Here’s an end of year, Sonny Side of Sports salute for my VOA colleague Paul “Barney” Sisco, who produced my SSOS videos throughout 2010. Barney is a bulldog when it comes to finding video for use in the segments, and it certainly helps that he’s a big sports fan.

If you’ve watched any of my videos – there are a few of you out there, right? – Barney is the guy who tosses me the occasional basketball or soccer ball as I segue into a story on Kobe Bryant or the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Before age and injuries caught up with him, Barney was an avid runner who competed in some of the biggest marathons in the world, including the New York City Marathon.  Barney now enjoys watching his daughter dribble the ball up the court for her high school basketball team.

Happy New Year, Barney!  And Happy New Year to all our VOA blog readers.  Please send me your feedback and comments:

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