at 7:13 pm (UTC+0)
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by Niala Mohammad A group of 7 biotechnology undergraduate students from Peshawar nabbed the Bronze medal at MIT’s  annual “iGem Competition”. The iGEM, or the international genetically engineered machines competition, is an annual flagship student contest hosted by MIT. This year iGem had 301 competitors from across the globe. iGem Peshawar was the sole representation of […]


Posted October 11th, 2016 at 8:38 pm (UTC+0)

#RediscoverKP #GoZest Initiative aims at bringing tourism back to Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and changing the negative stereotypes associated with the province and its people.   A group of young men and women who were sick of being synonymous with negative connotations, took it upon themselves to change the perception of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and Pashtuns. Under the banner […]

“Jaanan” Shatters Stereotypes Associated with Pashtuns

Posted September 17th, 2016 at 7:24 pm (UTC+0)
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By: Niala Mohammad Khalil  “Jaanan” is a 2016 Pakistani romantic comedy film which revolves around a Pashtun family from Swat. The film was directed by Azfar Jafri, written by Osman Khalid Butt, and co-produced by Hareem Farooq, Reham Khan, Munir Hussain and Imran Raza Kazmi. The film stars Armeena Khan, Bilal Ashraf, and Ali Rehman Khan in lead roles. It also stars seasoned Pashtun cinema […]

Eid ul Adha-Across the Durand

Posted September 14th, 2016 at 5:47 pm (UTC+0)
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  Although Eid ul Adha heavily revolves around the concept of sacrifice, Pashtuns in the region associate this holiday with fashion and of course food. Children in Charsadda & Khost wearing their most colorful and sparkly outfits Young men wearing traditional hand embroidered “jama’ clothing in Paktika and Khost.  Elder men dressed in traditional clothes, polished […]

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