The 2010 FIFA World Cup football tournament in South Africa was not only a sporting event, but also a musical event, and music will once again have soccer fans singing and dancing during the Nations Cup tournament in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Let’s look and listen to a couple of music videos linked to the 16-team African football fiesta, which kicks off January 21. First up is “Africa Shootez Ballon,” by Jon Loo K, of Libreville, Gabon, where the Nations Cup final will be held February 12. It’s described as the official song of the Nations Cup mascot, a large gorilla named “Gaguie.”

Meanwhile, a song by the Togolese duo Toofan celebrating the Nations Cup is fast becoming the unofficial anthem of the tournament. It’s called “Africa Hoyee.”

One of Toofan’s members, Barabas, says the idea was to make a song that united fans all across Africa.

“In order to get everyone in the football mood, we had to start from the ground,” says Barabas, “because not everyone is a football player and not everyone can relate to this piece of music. That’s why we didn’t just do a song with football stars,” he said. “That’s why in the song we featured children, in a ghetto setting, to show people that in Africa, football comes from the streets first.”