New Websites Walk You Through Application Steps

If you’ve been looking on U.S. government websites for information about how to study in America, but finding it confusing, two new websites are trying to help.

1) Study in the States

The Department of Homeland Security launched its Study in the States website this summer to streamline information about the visa process, including forms and regulations.  The site is part of a broader “Study in the States Initiative” that the DHS says will “examine the existing student visa and exchange visitor programs, as well as related programs for students after they have completed their course of study, to identify problem areas, and to consider possible improvements.”

2) Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study

EducationUSA also launched a new section of its website that aims to break down the admissions process into a step-by-step guide for applicants to follow.  The site suggests a timeline for when you should complete each step, and gives guidance specific to the type of study you want to pursue – undergraduate, graduate, short-term exchange or non-degree English.

Two new additions to our ever-growing list of useful websites (also check out our Resources page to see more helpful sites).


    1. Hi Nazifi. I’m not sure I understand your comment. All the information on these websites would apply for someone looking to do a master’s degree in math.

  1. I have gone through the sites and found it very useful, the steps are clearly stated to guide prospective students. I like to do a graduate course in Entrepreneurship(Business) and also desire a course in Education Management as I want to have an educational Institution apart from being an Entrepreneur in future. I believe studying in the U.S. will enhance my dream.

    Thank You

  2. This is Nice, and is gonna connect the student all over, also its easy for student to pat spate the different issue facing the Education matters,

    Im Joseph Waryoba

    Froma Tanzania

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