November 01, 2011

Posted November 1st, 2011 at 1:49 pm (UTC-4)

"Mideast Saudi Arabia Hajj"

Saudi special forces display some of their skills and equipment during a ceremony as they prepare for the influx of people to participate in the annual Hajj, in Arafat, 15 kms outside of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. (AP)

"France G20 Protest"
"Nepal Tibet Protest"

Nepal police detain a Tibetan woman, who is shouting anti-China slogans in tribute to the Tibetans, who died in the recent self-immolation, in Katmandu. Police has detained more than 100 Tibetans exiles who were protesting against Chinese rule over their homeland. (AP)

"India Hindu Festival"

An Indian Hindu woman offers prayers to the setting sun during the festival of Chhath at the Arabian Sea, in Mumbai. During this ancient Hindu festival, rituals are performed to thank the Sun god for sustaining life on earth. (AP)

"Pakistan Daily Life"

A Pakistani man sells toys in Peshawar. (AP)

"Thailand Floods"

Aerial view of crops destroyed by the floodwaters are seen in the outskirts of northern Bangkok, Thailand. (Reuters)

"Spain World Vegan Day"
"Germany Weather"

Horses stand in the shadows of a gigantic wooden table and two chairs during nice autumnal weather at a meadow near Doellstaedt, central Germany. (AP)

"Scotland Autumn"

Autumnal leaves are reflected in Loch Dunmore in Perthshire, Scotland. (Reuters)

"China Fashion"

A model presents a creation for MGPIN make-up styling show during China Fashion Week in Beijing. (Reuters)

"Germany Hippo Zoo"

A hippo cub touches its mother Nicole during the first public presentation at the Zoo in Berlin, Germany. (AP)

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  1. hanh says:

    so great

  2. Segun Ajai says:

    Rich, interesting and informative. Thank you.

  3. Maggie says:

    Fantastic gallery of shots.

  4. Maggie says:

    Especially love picture no 4

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