August 31, 2011

Posted August 31st, 2011 at 1:59 pm (UTC-4)

"China Qiantang River"

Policemen and residents run as waves from a tidal bore surge past a barrier on the banks of the Qiantang River in Haining, Zhejiang province in China. As Typhoon Nanmadol approaches eastern China, the tides and waves in Qiantang River recorded its highest level in 10 years, local media reported. (Reuters)

"Philipppines Demolition"

In a clash with anti-riot policemen, informal settlers attempt to block demolition of shanties on Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, metro Manila, Philippines. (Reuters)

"Russia Protest"

Police officers detain an activist during a protest to defend Article 31 of the Russian constitution in St. Petersburg, Russia. Article 31 guarantees the right of assembly. (Reuters)

"Iran Eid Al-Fitr"

Iranian women perform prayers on Eid al-Fitr, or the Festival of Sacrifice, at Imam Square in the city of Isfahan, some 234 mile (390 kilometers) south of the capital Tehran. (AP)

"Britain Diana Anniversary"

A fan places flowers on the temporary gates in front of Kensington Palace in London on the 14th anniversary of the death of Britain's Princess Diana. She died in a 1997 car crash in Paris. (AP)

"Spain Tomato Fight"
"Nepal Hinduism"

Nepalese Hindu holymen with ash smeared on their bodies sit at the Pashupatinath temple, during Teej festival celebrations in Katmandu, Nepal. (AP)


20 responses to “August 31, 2011”

  1. Gossip Girl says:

    In just a glimpse we really can tell that it’s possible for us to die.As I look the 1st picture it really tells how powerful God is…He rules everything here on earth.It doesn’t matter if your rich or not,it doesn’t count at all.If your candle is about to stub,well you just have to face it and you can run from it.Let’s just do good things and focus on the word of God.

  2. nhutam says:

    No one can control or manage the other one. Everything happen by cause and effect law.

  3. HongYu says:

    The pictures are very good !

  4. david lulasa says:

    tomato can also alleviate hunger…spanish guys should stop playing with food whilst there is still a drought and femine biting and burning the world….spain should be asked to come up with a coca cola like thing to break thirst and hunger

  5. ParinelloTF says:

    The photos are captivating with a revealing look at what goes on outside our microcosmic personal world. Herein lies the truth of the “Potential Reality” that can affect us at any time in any place – the unsuspecting flip side of life. It all makes me take a closer look at my own life while putting my reality into perspective. Be thankful for what you have if you have anything at all because it could all be gone in the next minute of your life.

  6. Word says:

    Natural disasters are a warning to all mankind that the end is near. In as much as technology is important and drives the world. We should not lose sight of the fact that the ultimate is God. The ‘big ban’ theory’ is being postulated in the Western world in the so called developed countries. Why didn’t the precise technology of Japan and their up-to-date warning system forewarn the Japanese of the earthquakes and tsunamis ahead of time. Let us take heed, fear God and worship Him. For He is the only one that holds the entire world in His hand.

    • ParinelloTF says:

      WORD, That is ridiculous, absurd and based on naive superstition. Disasters are only called that because they affect humanity’s anthropocentric delusions. Actually these weather and geological occurrences are part of earth’s natural functions. We choose to build houses on the ocean and mountainsides, along side rivers and peaceful streams because we want to defy the natural world. God is a human concept not related to the cosmos or the universe. Wake up to science and reality not superstitions.

  7. potatione says:

    There is Mythic History in those pictures, taken together.

  8. nhutam says:

    I do’nt undertand why we have to leave our fate into another one’s hands.

  9. Abdullah says:

    Dear Parinello TF:

    You Rightly said your view in the above few lines but can we just think for a minute that nothing in this world is possible without a force behind it. Like if you are an inventor and of a machine. is it possible that the machine is operated by itself. Obviously NO, as there should be someone to operate this machine. In deed whatever happens in this world isn’t done by itself but there is a force behind this all who performs this and IT IS ALLAH ALMIGHTY. who wants to warn people of their wrongdoings. it is the only GOD who should be worshipped and should be accepted as the creator of this whole universe. whatever lies inside this universe and what lies outside this; all belongs to him. he is the mere owner of judgement day.

    • ParinelloTF says:

      Abdullah, To infer that all things that happen are the result of a “Deity” by any name is nonsense. A rock falls because of gravity not the will of any god figure. People’s wrong doings are “Prescibed” by religious authorities and as you should know are differentiated by cultural beliefs. Whether it is Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha, or any of the hundreds of Deities the fact remains that it is simply a human construct without any form of validation. The deaths of millions of innocent people and the egregious atrocities attributed to religious ideology is a pathetic account of humanity’s foolishness. Every Deity is a figment of man’s imagination and something that was conjured by ancient peoples ignorance of what we know today as natural functions of the universe, cosmos, planetary, geological, tectonic and many other natural occurrences, including but not limited to natural disasters, lightning, thunder etc.etc. We NOW KNOW that Thunder Storms are not Angry Gods, Get it? People that ascribe to religion in the Literal sense are fools. There are older Oriental people that Still believe that the Solar Eclipse is due to a Dragon that Swallows the Sun and to be outside at the time is very dangerous so they run indoors and hide. Can’t you see how ridiculous ancient beliefs are? We have Brains now. There is no Judgement Day.

      • ParinelloTF says:

        Abdullah Part II
        The only important thing here is that people learn to love each other, enjoy each others companionship and share in the beauty and bounty of the worlds wonderful things. We are not here to create elaborate religious themes upon which we judge others and deem them enemies that must die on account of our personal religious idiosyncrasies. I hope that you are not that narrow minded to not have studied religious atrocities throughout the course of human history. Do some research and see for yourself how utterly absurd your position is. You have absolutely nothing to validate your belief other than the fact that you believe. Good luck charms, totem poles, rabbits foot, four leaf clover, allah, jesus, blah blah are ALL the SAME – man’s imagination based on total and sheer superstitious nonsense.

        • Abdullah says:

          Parinello TF:

          I accept that a rock falls due to the gravity but JUST THINK who has created this gravity, YOU, ME, OUR KINGS, OUR FATHERS. Simply NO. so it means that there is someone who has created the entire infrastucture of this world. I know this as well that different people across the world possess different opinions about god, goddess, deities etc but people have also been given brain to think around himself and what lies within his surroundings. You said that human are foolish, i strongly oppose this statement because humans have been named as supercreatures by ALMIGHTY ALLAH. we can think, we can judge etc and these qualities make us superiors than the animals and the rest of creations in this universe. I also know that the ancient beliefs are not quite true like you mentioned some of them but do you also believe that people didn’t have those technologies what we and you have right now. I mean in nowadays we have different technologies through which we can go to moon, talk to people in distances etc and the presence of this all, we should just rethink about what we possess. You said that there is no concept of god, diety. I will ask you a very simple question. Is there any invention in the world which doesn’t have inventor? for sure NO. Telephone is invented by Graham Bill, bulb is invented by someone etc so how should we ignore that this big universe doesn’e have any CREATOR. IS it possible. Is computer made by itself or there is someone who has invented it. So i would like to just request you to please THINK, THINK and THINK again. we all people in this universe are created by someone.

          • ParinelloTF says:

            You have a talent for rationalization on behalf of self supporting theory. That you would assign creation to every miniscule aspect of the material world is obviously a fail safe attempt to entirely rule out any and all other explanations thereby having all roads lead to the same place – your personal view regardless of it remaining an unsubstantiated concept. You are just as delusional as other religious fanatics throughout history that were so convinced in their own personal truth that they went about condemning the world of non believers. Thousands of years and billions of deaths on account of religious zealots haven’t changed anything – there is still no evidence whatsoever of any almighty creator, paradise, heaven or hell except the one that exists in your head.
            Truthfully the world is highly imperfect and flawed which by all measure would not be the work of an almighty creator. Your beliefs are as much part of the problems in this world as all the others that are waring and killing in the name of their god. In the thousands of years of religious beliefs nothing has come out of it. Religion is a concept handed down by ancestors ignorant of science. The world is not flat, the sun does not revolve around the earth and storms are not the wrath of a vengeful god but people are still dying because of their so called Heresy.

  10. nhutam says:

    There are two points that I think you should think over:
    1. As you said he is creator of this whole universe, whatever lies inside this universe and what lies outside this; all belongs to him: that’s mean you and all the people are created by him. So why the good people is poor or dead when they still young while some the bad is still live and so rich. Why he let the war, hurricane and earthquake have happened around the world and takes the life of the human, especiallly the innocent children. All of us is just a game ( a machine) that he creats to play?

    2. Do you think human appear in this world first or him?

    • ParinelloTF says:

      Please name the person to whom you are replying to.

    • Abdullah says:


      can you answer my simple question. who appeared first – Graham Bill or Telephone.

      You pinpointed a very good issue. why the bad people are still alive and the good are dead. It is the destinies that is written by ALMIGHTY ALLAH. There is a verse in the HOLY QURAN which says ” ALLAH has created both life and death as to assess who amongst you perform righteousness”. In fact this all game has been started to exam us. why does a teacher takes an exmination from the students in the class. he can pass each and every individual of the classroom. the school has already taken the fees but why still they take exams. AS TO ascertain who have learned and who haven’t learned. the same is the story of this world. ALLAH can send us all to paradise but it won’t be of any use as the bads will also go to paradise and the goods will also go to paradise SO NO benefit. the teacher should punish those who haven’t learned and will reward those who have work hard through out their entire session. So it is very simple but needs little thinking.

      why does a refferee gives red card to a player, why does an umpire gives LBW of a cricket player etc are the real answers to your question BECAUSE they aren’t fair in whatever they do. If the referee doesn’t give red card to the football player it will kill the spirit of the other players as well and is against the rules and regulations of the game.

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