Language Barriers

What’s it like to study in a foreign language?  Barbara, a Canadian currently studying in Paris, writes about how she’s had to change her study habits to take classes in a non-native language.

Correction: We originally said Barbara was an American.  She helpfully let us know that she’s a Canadian student at NYU, studying at one of their abroad campuses.  Sorry for the mistake Barbara!


  1. Sorry, but I would like to make a correction: I’m a Canadian student studying at NYU and am studying abroad at one of their sites.

  2. i think it is true and it’s very difficult. I don’t have to face this situation but i leaning English , and i feel still difficult. The problem ,you have faced , difficult than mine very time

  3. Hy
    This is me Habib Ullah Khan . I am student of Geology In Punjab university Lahore Pakistan . I am Pshtoon And Pashtoo is my language . Our Pakistani universities teachers using mostly Urdu or Punjabi language most during lecture and daily life . Its very difficult for us to understand Urdu and Punjabi . We can easily understand English. We Pashtoon students easily speak and understand English. Actually i want to say that i know best Language barrier then other People because we facing this problem here in Pakistan too.

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