Christine Fawson, Berklee Brass Chair

Posted March 5th, 2013 at 4:22 pm (UTC+0)
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By Diaa Bekheet | Washington, D.C.

Christine Fawson (Courtesy photo by Dario Preger)

Christine Fawson (Courtesy photo by Dario Preger)

Jazz trumpeter Christine Fawson was named interim Chair of the Brass Department at Boston’s Berklee College of Music last month. Fawson — who is also a vocalist and songwriter– is the first women in charge, at Berklee, of instruction in such instruments as trumpet, trombone and tuba.

Does she think it’s extraordinary for a woman to be teaching brass? “When you talk with women in this business, will usually come up with the same answers to these questions, which is: I never think about it,” says Fawson.  “It’s in the back of mind somewhere that, yeah, I’m a woman doing this, and that [it] isn’t so common. But, honestly, I’m just doing what I do.”

Fawson has been a member of a vocal jazz group, Syncopation, since 2000, and she teaches singing for brass players.

I talked to Fawson about her new position and her music.



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