Being an African Among African-Americans

VOA’s In Focus TV program talks to a student from Cameroon, now studying at Howard University in Washington, D.C., about why he chose to study in the U.S., the cultural differences he’s found, and what he hopes to bring back to his home country.  Click “Read the rest of this entry” to watch the video.

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  1. I am a freshman at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and I’m also from Cameroon. I can easily relate to what he said. The culture is very different as compared to Africa so we must adjust accordingly. It is great to learn that there are thousands of African students here in America for we need to help our nations in moving forward. The only things that can stop that from happening is if our African leaders fail to change our ways and if the students graduate and bolster the American workforce as opposed to returning home to help their people (which is quite likely). Nonetheless, the balls are in our courts…

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