The Benefits of Bilingualism

For many people, coming to study in the U.S. means learning to speak English fluently.  That’s arguably an advantage for your future career, but an article in Discovery News says it’s also an advantage for the way you think – bilingual people have better cognitive function, according to the article.

Speaking of learning new languages, there’s an interesting debate going on about how important it is to learn a foreign language at university.  Take a look at Justin Erik Halldor Smith and Adam Kotsko, and the comments for each, to see how people view foreign language education.

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  1. i think it’s right that when we are bilingual , we develop our cognitive functions, and are more open-minded.
    Learning a new language make you much more flexible and tolerant to understand the diversity of the ways of thinkig, and even more when you learn it in the native country.

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