June 30, 2011

Posted June 30th, 2011 at 1:42 pm (UTC-4)
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"Britain Strikes"

Demonstrators prepare to take part in an anti-cuts march in Manchester, England. Teachers and public service workers are out on picket lines across Britain after hundreds of thousands walked off the job to protest pension cuts. (AP)

"Poland Solidarity Protest"

Solidarity trade unionists walk past burning chairs, symbolizing parliament seats, during a demonstration against the government's economic policy, outside the Polish Parliament, in Warsaw, Poland. (AP)

"Afghanistan Canada"

Pvt. Maxeme Jauvin, 22, of Quebec Canada, with the Canadian Army's 1st Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment searches a compound on their final operation in the Panjwaii district of Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Canadian combat operations will end in July as troops withdraw from the southern region and hand control over to the Americans. (AP)

"Hungary US Hillary Clinton"

General view of the upper chamber of the Hungarian Parliament building while US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, rear center, delivers her speech during the inauguration of the Tom Lantos Institute in Budapest. (AP)

"India Monsoon"

A Hindu holy man takes a dip in the River Ganges, which appears muddy and swollen after heavy rains in upstream areas, in Allahabad, India. (AP)

"New Mexico Wildfire"

The sun shines through the smoke from the Las Conchas wildfire near the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA. The wildfire rages largely unchecked for a fourth day near one of the nation's top nuclear arms production plants but firefighters finally gain some ground in corralling the flames. (Reuters)

"Germany Soccer WWCup Canada France"

France's Gaetane Thiney, left, and Canada's Kaylyn Kyle fight for the ball during the group A match between Canada and France at the Women’s Soccer World Cup in Bochum, Germany. (AP)

"Philippines Sea Pen"

The California Academy of Sciences shows a new species of sea pen in the sea off the coast of the Philippines taken during the California Academy of Sciences 2011 marine survey in the Philippines. This Virgularia species is seen only at night, and is buried below the surface during the day in sandy habitats. (AFP)

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