August 3, 2012

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Nepal Religion

Boys dressed as holy cows participate in a parade to mark the Gaijatra Festival, also known as the festival of cows, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Hindus in Kathmandu celebrate the festival to ask for salvation and peace for their departed loved ones. Cows are regarded as holy animals in Nepal which help departed souls to reach heaven. (Reuters)

Somalia IDPs

An internally displaced Somali man carries his belongings as he leaves from his makeshift shelter waterlogged in flood waters at a temporary camp following heavy rainfall in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. (Reuters)

India Television

A network of cables and dish antennas is seen on the roofs in a slum colony in New Delhi. There are currently 515 over-the-air and satellite television stations in India with Hindi television channels having the highest market share with their availability throughout the country. (AFP)

Mideast Israel Palestinians

Palestinian women pass an Israeli checkpoint on their way to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, on the third Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan near Bethlehem, West Bank. (AP)

DRC Congo Conflict

A internally displaced Congolese child walks amidst school benches on the outskirts of Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. (AP)

London Olympics

Latvia’s Maris Urtans competes in the men’s shot put qualifying rounds at the athletics event during the London 2012 Olympic Games. (AFP)

Peru Cat Park

Lita Velasquez feeds cats in the central park of Lima’s upscale seaside Miraflores district, in Peru. About 120 felines populate the park. (AP)

China Waves

Visitors run away from the waves whipped up by winds near Qiantang River in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. Two typhoons made landfall in less than 10 hours, forcing over 300,000 people to evacuate. (Reuters)

Television personality and real estate developer Donald Trump speaks with members of the media as he arrives for the premiere of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson’s one man show ‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth’ in New York, August 2, 2012. (Reuters)

Indonesia Business

Women walk through the central textile market to buy new clothes in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia. (Reuters)

London Olympics Basketball

An artist scores a basket during a show held prior the women’s preliminary round group A basketball match of the London 2012 Olympic Games Angola vs. Croatia at the basketball arena in London. (AFP)

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