Was it really “The Last Time” for the Rolling Stones???

Posted June 28th, 2013 at 4:58 pm (UTC+0)
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By Katherine Cole

Before they set out on tour this spring, Ray McDonald hypothesized about The Rolling Stones set for their 50 Years and Counting tour …

Now the US leg has come and gone and we know that the band didn’t stick with a single set list for this run. Instead, they shook things up from show to show, adding in requests here and there. Which keeps it interesting not just for the fans who travel from show to show, but for the band, too.

The DC date was June 24th and people are still talking about what might  have been the LAST Stones date EVER in the United States.  Which could help explain why celebrities like Lenny Kravitz and One Direction’s Harry Styles showed up to party with Mick and the Boys. (You can see photo proof on Lenny’s Instagram!)  And while we’re on the subject, Mick Jagger signed up while he was making his way to DC—here’s proof. He’s only shared one photo so far, but it’s a good one.

I’ll save you from asking the inevitable: no, I didn’t go to the show. I’ve seen The Rolling Stones six times and each show was wonderful. I would have loved to have been at this historic event, but ticket prices were ridiculous–a good seat cost almost as much as my first car. Four hours before the show, I took a look online and saw the box office had floor seats available for 640 bucks, plus service charges. And that wasn’t a scalper–that was the actual box office price! Now, not every seat in the arena cost that much, but if you’re going to see a show like that, you want to be able to see every little twist and shout.

That’s not to say I didn’t have a twinge of regret as the night went on and my Facebook feed started filling up with glowing reviews from friends who did bite the bullet and buy tickets.

Like Mark Finkelpearl and his son,  Max.

Mark Finkelpearl and his son Max at the Rolling Stones concert in Washington, DC June 24, 2013. Father and son couldn’t pass up the chance to see the legendary band play what might be their last US show ever. (photo courtesy Mark Finkelpearl)




Mark loved that he could share a very special event with his son, a special show the pair could never, ever, EVER forget.

In an email, he told me it was fabulous to see  guitarist Mick Taylor back on guitar with the band once again, even if it was only for two songs (“Midnight Rambler” and “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”, in case you’re wondering).

Max loved the show, too. “It was really an incredible experience from seeing everyone wearing their different Stones shirts from across the years to the intricate stage to the quality of the music. There was something classic about the show and yet the band did not feel old at all.”

Reading all the great reviews and seeing the incredible photos from the show posted on the  Washington Post (which claims Monday’s show came 17,917 days after their first US gig) and USA Today  sites, along with the DC setlist posted on the Stones online home  is… well… “Satisfaction” enough for me. Which, by the way, was the last song of the encore.

Of course the Stones aren’t home resting up after their DC date. They’re playing at the world’s biggest music festival, Glastonbury, on Saturday.  Keith Richards told the BBC he’s a bit concerned about the English weather forecast this weekend (it’s notoriously rainy at that fest), but he’s laughing off comments that, at an average age of 69, the band is “too old.”






A string of dates in London’s Hyde Park follows Glastonbury and then…well, who knows. It really could be  “The Last Time”…but I wouldn’t be so certain.

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