March 28, 2012

Posted March 28th, 2012 at 1:52 pm (UTC-4)

"Mali Coup"

People march along a central street as thousands rallied in a show of support for the recent military coup, in Bamako, Mali. (AP)

"India Ancient Music"

Musicians play Veena, an ancient Indian classical musical instrument, during a concert in Bangalore. (AP)

"Hungary Easter Preparation"

A Hungarian girl dressed in traditional garb is soaked by local boys in the main street of the village of Holloko, about 100 kms northeast of Budapest. Holloko, a World Heritage site, will celebrate Easter next weekend with the traditional ‘watering of girls,’ a fertility ritual rooted in Hungarian tribes of pre-Christian past, going as far back as the second century AD. (AFP)

"Taiwan Disaster Drill"

Rescue personnel take part in a disaster drill against a printed backdrop simulating the aftermath of a landslide, in Taipei, Taiwan. (Reuters)

"India Tibet China Protest"

A Tibetan activist is detained by Indian police during a protest in New Delhi. (AFP)

"Philippines Fire"

Firemen extinguish a fire that engulfed a residential area in Quezon City, east of Manila, Philippines. The fire damaged some 200 houses, according to a local media report. (AFP)

"Lebanon Religion Easter"

Chicks, that are dyed with artificial colors, are sold at a street market in Beirut, Lebanon, to celebrate the Christian feast of Easter. (AFP)

"Japan Athletics Mariners Baseball"

Flags of Japan and the United States are carried during the opening ceremony of the American League season opening MLB baseball game between the Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners at Tokyo Dome, Japan. (AP)

"Us Californa Flower Fields"

A worker picks giant tecolote ranunculus flowers by hand at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California. The fields are a tourist attraction. (Reuters)

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  1. Porntip Chitwirat says:

    Very nice pictures.
    Thank you.

  2. Nasratullah Hanifi Gebran says:

    on photo=thousand words

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