When watching or listening to news or information reports, a new study published in Science Communication finds audio quality plays an important role in whether the listener will believe the speaker and trust the source of the material.

I don't believe a word I'm hearing (Pixabay/Public Domain)

I don’t believe a word I’m hearing (Pixabay/Public Domain)

The study authors are Eryn Newman from UCLA and the Australian National University and Norbert Schwarz from the University of Southern California.

Their research revealed that the higher the sound quality of the information the more likely listeners will trust what they’re hearing, compared to any material with poor audio quality.

The study authors found that listening to audio with higher sound quality helps people to process information easier.

Schwarz calls their findings significant especially with the recent rise of so-called fake news and a distrust in science.

So if you’re putting together a video or audio report and you want to be convincing, make sure the audio quality is good so that your audience will believe and trust what you’re saying!