Andy Najar Bobblehead

My Voice of America colleague Nancy Coviello brought her Andy Najar bobblehead to her new cubicle in our office.

As you can see, the Honduran footballer Najar is wearing the uniform of D.C. United, his former Major League Soccer club based here in Washington.

D.C. United recently finalized a multimillion dollar deal with the club Anderlecht in Belgium, where the 20-year-old Najar is now based.

John Wall Bobblehead

While transfers in international football often involve millions of dollars, you can get cheap deals on bobbleheads.

My VOA buddy Terry Daniels gave me this John Wall bobblehead, a freebie for the fans during “John Wall Bobblehead Night” at a Washington Wizards National Basketball Association game.

Coach Jeff Jones Bobblehead

At the collegiate level, Terry and I also went to an American University basketball game. As luck would have it, it was “Coach Jeff Jones Bobblehead Night.”

Like Andy Najar, Coach Jones has since moved on. Last month, he took the head coaching position at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

While the Jones, Wall and Najar bobbleheads provide sporty spirit in our office, another VOA colleague, John Ogulnik, gets musical inspiration from his bobblehead.

Jerry Garcia Bobblehead

John Ogulnik

John is a big fan of the Grateful Dead and the band’s late singer, songwriter and guitarist Jerry Garcia. John says some people tell him he even looks like Jerry. What do you think?