Students from Iran Tell Their Stories about Applying to Study in the US

EducationUSA Iran has transcribed and translated a number of interviews with Iranian students about their experiences applying to U.S. colleges.  They’re worth reading, and also available in audio format for Persian speakers.

Take a look in particular at the series in which a student named Arash talks about the process of getting a visa.  There is no U.S. embassy in Iran, so Iranian students face particular challenges in getting their paperwork together and going for their interview.

Part 1: Setting up an interview with the embassy in Ankara

Part 2: The visa interview

Part 3: Advice for other Iranian students

I have to tell you that my experience with regards to the application for continuing my education abroad shows that this process is a complicated and long one, which requires much time and energy. The students must prepare a great deal of information from valid sources if possible. In particular because we need to deal with a number of organizations and institutes from various places, different countries, and that each one has its own specific manner of proceeding with which we need to get familiarized.

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