Should You Trust University Rankings?

Last week we shared the results of two rankings of international universities – the THE and US News and World Reports (based on the QS rankings) – which came to different conclusions as to which universities are the best in the world.

The Hindustan Times looks at why different rankings produce different results, and why it’s important to dig beneath the surface to understand how a ranking is generated.


  1. Yes BUT only in the place where the education system is exactly the same. Even the Culmulative Grade Point Average system differs from one education institution to another. Some have more lenient CGPA and some have stricter ones with regards to the marks and points and grades. To transfer these exam results will mean that the system is able to fit into another system or else the quality of education will go haywire especially if the student is going to an education institution where the CGPA is stricter. If there is a ranking for all the education institutions in the world, that means all the countries must have the same education system. However until today there are so many different systems that some students cannot get into an education institution of their choice. It is not a question of trust but a question of relevancy and applicability.

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