Whats Up DC? Ready Or Not, Here I Come

“America is another name for opportunity.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

So the journey begins. The name is Doc Alex Busingye and I am an international student from Uganda. It’s the late summer 2010 and this is the dawn of a new chapter. I finally made it to the nation’s capital.  Heaven knows what it took to get here, so excuse me if I shout out: “Somebody call the White House; tell them there is a new man in town!”

I AM I AM! They say the future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious. It belongs to those very travelers who pierce through the clouds of oblivion with the force of their determination. I AM one of those people and I come with a suitcase, a dream, my admission to AU and a dedication to blog about the experience. So what’s up DC?!! This is history in the making!!!

Just like every prospective international student, I did research for my new world experience and heard a lot of opinions about what it would be like. Some got me fired up, which was great.  I heard some people say that this was an opportunity to turn a dream into reality.

Others were pessimistic though, telling me it’s not the land of milk and honey that they talk about, or how life’s rough out there and most people don’t make it.  I can’t stand that kind of low energy – like I always say, “Mate, life might not be all that they make it out to be, but it’s all that you make it out to be.” We are accountable for the outcome of our lives.  But I know that I can learn from people who have been through it before me, even when they say things I might not want to hear (and I hope you can learn from my experience the same way).

I chose to come study in the USA because it’s a country known for its advanced academic  programs, and I know that in life, we are only as good as the quality of help we give and take. I believe I have a set of talent that only I can share with the world and this is the best place to nurture it. Knowing that fueled my journey.

I am aware that the journey ahead of me is full of tests; new situations where I’ll be in uncharted waters trying to figure things out and often the biggest lessons are the most painful. But I believe the approach is simple – it all comes down to proper conditioning of your mind-set. Reality is imagined before it manifests itself; what’s invisible creates what’s visible. So I’ll direct my resolve to training and managing my mind.

This blog is my service to future international students planning on studying in the US. I’ll blog about my experience as an international student, share principles that have worked and those that haven’t. Don’t just read this blog! Find power in the value of my experience. Whatever works for you, keep. Whatever doesn’t, you are welcome to throw away.

Well that’s it for now. Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this blog. Until we meet again, have a good one.


  1. u get filed away under “good people” on my ‘puter. GOD BLESS YOU. when, where did you get your confidence? and enjoyment of life? may you live to be a healthy, happy, old old, man! and your family.

  2. I appreciate the posts, I can’t tell you what a privilege it is to have you all drop by contribute. Thank you and God Bless.

  3. making us proud every step you making and taking… I see you, dont worry i see you and dont forget me man when i see your name in the big city lights lol…. GREAT STUFF….

  4. Man i just love it..u just said the truth.. I will just add to ur point of; Reality is imagined before it manifests itself; what’s invisible creates what’s visible “what you see inside today is what you will see outside tomorrow” welcome to America man..America belongs to those who wake up early bro no Okumu around..lol

  5. Doc, we have no choice but to succeed. We won’t be accountable for how we succeeded but for why we didn’t.

  6. Keep up the Spirit man! Don’t let dream die as a nightmare. See it to pass. Represent Uganda and Africa and remember to put God first…Always

  7. well big man quite interesting is the word that reads on your mind thought and the your pose in that picto coz its outstanding.inorder for u to become that man u nid to look and define your destiny too close. Now Doc write to that foundation stone “initiated by Jesus Christ” cos u know we dont do without him. just Imagine how much u havetaken…….. keeep going the sky is not the limit.

  8. Spread the fire Brav. I hope it catches on coz as long as you have the right attitude, No one and Nothing can stand in your way.

  9. Reality is imagined before it manifests itself; what’s invisible creates what’s visible… coz its invisible tht dnt mean it doesnt exist

  10. I really love this sentence” do not just read this blog, find power in the value of my experience!” yep, I can see your power inside and mine as well! Fight on!! : )

  11. Dear Bro, its all about the will and power to succeed, there is nothing like chance…its always opportunity plus readiness. Way to go man.

  12. I love this brav!!”They say the future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious” keep up that value and its a great do u put this together.do more tell the world,inspire the world.For God and our land Africa

  13. Hey good Job on starting this, I’m also just starting one of my own. All the best at your new uni. There will always be detractors but keep doing the little you can, that’s how GREAT men have made a difference, in everything don’t forget to put God first, its easy to get caught up with everything else here, but remember He’s the most important ingredient in your quest for success.

    Stay Blessed!!!

  14. Just made that call to let em know that the new man in town is a psychic……. he sees possibilities before they become obvious!! I like that.
    Very proud of you, keep it up Doc!!

  15. Will is not the only drive of man but passion and determination for what you believe is key..
    keep believing brav.
    Theres a new man in town… haha Nyceeee.

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