Finland #1 in College Accessibility, Affordability

A new study ranks countries in terms of how accessible and how affordable higher education is.  Finland came out on top in both categories.  The U.S. came in 12th in affordability and 4th in accessibility (via The Chronicle of Higher Education).


  1. hi,
    im nadeem, 22 male from Pakistan sialkot.student of FA in form University of islamabad,
    i want to go abroad for study n work but i belong to poor family.plz some one help me so kindly
    do help me…

  2. USA is, I guess, going through a post-peak period (somewhat similar to UK when the British Empire was off-loaded) but this need not be the end. The fact that everybody’s talking about Decline and Fall (via free speech including free-press/internet) must reassure you that you can fix this. Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone is the voice to listen to.

    Thanks again for the VOA advice via a Comment you put on my blog. It was typically American (kind and generous) of you. Do not not think I have forgotten those nice food parcels back in the War! AFN was good too…

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