He’s best known as a boxer, but Manny Pacquiao is also an actor, politician and singer.  Oh yeah, the Filipino star loves to sing, and after his fights, he’s been known to check out a local nightclub, get up on stage, and belt out a few tunes.  Pacquiao titled his 2007 album “Pac-Man Punch,” a nod to his nickname and his often devastating power in the ring.

The PacMan is probably the most popular fighter in the world today, and he’ll be back in the ring 13 November when he takes on Mexico’s Antonio Margarito in a super welterweight title bout at Cowboys Stadium near Dallas, Texas.

But, as I mentioned, the PacMan loves to sing.  He took a break from his training for Margarito to sing a duet with American actor Will Ferrell on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! television show.  Imagine that.