October 19, 2011

Posted October 19th, 2011 at 2:14 pm (UTC-4)
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"India Tibet Protest"

Tibetan exiles, with faces painted in the Tibetan flag colors, participate in a rally to express solidarity with the plight of the people in Tibet, in New Delhi, India. (AP)

"US President Obama Pumpkins"

US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama stop to buy pumpkins at Wood's Orchard in Hampton, Virginia. (AP)

"Greece Financial Crisis"

A youth throws a petrol bomb at police during riots in Athens' Syntagma (Constitution) square, Greece. Greek unions begin a 48-hour general strike, the biggest protest in years, as parliament prepares to vote on sweeping new austerity measures. (Reuters)

"Britain Evictions"

An Irish traveler resident holds up a cross, in front of a burning barricade during evictions at the Dale Farm travelers site, near Basildon England, 30 miles (50 kilometers) east of London, Britain. (AP)

"Spain Saint Lucas Celebration"

Faculty of medicine first year students run while seniors spray them with different types of sauces, liquids and flour as part of an annual tradition during a celebration in honor of their patron Saint Lucas at Granada University in Granada, southern Spain. (Reuters)

"Britain Yorkshire Sculpture Park"
"Thailand Foods Animal Rescue"

A member of an animal rescue team carries abandoned cats during an evacuation OF a flooded temple in Ayutthaya province, Thailand. The animal rescue team said there are about 300 dogs and cats trapped in Ayutthaya that will be evacuated to A dry area. (Reuters)

"Germany Lion Cubs"

Lion triplet cubs Asali, Simba and Nala, from left, in the Serengeti park Hodenhagen, Germany. The lions were born six weeks ago. (AP)

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  1. Raja Gopal says:

    All are good. Memorable one is Respected President pulling pumpkins cart. This is why some Indians love America and wish to live there.

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