December 16, 2011

Posted December 16th, 2011 at 3:37 pm (UTC-4)
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Mideast Syria Protests

Shadows of Syrians are reflected on a giant poster showing President Bashar Assad, during a supporting rally in Damascus. Syrian security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters after Friday prayers at several locations around the country, while the army sent reinforcements into a southern area where military defectors recently launched deadly attacks on regime troops. (AP)


France Weather Ship

In this image made available by France's Marine Nationale, the cargo ship TK Bremen is seen stranded on a beach near Erdeven, France. High winds beached the ship on France's jagged Atlantic coast and some of the 220 tons of fuel on board are leaking and threatening a local beach. (AP/Mael Prigent, Marine Nationale)


EU Ukraine Money

Participants of a flash mob burn fake foreign bank notes during a protest against plans to join the European Union in Kiev, Ukraine. Kiev will host a EU-Ukraine summit next week. (Reuters)


Geneva WTO Fishing


India Bangladesh Ceremony

India Gate is reflected as a soldier plays music during a ceremony to pay respect to those who died during the 1971 India-Pakistan war for the liberation of East Pakistan, now called Bangladesh, during Victory Day celebrations in New Delhi. (AP)


Indonesia Sand Sculptures

Workers spray water and clean sand sculptures featuring famous figures and landmarks during the Sand Sculptures Festival at a cultural park in Sentul, outside of Jakarta, Indonesia.  International artists from 11 countries created 40 large sculptures for the festival. (AFP)


Yemen Protests


India Tribal Women


Colombia Magdalena Floods

A man paddles in a flooded street in El Banco, Colombia, a village on the Magdalena's river bank.  At least 120 people have died as a result of heavy rains and Colombia's weather office expects La Nina-related downpours to continue at least until the end of the first quarter of next year. (Reuters)


Delhi India Rickshaw

A boy in a school uniform waits for a rickshaw driver to make an adjustment on a cool morning in New Delhi, India. The rickshaw is a common mode of transport in many Indian cities. (AP)


Perth Australia Sailing

Competitors approach a mark during racing in the Women's 470 two-person dinghy at the ISAF World Sailing Championships on Fremantle Harbour near Perth, Australia. (AFP)


Manila Philippines Christmas

Lights decorate a church as thousands of people attend an early morning mass which signals the beginning of the celebrations for Christmas in suburban Las Pinas, south of Manila, Philippines.  As part of a religious tradition Filipinos attend mass for nine consecutive days until Christmas. (AP)

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  1. Biswajyoti Chatterjee says:

    Photograph no.5 is great. It merits as one of the best ever. And I’m a photographer, a disciple of Sunil Jana. My photographs get published in CNN and Wikimedia has recently requested me to donate some of my micro photography to be exhibited on their page as examples. Sounds like I’m beating my own drum to loudly. But this photo reminds me of one taken by my Guru Sunil Jana. That was a B&W photo of a huge gathering of people attending a condolence meeting the day after Gandhi was shot dead. One man in the crowd under the bright sun is holding up a folded newspaper to get a little shed. The heading,”Gandhiji Shot Dead” is clearly visible on the newspaper. This one is another example of a photo that do not need captions.

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