Do TV Shows Show the Reality of US Life?

Pop culture discussionLast week we got into a discussion on Facebook and Twitter about American pop culture, and how accurately TV shows and movies portray life in the U.S.

You all mentioned watching shows that ranged from The Oprah Winfrey Show to Friends to CSI, and had mixed opinions on how true to life they might be.

Lachlan Wittick, who comes from Australia and is currently studying in the U.S. examines the truth of pop culture portrayals of American college parties on his Open Salon blog, asking:

Movies like American Pie and Sorority Boys have made them famous around the world. So what REALLY happens at a typical College party?

What American TV shows and movies are your favorites, and how accurate do you think they are in showing what life in the U.S. is really like?


  1. I would hate to think that people would form their opinion of Australia by watching Neighbours or anything featuring Steve Irwin.

    1. Mark,

      The funny thing is that people in the US do! I have had countless people in my college ask me if the are kangaroos in my back yard.

      Some of my Australian friends have also been asked if they know, or have ever met Steve Irwin.


      From Lachlan

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