Don’t They Feel Cold?

What's in your makeup bag? (Creative Commons photo by Flickr user Nikita Kashner
What's in your makeup bag? (Creative Commons photo by Flickr user Nikita Kashner)

I didn’t realize how easy it was to distinguish between real Chinese girls and ABC girls [American-born Chinese] until I came here—they don’t even have to speak a word, just from the appearance. ABC girls, most of them wear make-up like American girls do, and they dress differently from Chinese girls.

I heard American girls start doing make-up since high school, some as early as middle school; however, a lot of Chinese girls do not care about make-up until they realize they somehow have to, like to cover aging signs around 25.

Typical Chinese girls’ clothing: Hoodies, jeans, sneakers. Typical ABC/American girls’ clothing: Leather jackets, skirts, leggings, flip-flops/UGG boots. One interesting thing that I notice is that American girls can wear UGGs during summer weather and flip-flops under freezing temperature, as long as the shoes they choose fit the overall outlook. They look fantastic, but don’t they feel cold?

Well, Chinese girls’ take on fashion is changing, and I can see a lot of Chinese girls wearing more and more Americanized clothing – me included. But still, the line between Chinese girls and ABC/American girls is still distinctive. One thing I am sure about is that for Chinese girls, the utility of clothing hasn’t lost its meaning, yet.


  1. Err, I am sorry but I have different point of view. I agree with you that we can totally tell the difference from Chinese and ABC. It is just that you mentioned the different dressing code that they have is not quite right in my opinion. I think that ABC wears more sandals, sneakers and heals. They also prefer jeans and T-shirts. They like more comfortable stuffs, but us, ” Authentic” Chinese, we like to keep up with trend. We more often wear skirts and nice dresses. Most Chinese will follow Korean or Japanese stars and models. That is why we have words that well spread like ” Korean style and Japanese style” in China. I believe it is also because of our height, Most Chinese are shorter than Americans so that we don’t wear jeans that often since we might look shorter or fatter in jeans and T-shirts unless you are tall and skinny.

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