August 9, 2012

Posted August 9th, 2012 at 2:04 pm (UTC-4)
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Greece Fire

A waterbomber drops water over a wildfire in Ouranoupoli, northern Greece. Around 25 fire units are battling the blaze which broke out on August 8 in the heart of Mount Athos. (AFP)

London Olympics Athletics Women

United States’ Brigetta Barrett competes in a women’s high jump qualification round in the Olympic Stadium at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. (AP)

France Roma

Roma families push shopping carts with their belongings as they are evacuated from an illegal camp in Villeneuve d’Ascq. French police evicted some 150 people who resided in an illegal camp of traveling people and Roma in northern France. (Reuters)

Syria Aleppo

A Syrian Air Force fighter plane fires a rocket during an air strike in the village of Tel Rafat, some 37 km (23 miles) north of Aleppo. (Reuters)

Runners taking part in NVA’s Speed of Light create a visual display with their light suits during a performance on Arthur’s Seat during the Edinburgh International Festival in Edinburgh, Britain, August 8, 2012. (Reuters)

Bangladesh World's Indigenous People

Indigenous girls perform a traditional dance during International Day of the World’s Indigenous People celebrations in Dhaka. The Bangladeshi government directed all district administrations to not cooperate in celebrations of the indigenous day, claiming to the effect that there were no indigenous people in the country. (Reuters)

Egypt Army

A boy walks near army trucks carrying tanks and vehicles, expecting opposition against militants, arriving at Rafah city, some 350 km (217 miles) northeast of Cairo. Egyptian police fought gunmen in northern Sinai’s main town of al-Arish a day after security forces began a crackdown on Islamist militants in the region. (Reuters)

Singapore Independence Day

A performer is silhouetted in a sea of cloth during the 47th independence celebration in Singapore. (AP)

London Olympics Hair Art

A member of the street theater company ‘Osadia’ from Barcelona in Spain showcases ‘hair art’ which incorporates a British theme during the London 2012 Olympic Games. (AFP)

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