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James Brooke
James Brooke is the Russia/CIS bureau chief for Voice of America. A lifelong journalist, he covered West Africa, Brazil, the American Rocky Mountain States, Canada, and Japan/Korea for The New York Times. A resident of Moscow since 2006, he was first Bloomberg bureau chief for the region. In 2010, he joined VOA. In addition to writing Russia Watch, his weekly blog, he also does video, radio and web reports from Russia and the former USSR.

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  1. Keld Gydum says:

    The image of M / Y ECLIPSE .. is Mine, it is taken in Frederikshavn, Northern Denmark as M / Y ECLIPSE was technically Sample Sailing in the Kattegat. During testing, we got problems and therefore chose to sail to the port of Frederikshavn .. which were 19 and 20 September 2009 and returned for a short stay of 21 September. This picture was taken from an office building called “Kattegat silo” and I stand around. 50 meters above the port of Frederikshavn. It is my life’s series of images, and it has gone around the world because nobody had seen ECLIPSE from as many angles as I had taken the ship from .. M / Y ECLIPSE was not accommodated and was only on test drive …. Sincerely – Keld Gydum – Frederikshavn 45th Km from the top of Denmark digital photographer since 2002.

  2. Keld Gydum says:

    If You want to look at more Pictures of M/Y ECLIPSE .. please look at this Page …


    Yours Sincerely – Keld Gydum

    Frederikshavn 01-10-2012 – 12:09 Local Time

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James Brooke is VOA Moscow bureau chief, covering Russia and the former USSR. With The New York Times, he worked as a foreign correspondent in Africa, Latin America, Canada and Japan/Koreas. He studied Russian in college during the Brezhnev years, first visited Moscow as a reporter during the final months of Gorbachev, and then came back for reporting forays during the Yeltsin and early Putin years. In 2006, he moved to Moscow to report for Bloomberg. He joined VOA in Moscow in 2010. Follow Jim on Twitter @VOA_Moscow.



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