September 21, 2011

Posted September 21st, 2011 at 1:51 pm (UTC-4)

"Japan Asia Typhoon"

People walk under strong winds and rains from Typhoon Violet in downtown Tokyo, Japan. (AP)

"India Earthquake"

Indian villagers evacuated by helicopter from Chungthang in Mangan, India. Soldiers in northeastern India cleared a path Wednesday to a hydroelectric project where many were confirmed killed by landslides in a powerful Himalayan earthquake. (AP)

"Bahrian Ancient Burial Mounds"

Traffic heading into the Bahraini capital of Manama along a highway running through ancient burial mounds near Aali. Traffic has been slowed to a crawl on many Bahrain highways after calls by pro-reform groups to flood the roads with slow-moving cars in a show of strength before parliamentary elections later this week. (AP)


A journalist tends to a Palestinian youth who was hit in the face with a tear gas canister fired by Israeli security forces during clashes that erupted between Israeli troops and Palestinian stone-throwers at Qalandiya checkpoint, West Bank. (Reuters)

"Germany Pope Visit"

A steward sits on a seat at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany, during preparations for the Pope Benedict XVI’s visit. (AP)

"Armenia Independence Day"

Armenian Orthodox clergy walk during a military parade marking the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s Independence Day in Yerevan. (AP)

"New Zealand Wind Energy"

Wind turbines on the Tararua mountain range on the outskirts of the town of Palmerston North, New Zealand. (Reuters)

"India Plastic Cans"

A man transports used empty plastic containers on a horse cart to a junkyard in Panchkula in the northern Indian state of Haryana. (Reuters)

"Italy Plastinated Human Body"

A plastinated human body with an electric guitar is seen during the exhibition ‘Body Worlds’ by Gunther von Hagen in Rome, Italy. Von Hagen is a German anatomist who invented plastination, the method of preserving biological tissue specimens. (Reuters)

"India China Acrobatics"

Artists from the Chinese acrobatics team from Yunnan province perform during a cultural show organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in New Delhi, India, September 20, 2011. (Reuters)


3 responses to “September 21, 2011”

  1. thdai says:

    I love these pictures so much, especially the 7th and the last one. Both of them show the beauty and ability of human beings in the field of art and technology. Behind beautiful pictures, that let us see today, are efforts of worker, engineers, artists who has worked for advances. I saw that and admired them so much. Hope that people always find out positive things hidden under faces and everyday activities. Thank VOA for showing real and precious pictures reflecting our growing world today. When we work hard for a proper purpose, we will find the life more beautiful, and love people more unconditionally. Have a great day!

  2. david lulasa AKA daudee mwanzi says:

    mankind is truely just a movement for GODs glory…moving forward is the policy of the world..and flexibility

  3. awat komala says:

    ithanks voa , pleas every day update this page. i like thise pictures aspecily the artistic one. thanks again

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