Angelo Dundee

I once asked Angelo Dundee, “Hey Angelo, why are you still training fighters? You could have retired years ago.” The Hall of Fame trainer, who celebrated his 89th birthday last week, quickly replied, “Because I’m still gettin’ kicks!”

Dundee has gotten his kicks in boxing for more than 60 years. And, for more than 10 years, Angelo has been entertaining listeners on the Voice of America with his colorful brand of boxing analysis.  Angelo loves the fight game and he loves being in the corner of a boxing ring, and you can hear it in his voice, whenever he tells one of his classic and often funny stories.

Rod Thomas

My friend and colleague Rod Thomas once told me, “You know, Angelo is the kind of guy I’d like sitting next to me at a bar. I could listen to his stories for hours.”

I hope we get to hear a few more stories from Angelo in the years to come. He’s probably my all-time favorite interview here at VOA. Plus, he always returns my phone calls :-).

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