Philanthropy vs. Business: One Step Further to Face the Fact

Posted October 30th, 2012 at 5:43 pm (UTC+0)
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From: Yosef Sabastian Setya Hadi, 27 Oktober 2012 

An important thing that should be considered as the focal point when we come up with a topic which is concentrated on “how to make this short-life becoming useful to others”; here we are talking about how often are we in giving our owns to others compared to how big have others gave their owns to us as well.

Adapting from economic news in VOA’s official website ( which I read last days, obviously I knew that this theory of charity business has grown to be more vital in answering the mystery behind a successful business around the whole world. Jimmy Pham, who has been dedicating himself as the owner of KOTO Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City was trying to open his own business once he returned to Vietnam as a travel agent in 1996 and lived between poverty surrounding him immediately.

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