Austin Njoku

I received a delightful email today from Austin Njoku, a loyal VOA listener in Abuja, Nigeria’s political capital.  Austin titled his email, “I Am A Proud Owner Of The Most Cherished VOA T-shirt.”

And Austin writes, “At about 3:15 this afternoon, our mail runner came knocking at my office.  You know what, he had a pack in his hand with your name and address and immediately I shouted, “OH!  SONNY HAS DONE IT, AHHHHHH!  VOA FOR LIFE!”  My colleagues were wondering what was going on.  They joined me in sharing the joy of being a recipient of this august gift.”

The most cherished and much coveted VOA T-shirt has been described in many ways over the years, but I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the “august” label.  If you’re reading this blog, send me an email ( why it’s “VOA FOR LIFE!” for you and why you deserve the august VOA T-shirt.