‘Brain Exchange’ Replacing Traditional Brain Drain

The New York Times reports that universities worldwide are increasingly competing to attract international students, noting that countries like Malaysia (where our own Alex Busingye studied abroad) are bringing in large numbers of foreign students.


  1. For many of us, brain drain means our very own, very qualified citizens work elsewhere. Some could be because of their education in that country and so they are able to find work there easily. Some are educated at home but find better prospects in other places. A lot of these brains are actually needed at home to help her to grow. Brain exchange will be not just students going to each other’s country to study but it will mean your people coming here and work here just like the citizens here and our people going there to work just like the people there. You will bring with you what you know and share with us and our people will share with you what they know. In that way, we will get to know each other better.

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