Indian and Pakistani Students Share Their U.S. Experiences

Our goal on this blog is to share student experiences, so that you know what to expect when you study in the U.S.  Here are two recent articles from around the internet that have done just that:

1) Some thoughts from Indian students on what they’ve gotten out of their American education, on Indian Student Guide

2) Videos of Pakistani exchange students talking about their experiences, from IREX


  1. Hello,

    I am from Pakistan. I am planning to study in USA, but my parents are worried about me because of Pakistan-USA relationship. I am also worried about criticism of people upon Muslims, as i am a muslim too.

    1. Hi Faisal. We’ve actually done a lot about what it’s like to be a Muslim student in the US. Check out all the stories here: //

      I think that in general you will find that people are quite accepting. And I think most Americans actually like Pakistanis, or don’t associate them with anything negative. You will definitely find some ignorant people who see someone who looks Muslim or looks Middle Eastern and automatically thinks they’re a terrorist. But probably the biggest issue will be cultural differences – American students may not understand why you don’t drink alcohol (that is often a big part of the social scene at universities), or you might find that you don’t have many options of food to eat (there will always be something you can eat, but you probably won’t get as many options as someone who doesn’t have to eat halal). Things like that.

  2. What are good colleges/universities for Pakistani students to persue undergraduate/graduate education? Which universities have a high number of Pakistani students?

    1. Hi Farooq,
      It’s hard to say which colleges are good for Pakistani students. It depends a lot on what you’re studying, what sort of atmosphere you want to be in and any other requirements or preferences you might have.

      In 2010 there were 5,222 Pakistani students in the U.S., putting Pakistan among the top 25 countries sending students to the U.S. More Pakistani students come to the U.S. for undergraduate studies than graduate studies, according to the IIE Open Doors report. You can find a list of the schools that host the most international students on the IIE website. But I know Pakistani students at a whole bunch of different schools, including a university in North Dakota and a community college in California.

      You can get a lot of useful information specific to Pakistani students from VOA Urdu’s campus YouTube channel. And your best resource is EducationUSA, which has a number of offices in Pakistan.

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