Sonny and Zakumi

Hey World Cup fans, I’ve fulfilled one of my major goals here in South Africa, i.e., I’ve met Zakumi, the playful and huggable official mascot of the football fiesta.

Zakumi is a ubiquitous presence at this soccer extravaganza, but he took a few minutes to meet me, pose for pics, and even offer some of his football insights.  Zakumi says he’s rooting for the South African team — no surprise there, right?

Magnus Chisom Onwudiwe, “The Humble Apostle of the Sonny Side of Sports,” writing from Imo State in Nigeria, says Zakumi is funny to look at.  And Sammy Bakare, another VOA listener in Nigeria, says he likes the pic of me and Zakumi so much that he’s going to make it his phone screen saver.

Sammy, just make sure you tell your friends that Zakumi is the one with the green hair.