Can International Students Attend American Medical School?

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Our last question comes from Hana, who asked:

are there any medical scholarships for international students?

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I have to admit, medical school is not an issue we’ve ever covered on this blog, and as I started to research this topic, I found out why.  Going to medical school in the U.S. as an international student is pretty difficult.  So much so that Yale University warns international students thinking of even pursuing a pre-med track as an undergraduate that:

It is extremely difficult for international applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States to gain admission to U.S. medical schools. … International applicants who are considering a career as a medical doctor and hope to receive their education at an American medical school should think carefully before applying for admission to an undergraduate program in the United States. (Yale University admissions)

The University of Georgia offers a similar, but even more comprehensive, diatribe.

Admissions policies

I spoke to Dr. Henry Sondheimer, the senior director of medical education at the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges), who told me that only a small percentage of medical schools in the U.S. even consider international students for admission to their M.D. programs.

Why? Universities that receive public funding are often instructed to use that funding for producing doctors who will go on to work in that state.  In fact, some public universities don’t even accept anyone from a different state, even if they are an American citizen.  Private universities are more likely to consider international students, but Dr. Sondheimer said:

Even among the private schools, although there are a percentage that consider them, if you look at the number of foreign nationals going to U.S. medical school for four years, the number is vanishingly small.

» Data showing the number of foreign nationals who matriculated at U.S. medical schools in 2011 (AAMC)

» Admissions policies for international students at U.S. medical schools (NAAHP)


As far as scholarships, Dr. Sondheimer told me that U.S. medical schools offer very little scholarship money to anyone.  U.S. citizens finance a large chunk of their medical education through federal loans, which international students cannot get.  An international student wanting to study in America should be, he said, “extremely wealthy” and “extremely committed.”

The policies seem to be more or less similar for D.O. degree-granting schools (D.O. = Doctor of Osteopathy). You can find out more on admissions policies for these schools on the AACOM (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine) website.

» Hear from one international student who is studying pre-med anyway

Other opportunities

But, Sondheimer added, there are opportunities to get some medical experience in the U.S. if you are completing your medical training elsewhere.  Many overseas schools have relationships with medical schools or training hospitals in the U.S., and can set up exchanges.

“There’s a huge amount of interest from our students in getting medical experience overseas, just as there is among overseas students in getting medical experience in the U.S.,” he said. “I think the opportunity to pick up several months of medical experience in the U.S. during the last year of medical school … is increasingly good.”

In addition, Sondheimer said that it is fairly common for graduates of foreign medical schools to do their residency in America. “We are not graduating enough graduates in the U.S. to fill all the first year residency positions,” he said.  So the rest of those spots get filled by people from overseas medical schools.

And that’s a paid gig, which comes with an average salary of $49,000.


  1. Hi, I’m an American student in high-school currently studying in Spain. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I would like to go to college and I’m thinking about doing it here in Spain, if possible. Would I be able to study here and get my bachelors in biology and then go to the US for medical school? I’ve looked practically everywhere and I would appreciate it so much if you could help me out! Thank you

  2. Hello, I’m an American citizen and a senior at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, an accredited university. I’m majoring in biology. I completed my MCAT and scored 39 (14 14 11) and have a 4.0 gpa. Although I’m a United States citizen, my education is in a university outside the US. I already submitted my primary application and applied to 10 schools. Do I have a chance to get into any? or the degree from a foreign institution is not acceptable? your thoughts would be really helpful. In case of rejection, I might consider losing a year doing coursework in the US. Suggestions regarding that would also be helpful. Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    I am a medical student in germany and its my first year. I am getting married to a person who is american citizien and i wanna go on studying there … How my chances to get my credits transferred and to study at a american university? What if i finish my studies here.. Am i able to work there with my degree?

    Thnx in advance

  4. SIR ,
    AS you said …..
    i will have to do a bachelor’s in biological sciences….
    sir , i wanted to ask…..
    can you please tell me about eligibility of bachelor’s biology programs……?
    how to apply for it ?

  5. Hi Jessica and Doug,

    My cousin is from Mexico and is on track for medical school. We were searching for schools that are lower cost but still have high quality education. Do you have any suggestions?

  6. This is an interesting topic because I worked for a dental company in Mexico that services patients from the US. Our doctors all have medical degrees from the US. I find that it is more comforting to the patients that come from other countries(including the US) that were looking for treatment.

  7. hello
    i am a med student on my final year ,out of USA ,but have a green card plus my wife is american, i want to know how i can continue med school in USA , i have all my grades transcrited,i am not planning to graduate from th university i attend to i want to graduate from USA medical unversity ,i need help ,what are my chanaces,how to start where to start what are my options??????

  8. Hi, just read your acticle, I’m a 300L student, studying biochemistry at the university of benin, Edo state Nigeria. I just want to know ho to apply to an american medical school after I graduate next year. Please I need your help

    1. Hello! I think the best first option is to talk with someone at your university’s student affairs office. I’m sure they have someone who works with international students there, and often they, or someone on their staff, also assist current students in applying to schools abroad.

  9. I am nepali citizen n i have completed my mbbs from bangladesh. I won us dv lottery n nw i am almost us citizen bt i have nt obtain my green gard. I want to know after getting greencard can i get admission in us for masters in surgery n can i get job in us.

  10. hello jessica ,
    i am a student from India , currently studying in 11th grade , with main subjects
    maths , physics , chemistry , english & physical education
    i”ve not taken biology as my main subject .
    my plan is to be a bachelor’s in technology from IIT-KANPUR .
    after graduating i just wanted to a DOCTOR.
    indian education system doesn’t allows me to be a doctor….
    i just wanted to ask ….what i just needed to do to become a doctor from USA…
    it my mother’s dream…
    i wanted to complete it…. plzzz help me…
    and suggest me what to do …..

    1. Hello Ashish;

      Doug here – I’ve taken over for Jessica at the Student Union. If you’re interested in studying to be a medical doctor, you’ll first need a college degree, equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree, in the biological sciences. Many students in the U.S. study physiology, anatomy and advanced biology specifically. Then you would have to apply to a graduate school to study specifically to be a medical doctor. The whole process can take upward of eight, or more, years.

      1. SIR ,
        AS you said …..
        i will have to do a bachelor’s in biological sciences….
        sir , i wanted to ask…..
        can you please tell me about eligibility of bachelor’s biology programs……?
        how to apply for it ?

  11. Hi Lakshman suryaa,
    For entering school of medicine in US( medicine or dental), one must have a bachelors degree in any major with certain pre-medicine courses taken.You must do this bachelors degree in US university or college.You must take MCAT examn while you are doing second/third year and obtain very good score.During your UG, you must be involved in UG research, community service,shadowing doctors and other extra curricular activities.
    The gpa in UG degree must be above 3.75 out of 4.0. With all this qualification, you must apply to as many medical schools as possible and attend interviews to get selected. The chances are about 30% for citizens/green card holders .If you are an international student, with all the above credentials, the chances may be 1- 2% only.Many medical schools do not take international students.The schools that select internationals would also look for much better credentials from internationals and would ask you to show the proof of funds available for meeting the cost for 4 years of medical school(it could be about 250 -300 thousand USD).
    The total cost of getting MD in USA (including the cost for studying 4-year UG in USA) would be about 500k -550 k depending upon the school .
    That is why only about 150 students of internationals from all over the world get admitted to medical school every year and almost all of them would have done their UG degree in US universities and obtained excellent GPA and MCAT score.
    Hope this gives you information about getting into US medical school.
    good luck.

  12. Hii….i am fro india….and I am in the second year of my bachelors in dental surgery degree…..i want to study pursue medical education in the u.s.. ….i would like someone to tel the path I have to follow…..the tests to be taken..the procedures to be underwent etc….thanks in advance….

  13. Hi ,
    There is no degree called “pre-med” offered in any university, to my knowledge.
    After High school , you get admitted to any UG major of your choice.A good percentage of the students who aim for medical school after UG degree, prefer taking bio/chem/biomed/bioengg etc as their major. While studying your major, you need to take courses required for “pre med” .In most of the universities, there are counselors/advisers to help/guide students on this matter who are preparing for admission to medical school. MCAT can be taken anytime after freshman year .Usually, students take while they are in sophomore or junior so that they have the score before they apply when they are in senior year(final year).
    Hope this answers your question.
    good luck.

  14. Hi, Jessica,
    You are an amazing person. You have been helping hundreds of students by answering all their questions, some of which are really annoying! I mean many of them donot do any search for basic information that are available in many websites.Simply one has to google for basic information before sending their questions to you. You deserve tons of thanks and appreciation from all of us.
    My information about getting admission to medical school for an international student:
    In general there are two pathways:
    1.Apply to any university of your choice for UG degree and complete it with required credits alongwith pre-med requirements.The gpa has to be in the range of 3.75 to 4.0 for an international student and also must have scored very high in MCAT.In addition to this,you must have done tons of voluntary service, UG research work etc.Then apply to many medical schools with awesome recommendation letters , do well in interviews, show proof of finance upto 300k usd for 4 -year medical school expenses.Then you have less than 10 % chance of acceptance to medical school.
    2.second path is also as hard as the first one.As a high school senior (final year in HS) one can apply to combined BS/MD program offered in selective universties– the programs range from 6 years (2+4), 7-years (3+ 4 ) to 8 years(4+4).The only plus is , you are “conditionally guaranteed ” to admission in medical school after completing your undergraduate degree requirements.The acceptance rate is very low , less than 1 % and only handful of universities allow international students in this program.In some cases, MCAT is waived, but a very high GPA in UG has to be maintained.
    Hence, for an international student , to get into medical school is extremely difficult.
    Financial aid/scholarship for international students in medical schools is non-existent.
    I have spent hundreds of hours researching on this issue because my son who is doing IB Diploma is keen in getting into medical school, either in USA or UK.
    Keeping the UK as a fall back plan , we are planning to try for the combined BS/MD programs in USA.
    I am writing all these details to you ,thinking that , it may be of some use to all readers who are asking many questions related to US medical education, which is the most difficult path for international students.
    I would like to thank you once again for your patience and efforts while answering all sorts of questions from all parts of the world.
    Keep it up, best wishes,

  15. I am a third year med student in Pakistan.i get first position in mcat, I’d like to transfer to a decent med school in USA.What are my chances?

  16. Hi, I’m 16 years old and about to start my second year as an international undergraduate student in America. If my entire education as been American (within the States) but I don’t have a green card or American citizenship (I’m Zambian), what would you consider I do to maximize my chances of getting into medical school in America? I’m on a student visa now. Do you think I’m in good shape? My GPA is 3.75 with my pre-med courses done except for physics and organic chemistry. I’m also wobbling between a chemistry major and a mathematics major.

    1. Just keep working hard to have a good GPA, good GMAT score and extracurricular activities that show you’re passionate about the field. That’s sort of all you can do. And try to save up enough money to pay for med school so you won’t need to rely on getting financial aid.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I have done my Pharm.D course in India. And I want to do M.D in US. Is it possible for me to do the same? Can you suggest me any link that gives information .
    Thanks in advance…

  18. Greetings Ma’am,
    I am from the Philippines, I just graduated : Bachelor of Science Major in Nursing in a quite known university. I would really want to apply in and finish a medical degree in a medical school in the USA. My family can afford the average tuition fee for the medical schools but we are not rich so I don’t want to do things recklessly. My grades are okay too but not that excellent. Does that increase my chance of getting in? What are the other efforts I work on so I can get a higher chance of getting in?

    Your reply will surely be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. In addition to that ma’am. What are these “Post Baccalaureate Programs”? How do they differ from simple “Courseworks”? Thank you.

      1. Thank you very much ma’am. Your efforts and kindness are truly appreciated! I wish you the best of health and happiness in life. Once again, thank you very much ma’am. 🙂 *maraming salamat po (in my native language)

  19. hi,i’m an international student from india ,suppose if i undergo my med school in indian colleges can i apply for job in any of the us hospitals if yes then what are the requirements, thanks for your attention

  20. Hi, i would like to know if it´s possible to apply for a scholarship for the residency (pediatrics), i´m a USA permanent resident but i´m studyng right now medical school at Guatemala, and I have really good grades, and at the same time I would like to know if I need to take any extra course because I´ll be a Doctor but in Guatemala,
    thanks for your attention.

  21. Good afternoon
    I’m an international students, I want to ask about medical school in the state.
    I studied biomedical science for my undergraduate degree, I graduated this year 2013. And I have always wanted to study med so I’m thinking of applying to some med school in the state.. Is it possible

    I would really appreciate your answer.

    Many thanks

  22. Hi,
    I completed my masters in Human Genetics in 2011 and got admitted to a master of science program in USA. How will the process of medical school admission go on for me? Since I already have a masters degree.


  23. Hi Jessica,

    I am a US citizen by birth, but have lived in the UK for the past 14 years. I am currently undertaking an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham in the UK. Will I be classed as an international applicant by US medical schools?

    Also do you know if there are any exceptions to the US medical school requirement of having to do 2 years of undergraduate education in the US?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  24. and plus, is it way better being a us citizen..? then what about people having green card..?

  25. hello.

    i am a college graduate student in South Korea. i majored in biology. I am studying for MEET which you can think as Korean MCAT, students take to go to Medical schools in Korea. i am taking MEET this year but the test is only once.

    i am wondering if i can take MCAT with my Korean College degree and apply for the us medical schools. my gpa(3.57/4.5) isnt that high for applying to us medical schools as far as i know.. what should i do to apply for a medical schools in the us? american college degree is required?


  26. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a Final year University Student from Nigeria.
    I’d love to know If I’d have to attend a pre-med university there in the united states before ​I can get into a Medical School.

    ​I really have a strong interest in getting my MD degree in the united but the whole admission procedures; from admission requirements, to tuition fee and infact everything is just so confusing.
    Please Help!!!


    1. What you should do is look at the link in this article to the admissions policies of various medical schools. What you’ll see is that the basic requirement that you need is an undergraduate degree. However, many don’t accept international students who haven’t completed at least their pre-med classes in the US. So the answer is that no, you don’t have to attend university again in the US before you can get into a medical school, but doing some or all of your university studies in the US probably helps your chances.

  27. To zev.

    American medical school do not allow transfering of credits from other universities unless they have bilateral contracts.

  28. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you might be able to assist in addressing the following;

    I am a 43 year old holder of a Masters degree in biomedical science (international school), as well as a bachelors (US School) , with an extremely extensive amount of medical experience and background, but no MCAT.

    Also, please note that I am currently a 3rd year medical student at a Caribbean medical school recognized by the WHO/IMED and will be taking my USMLE Step 1 this coming summer.

    Considering my future attempt at securing a residency (general surgery), I am looking to optimize my chances by hopefully transferring into a US based medical school.

    Is this possible? What roads do I need to take in order to achieve this?

    I am a US permanent resident with US citizenship in progress.

  29. Hi,

    I am an international students but pursing my bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Environmental health in US. I want to go to medical school after graduation. After I saw your article, I feel like it seems impossible coz I am not a US citizen, and my family is not extremely wealthy. But I still want to do anything related to that area in U.S., as I will apply for graduate schools next semester because I will graduate in 2014 May. What can I do?

    Thank you.


  30. I am an international student currently pursuing my masters in Finance in the US. I want to get into medicine. Can international students get into med schools in the US? What can i do to get in?

  31. Good day Mrs. Jessica Stahl:
    My name is Grecia and I married a wonderful man and moved to United States . But originally, I’m from Honduras. Before moving, I was in 5th year medicine school back in Honduras in a private school and until now I haven’t heard any good news for me to continue pursuing my career. Do you know any medical school who could accept my credits from college?
    Besides my college years, I have a high school degree and a bachelor in science and letters degree.
    I will appreciate any kind of information,

  32. Hi,

    1. I was wondering: what are the average stats (GPA, MCAT score) of international students who were admitted to US Medical Schools?

    2. I am currently studying at Michigan State University and have lived and studied in the US since preschool, however, I am not a US citizen, nor do I have a permanent residency. Does the fact that I have studied in the US all my life factor into the admission’s committee decision at all?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. I don’t know the answer to your first question. I’ll see if I can find out anything that might help. To your second question, I don’t know if it will factor into the admissions committee’s decision, but it certainly gives you an advantage in that you will be eligible to apply for more schools, and you will have no problems with any sort of language requirements.

  33. Hello,

    my name is Jovana and i am from Serbia. I am in college studying molecular biology right now and it takes 4 years to finish. But i was wondering if i could apply to med school in the USA after i finish college here?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  34. Hello Jessica Stahl,

    Thanks so much for sharing informations here. My name is ulfah rimayanti. I`m an indonesian studying in Hiroshima university, japan, under support from MEXT (Japan Ministry of education) scholarship. I`m taking Ph.D in ophthalmology and from this april, i will be in the last year (4th year) student. I got my MD from Indonesian university around 5 years ago. I would like to take ophthalmology residency in US after finishing my Ph.D. Informations that you shared about practicing medicine in US for physicians who received degree outside the US or Canada are very helpful, thank you. Can you share more about how to get scholarship for residency in US as foreign student?
    And i heard that ophthalmology is one of the most favorite medical specialization departments in US, is that true, and does it make it so difficult to enter the department as a foreign student then?
    Looking forward to the reply

    Thank you in advance.

    Ulfah rimayanti

    1. Hi Ulfah. Residencies are paid positions, so you shouldn’t really have to worry about scholarships – that’s more a concern for medical school itself. This page explains the costs of applying for a residency program:

      I don’t know about the relative popularity of various specialties, but the AMA (American Medical Association) has this list of the most popular specialties for residents:

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you for the reply and the links. They provided a lots of infomations, even for budgeting tips, thanks!
        Can i ask one more question? from the link you told another person before,
        i checked the state licensure part,
        In indonesia and Japan, to practice medicine or taking residencies, it is required to have licensure. Does the same thing applied in America?
        Does the amount of years (Amount of Accredited US or Canadian Graduate Medical Education Required) written on the page mean amount of years required to be able to join the residency program in different states, or the amount of years for the graduated specialist/general practitioner to work in US?

        Sorry for asking so much.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        Have a nice weekend!

        Respectfully Yours,
        ulfah rimayanti

        1. So the column on the left is clear, right? That’s the number of years to be eligible to take the 3rd step of the US Medical Licensing Exam, which most US students would take after their first year of residency. The second column is to apply for a license to practice in that state, if I’m understanding correctly.

          1. Dear Jessica Stahl,

            Thank you for the reply and the informations.
            Yes, the columns on the left is clear. I also read that passing the USMLE step 1 and 2 are required for the ECFMG certification which will be needed to enter residency in the US, so i need to take them first, after finishing my education here in Japan.
            So if i don`t plan to work in the US as a medical practitioner but just to take residency, then i don`t need to pay attention the Amount of Accredited US or Canadian Graduate Medical Education Required column, right?

            Sorry for disturbing you so much.

            Thank you

            Respectfully Yours,
            ulfah rimayanti

          2. I think not. I’m by no means an expert in medical education though, so if you have any doubts or concerns you should contact the official organizations (or EducationUSA) for further advice.

  35. Hello,

    My name is Jieun Lee and I was wondering if you could give me any advice on my situation. I am currently 17 years old and attending a land grant college. I am not a US citizen nor do I have a green card (not for lack of trying), but I am not an international student. I am underage so I am under my parents’ umbrella visa and have florida residency so I am receiving state scholarship. I am desperate to attend medical school in US because though I am fluent in Korean, I doubt my ability in knowing enough technical knowledge to attend Korean med school. Also, I have never been to Korea and would like to be closer to parents than countries away. The way it’s going, it seems I’ll be graduating at 19, so I’ll still be under my parent’s visa. Would it be possible to enter an American med school as a non-international student/kinda citizen to avoid the much higher tuition costs of an international student (much as I am doing now)? Could you point me in the direction of some med schools that are more accepting of non-citizen students ?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

    1. There’s a link in the article to a site that lists the admissions policies at various med schools. That’s what you should look at as a start, and then follow up with the programs you’re interested in for more information.

  36. Hello Jessica, I think what you are doing is amazing, thank you for your time. I am from Mexico and I am going to study in the US as an undergraduate international student next fall, so I will be getting a bachelor’s degree in the US, does this helps to get into medical school in the US? or can you give me any other type of information?
    thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Leo. Yes, getting your undergraduate degree in the US makes you eligible to apply to more US medical schools (some require either an undergraduate degree from the US or at least some pre-med classes in the US). When you arrive next fall, if you’re serious about med school, you should seek out your pre-med advisor (or your academic advisor if your school doesn’t have a pre-med program) and talk to them about your goals and how to get the best chance of success. Schools here have lots of people who are willing to help you with advice along the way, if you are not shy about seeking them out, so make use of all the resources available to you (international student advisor, academic advisor, mentors, etc.).

      Do you know yet where you will be studying?

      1. I will be attending NYU next fall. Founding out that med school for international students was something very unlikely was so discouraging for me, but I am serious about it anyway, because going to NYU was also very unlikely for me, but I worked very hard and I got accepted!
        Still I don’t know what I am going to do, but thank for your advise to seek help with an advisor, I hope they can help me with all the process and most importantly with the money issue!
        Thank you so much for your answer, and again: I think that what you are doing here is amazing!

        1. Congrats! NYU is such a fantastic school – you should be very proud of getting accepted there!

  37. hello i am international student from saudi arabia , and i am studying pre-medical in U.S, i am not asking about the ((scholarship )), i am asking how i can enjoy medical school in U.S ,or could you please put list of schools accepte international student ? .
    also if one of this schools accepte international student , do they need the MCAT test?

    1. I believe all medical schools require the MCAT test. Use the link provided in the article to browse the admission policies of various medical programs.

  38. Hi ,

    I am a student from India who will be completing his MBBS in December this year and ant to pursue my MD in paediatrics from US. Can you please tell me what is the process to get admission in a university in US. Also, what will be the approximate expense that one has to incur in order to do his MD from a university in US.

    Thanks in advance

  39. Hi jessica
    My wife did her Ph.D from India and then came to US and did her post doctoral fellowship for 7 years. Now she wants to go for Med School in US. She did enquire about med program but didn’t succeed. How can she go about it?

  40. hi jessica i would like to study medicine in the united states,first of all, do my major in the u.s,then can i apply for 4years mediccal program at havard medical scool?

  41. Hi Jessica!

    I am a US citizen but was raised in Colombia all of my life until coming to college to the United States at the age of 18. I am a junior at LSU and have a 3.1 GPA and will be taking the MCAT in June. Do you think that having spent most of my life in Colombia will increase my chances of getting into a US medical school? Besides Spanish and English, I am fluent in French after living in France for a year during high school. What do you think my chances are? I would do anything to become a doctor, it has been my childhood dream.. Thank you for your time.

    1. I really can’t make predictions on anyone’s chances of getting into medical school. I think the biggest predictors of success are probably grades/scores and demonstrated interest/passion for the field.

  42. hello..i am 16 year old egyptian girl..i want to be a doctor of medicine and to have my undergraduate degree from any developed can say i am looking for change and to tour the world..anyhow i dont know what can i do to achieve my dreams and i wish also to have a scholarship..and by the way i will be less than 18 years old when i get my senior exams degrees is that a problem..please i need any advices..thank you for your time

  43. Hi Jessica.
    I’m from Mauritius and my biggest dream is to study, preferably Medecin, in the US. I completed my o levels in 2011 with a GPA of 4 and i’m doing my A levels this year. I also did my sats with scores being in the mid 600s. If by any weird chance i get admission in an american institute and am able to pay for my education, i would like to know
    1 if it is worth pursuing this field and if international students eventually do get well remunerating jobs.
    2 how often do intl students studying in american affiliated universities in other countries get admission in us unis and the grade requirement.
    3 is it necessary to be athletic or have a folder filled with certificates from doing xtra curricular activities to get a scholarship.
    Waiting impatiently for your reply( please mail)
    Thanks a lot

  44. Are there any chances of a Nigerian student who studied in a Nigerian university with a degree in Biochemistry or Microbiology with a GPA of 4.0 over 5.0 being admitted into an American medical college?

  45. Hi Jessica! I’m currently a freshman BS Health Sciences student at Ateneo de Manila University. I know it’s still early but I’m already thinking about if I should go to Med school here in the Philippines or in the US.

    By the time I graduate, my mom and my big brother would have migrated to the US. We’re a middle class family so the cost is a big factor. However, I’m still thinking of this opportunity to have a possible chance at studying abroad. I’ve already researched this and just like what you said, the cost is high and the possibility of getting accepted is quite low. But my parents said that they’ll do their best to send me to school (I love you mom and dad).

    Due to these circumstances, in your opinion, would going to medical school in the US be reasonable? I also thought about specializing there too, would the circumstances be the same as in medical school if I plan to specialize there?

    Thanks Jessica in advance! Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. I would say that your chances of being accepted are higher in the Philippines for sure, but that’s no reason not to try. Are you planning to finish your undergraduate degree in the US or in the Philippines? You’d probably have a better chance of getting into US med school if you did your undergraduate there, plus that would give you time to experience US education and decide if that’s what you want for med school. Not that I’m pushing you to study in the US – you should make the choice that’s right for you. Have you thought about maybe applying to schools in both places and then weighing your options against each other once you see where you get in?

  46. hi .. i have done my mbbs from india.. want to join a residency program in usa.. how much are the chances of getting a residency in usfor foreign grads now?? and are there any chances of getting into john hopkins or harvard ?

  47. Hey Jessica. I was born in New York City and I’m a US Citizen. My parents practically never had a job in the US and we left when I was 3 months old. While applying for under graduation in the states, will I be considered an international student. I will be graduating high school from Saudi Arabia. And if I’ll be considered a US student, will I have to be out-of-state tuition fee if I plan to do my under graduation from NEW YORK! Thanks for the help. The article was very informative!

    1. Hey Ahmed. Tuition rates for public universities (in-state v. out-of-state) are usually based on residence rather than citizenship. You would usually have to have lived in the state for a specific period of time … for SUNY (State University of New York) schools that period is 12 months. Otherwise, as a US citizen you would be considered an American student in terms of things like eligibility for federal financial aid, but you should check with the admissions offices of the schools you plan to apply for to find out things like whether you need to take the TOEFL exam or whether you need to get your high school transcript translated.

  48. Hi,

    I am a sophomore undergrad student at Purdue University and am an international. My major is management and I have enough space and time to get all my prerequisites for med-school done along with taking the MCAT. Recently, I have been researching on what I should expect my future to be if I follow this path but unfortunately I have realized that it is extremely difficult to get into a med-school in the US for an international. But I am confused and have a few questions that if answered would help me make a life changing decision. My questions are as follows:

    1. What defines an international as far as getting into a med-school is concerned? Is it the passport I hold or is it how I have been educated? (Because I will complete all my Pre-requisites at Purdue and will take my MCAT in the US)

    2. Being schooled at a US college, will that increase my chances of getting in to med-school (Given that I fall in the profile the school is looking for and can pay)

    3. Right now I am an RA at Purdue and that pays for half of my school. Are their jobs like such, if not grants and scholarships, for international students to help fund Med-school?

    4. Are there enough jobs for internationals in residency and fellowship programs in the US? (Because at the age of 26, I don’t want to be that person who is done with med-school, has invested a lot of time in it but is jobless)

    That’s a start. I hope that someone provides me with the correct information to make a life changing decision. Eagerly waiting for a reply. Thanks 🙂

    1. Alright, here goes:
      1) Your passport/residency status defines you as an international. A green card-holder typically would be considered like an American student.
      2) Being schooled at a US college definitely widens the pool of schools you can apply to. Many will only accept international applicants who did their undergrad, or at least their premed courses, at a US college.
      3) From what I understand most med students finance the bulk of their education through loans. There are some scholarships and grants out there though.
      4) Yes. From what I have heard there are more residency spots available than students at American med schools who want to fill them. This is why foreign-educated med students can get into US residencies.
      Hope that helps!

  49. Hi jessica,
    I am Pakistani student. I am doing Pharmacy, i am in second year of pharmacy.and i also have B.S.C degree(bachelor or science). I am not US citizen but i do have American green card. Can i apply for MD program??? Which college will be good for me?? and can i get any scholarships or loans or grants??? plzzz reply soon.

  50. Hi
    i Am a medical student in iran i want to continue my studies in the i want to know is it possible for me to get application of an american medical school?
    i passed some courses such as anatomy biofisics biochemistry and histology.
    if i pass mcat exam and have some proposals is it more likely to.get the applition?

    please help me

  51. Hi Good Day!!

    I am 25 years old from the Philippines. I am a registered nurse-midwife here in the Philippines. I finished my bachelor degree of nursing in my country.. I am interested to pursue studying as a Medical Doctor under scholarship program in other country like USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEWzealand .. How can i apply for scholarship? Is it possible that i can study abroad? anyone can give me information?tnx


  52. hi, my SSC{secondary school certificate} result will be publish after three months with arts subject, from bangladesh open university in 2013. i want to be a MBBS doctor from USA or other Europion country, is there any facility for me? as i am a student of arts subject. wanna to study at USA Medical college if there is any facilities for me.

  53. hi,am from Nigeria,i have a bachelor degree in looking for a way to study can i get admission into any of the US medical schools?i learn that the process of getting admission as an international student is extremely difficult and please why is this so?

  54. Dear sir /madam

    I am working with a J1 visa at Hampton University. I am39 years old and Iranian citizen, I want to know is there any possibility to find a school which accept me as a medical student ?


  55. I want to go to U.S to do my 11th and 12th and to also do my medicine – MBBS degree from U.S. I’m an INDIAN citizen and don’t have any one of my contact or relative in U.S. Please could you help me out and my parents are not that much financially strong to be able to pay my all fees and send me to U.S. Please help me to figure this out.

  56. hi , im angela and i’m from mozambique , I’m a medical student at beihua university in china , i will graduate after 6months, and i want to do my 2 year internship, i want to know if someone can help me , getting a schoolarship or a hospital where i can do another year internship

  57. Hello, I’m interested in pre-med/med school in the US. I’m in my last year of high school in Thailand. I’ll graduate around Feb-March 2013. I have been seeking for the pre-med/ especially a 6-7 years program in the us, and do they accept international students for those affiliated program.
    And i’m curious about the affiliated program of TAMU-Commerce and IAU, St. Lucia because it looks easier to go to med school there but if i graduate there, do i have a chance to be a doctor in the states?

    Thank you

  58. Hi, I live in India and I am an Indian citizen.
    I want to apply as an undergrad for a med school (the first four years) as I’ll complete my high school next to next year.
    I would like to know about the procedure and the test I need to give.
    Also, I belong to a middle class family so I would like to know about the tuition fee as well.
    What do I do ?

  59. Hi, I live in India and I am an Indian citizen.
    I want to apply as an undergrad for a med school (the first four years) as I’ll complete my high school next to next year.
    I would like to know about the procedure and the test I need to give.
    Also, I belong to a middle class family so I would like to know about the tuition fee as well.

  60. I have high academic performance in my education .my high school grade is ( )
    If I get a chance to study in your university >>>>>>>>
    I sincerely hope that you give good response to my application!!!!!

    HELP!! ========>> >> >>>> Thanks!!!!!

    contact me ->>>>

  61. hello Jessica,
    i was wondering what other kind of one year degree apart from a masters degreee can one take in order to fufil the one year study in an american univrsity requirement to be elgible for medical school, for students that have their degree from another country??? thanks.

  62. hey

    i am a us citizen.
    i have just completed pre-med in pakistan.i’m an undergraduate. am i eligible to apply to american universities for medicine? i mean will my degree be accepted? and if so can you tell me in which universities

  63. I am a US citizen and currently pursuing medicine in India. I will be back to the States as soon as i complete my medicine. i want to know what universities will allow me to do my MD program. what would be my next steps.

    Please reply me back i will be eagerly waiting for your response.

    Thanks R

  64. hello jessica ,i am a bangladeshi.i have studied in a reputed university here in bangladesh.i have got 120 credit .but unfortunately due to some financial and family problem i couldnt complete my graduation.i have a study break of 8 subject was environment study and my cgpa was above bangladesh it is quiet difficult to complete the graduation after the break of is it possible to transfer my credit in usa and complete my graduation?if yes then how many semester do i approximately need?i am now in a lot of stress and your reply will help me a lot.thank you and take care.

    1. That’s a good question. Each school handles transfer credits differently, but in general they will take a look at your coursework and see how much of it is equivalent to what they offer. Since yours were a long time ago, that could make a difference as to whether they could or not. Many schools also have a limit on the number of credits they will allow you to transfer. Anna transferred from a university in Russia to one in the US and I asked her how her credits were evaluated. She said:

      Many colleges (all I applied to) require a two-year residency, which means that there is a limit on the number of credits a student can transfer. I did 4 years of college in total before coming to Mount Holyoke, but I started Mount Holyoke as a second semester sophomore. Part of the reason here, besides the residency requirement, is that pass/fail courses were not transferable, and half of my courses were of the pass/fail type. The school evaluates the transcript at the time of admission and transfers a certain number of courses, but once a student is enrolled, he or she may argue over what courses should be transferred. If a student wants to transfer a particular course, he or she takes the course description to the relevant academic department and that department then may grant the student a permission to transfer the course that wasn’t initially transferred. I would recommend submitting course descriptions at the time of applying.

  65. Hi I am a 16-year-old student in Central America, I go to an American School so I speak fluent English (it’s basically a first language for me), I have a 4.0 gpa, I am a member of the National Honor Society in my high school and other prestigious clubs in my school. However, I am not an American citizen or American resident; for that reason I do not know if I would be eligible for medical school in the United States, I don’t know if I should even pursue premed studies in the US or simply go to Costa Rica, to UCIMED.. I would love to live in the US even after I get my MD degree, but how I really do not know what I should do?

  66. Hello, My daughter is currently attenting the College of Charleston, and is in her third year. She is a pre-med student. Her gpa is 4.0. What path should she follow; she does want to study and then remain in the US, with a desire to attend MUSC, however, we (she is) are Canadian? Should she apply for a “green card” or try to become a “naturalized citizen”? She has worked so hard for this, and so havemy wife and I. Is there anything more we can do to make this dream come true for her?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Actually, some schools consider Canadians as non-international students (not all, but some). So I’d suggest she check whether that is the case for the schools she’s interested in, and then talk to her pre-med advisor and the admissions offices at those schools to find out her chances.

  67. Hello Jessica, my question is about the student visa. If as an international student i am able to obtain a medical degree on the US and wants to do internship/residency, will I apply for another visa like a work permit? And what are the chances of them granting the work visa? Thanks.

    1. That’s a good question. To the best of my understanding, if you are in the US on an F-1 visa for medical school, you can begin the first year of your residency on that visa as your OPT (once you have applied for and received authorization). Then you will have to be sponsored for either a J-1 visa or an H-1B visa. J-1s are sponsored by the ECFMG for all international students in US residency programs. H-1Bs are sponsored by the individual programs, and not all programs offer this. As long as you meet all the proper qualifications and requirements, your visa shouldn’t be a problem. Obviously make sure you check with your school’s international student advisor or a similar type of person, who is qualified to deal with these sorts of issues and will know all the latest information.

  68. Dear Jessica,

    I am from India.I have done my B.Sc Life Sciences from NUS-Singapore(3 yrs) with CGPA of 4.5/5.0. I want to pursue Medicine from US.My plan is to do Masters in life sciences in US and then apply US universities for Medicine so that i will satisfy the criteria of studying pregraduate level and also 4yrs hons. Meanwhile i will take MCAT in US. Please give some inputs on this.


  69. Hi, I live in India and I am an Indian citizen.
    I want to apply as an undergrad for a med school (the first four years) as I’ll complete my high school next to next year.
    I would like to know about the procedure and the test I need to give.
    Also, I belong to a middle class family so I would like to know about the tuition fee as well.

  70. Hello My Name is Yussef and I’m from Alexandria,Egypt even though I was raised in Houston,TX but not a US citizen, It’s my junior year here in Alexandria Egypt.
    And I’m just worried to take this step or not, I wanna apply for a pre-medicine ” Science Bachelor ” in Houston and finish the 4 years bachelor and then apply for the MCAT is that a great risk would I be able after 4 years studying in the states to enter a Medical college ?
    And probably I’m studying in an American High school here.
    So I got the requirements for the bachelor…Thanks for your time.

  71. hi, i am currently studying M.B.B.S form dr.D.Y.Patil deemed university in india. i am a 3rd yr student and i wish to attend post-graduation course in USA after my M.B.B.S. is it possible to get admission in USA for PG courses after MBBS from a deemed medical school in india? if yes then what are the necessary exams? and when should i start applying?

  72. I am from afghanistan and i have MD from kabul medical university right now i want to attend to USMLE (united state medical lecture exam )how can i do my wish is to do it online can i do it dear Jessica inform me i am just waiting you .regards

  73. Hello , Ms Jassica
    I’m Mongolian and I have been working as dialysis engineer for 5 years.
    I have a question. I want to work as my profession in the USA. I’m a biomedical engineer, I have master degree in Biomedical engineer and now I’m working for United Nation in Sudan. I had many experiences working with international group and practicing and working with newest medical dialysis technologies in Japan , Germany, China. Is there any way to work with USA biomedical field????? What I can do in order to work in the USA as my biomedical engineer, Thanks waiting for respond.

  74. Hi,

    I am a South African Post graduate student. I have completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical science, an Honours degree in Physiology, and am about to complete my Masters degree in Medical Biochemistry.

    I have always wanted to study medicine, and I was wondering what steps I would need to take to do this in the US? Availability of scholarships etc

    Thanks for your help.

  75. hi i m an intern in india. i want to do my MD or MS from john hopkins university. as obvious i will be joining as a foreign student. i want to know how do i apply and what are my options for financing my course.

  76. pleas i am a nigerian and i am in my last year in high school which is year 11. and i honestly dont know what to do next. and i dont want to spend too long studying medicine. can you please guide me through thte shortest way and i want to study in the uk first and complete my year 12 then the US

  77. Hi jessica!!i

    I am an international high school science student(PCMB/Physics Chemistry Maths Biology,12TH grade) of and have good academic background. Our course structure covers all the basics of above mentioned subjects. I am in a dilemma that as an undergraduate can I directly opt for 6-7 year M.D. programme or I have to complete 4 year B.Sc/PreMed programme. Also, as an international applicant am I required to give MCAT or SAT after high school. Summing up everything, what degree programmes I have to undergo to become a neurosurgeon in USA as an international applicant.

    Reply eagerly awaited!

  78. Hi jessica,i’m an undergraduate in a nigeria university,studying plant biology and biotechnology and i’ll be graduating next year,and i intend going for medicine after this in an america university.please i need your advice and assistance

  79. I forgot to say that I dont wanna go in an private university because I had plans first to complete my residency in india itself and then apply for superspeciality in cardio in the US…but now on seeing that when the US pre-med and residents get hardships for studing higher studies in US itself due the university criteria for an admission then for a overseas M.S. student it will be definately more struggle getting admissions…

  80. hi jessica,
    I am wondering if i could get my postgraduate degree in surgery in the US…currently i am an exam going final year mbbs student from india and will be having my internship program commencing from march
    2013.. so i will be completing my mbbs graduation in march 2014.. I wanna know firstly, that can i get a surgery residency i.e. postgraduation done in any US government runned institute??
    secondly, is usmle compulsarily the first step or there are any other things i need to go through before usmle?
    thirdly, I seriously dont wanna study in an private university in the US, so are there any US govt. runned institutes, taking in overseas medical graduate students seeking their pg studies and if yes what are the top ones???
    and lastly whats the stipend/salary for a surgery resident in that university??
    pls do mail me as i dont have access to this blog as a nonmember..
    Thank You..:-)

  81. Hi
    I am aditi from india n i m doin my bachelor’s degree i.e. BSC in (zoology,chemistry,botany) .what is the eligibilty to apply for medical school and the fee i m looking to get into John Hopkins university as i m a international student will i get any schlorships n my age is 22.

  82. hi

    i am ABBY from India .i want to study medicine in us . i am not sure about the rules and regulation in American schools of medicine. what should be required to get admission in American university . what is the methodology used in medicine school ,rules and regulation .how much mark they need in 12th stander. and i want know about fee structures and i need information, in which school have lowest fee structures. please replay for this answer .i am so eager for this answer. replay this answer to this website.please……………………………………………………….

  83. Hi, I’m in my second semester of medical school in Ecuador, I would like to transfer to an American University, and it doesn’t matter if I have to start from scratch. Here in Ecuador the government offers full scholarships to the students that get admitted in one of the 25 universities of excellence around the world. Because of that I would like to apply to better my education but I’m completely lost about the process of admission in the U.S.A, I don’t know if it’s necessary to take a premed course or I just could take the MCAT. I was a good student in high school with an average of 3.7 and I’m still a good student at my university that has the oldest and biggest medical school in my country. I doubt that it would be better to apply now or when I will do my post-graduate education . Please I need some help!

    1. Hi Ginna. Unfortunately there’s not a simple answer to your question as the requirements for admission vary by school (I addressed this in one of my previous comments if you look back). In general though, many schools require that you have taken premed courses, and many require that you took these courses at a US university. You will need to look into the requirements of programs that you’re interested in and see what qualifications they require. In addition I’d recommend seeing out an EducationUSA advisor, who can help you muddle through some of this stuff.

  84. hi my name is swinal n i m from India, i have comlpleted bachelor of microbilogy from s .p. university n after that i have complted Diploma in medical lab technique corce which is NABL accridate from medical college now i want go for US n wanna job in us in medical lab. so for that should i have to pass any exam or corses.plz guide me

  85. Hi Jessica Stahl ,
    im eduardo nice to meet you , i studiny in the USA (highschool ) im a senior , and i was to exxcited to study medicne in USA , but i have read all this post and seem really hard
    what would be the best option????
    i want to know more information why is it hard for the international students???
    well thanks and ill wait for your answer 🙂 🙂

  86. Hi

    My name is Vipin and I’m a student of medicine studying in India. I was just wondering whether it is possible for an American citizen in her third year of medical school in India to finish her final year of medicine in a medical school in America (she is of Indian origin but is a citizen of America). Is that possible? If so, what are the procedures and requirements for admission?
    I do hope you will reply.

    Thanking you,


    1. Hi Vipin. Different medical schools have different policies when it comes to taking transfer students. Most have clear information about this on their admissions webpage, so you can find out which schools you are interested in would consider transfer students from foreign med schools.

  87. Dear Jessica

    I came to your site searching the web for info. Thanks for your informative work. I have a question. My situation is a tricky one. I am a graduated dietitian in my country (Colombia) wich doesn’t have any academic affiliation with the U.S. Thing is, I’m a dietitian and a good one 🙂 (currently a researcher in chronical diseases with Johns Hopkins U. in my country, from where I will publish 3 articles this year, also with experience in rural chronical denutrition). I’m trying to say I’m doing ok in the health field but my lifetime dream since I can remember was becoming a doctor. I couldn’t because life circunstances but honestly, is what I want with all my heart. Odds may be, I’m marrying an american doctor next year (oh, not for legal status or anything, we love each other!) and he is convincing me to move to the U.S. (I love working in Latin America, but well.. he couldn’t afford to pay his shcool debts if he was working here). I was thinking about doing a PhD in public health in Hopkins since I already work with them but I’ve been thinking more and more about trying a wonderful program I found in University of Chicago: Medicine in the Social Sciences and Humanities (MeSH) – MD/PhD program. It’s like my dream and passion came true: Medicine+Antrophology. I was in chicago this year and inquired about all the requisites to validate my degree (bachelor +license in diet and nutrition, it’s a 5 year carreer with a clinical intership) so I know all about that. Question is: You, who know about this, think I have any chance at all of getting into that program? I will be a resident after I marry, although I wouldn’t really want to become a citizen. Also, I’m 27 years old, a bit too old to start med school? Do you think it’s any help I already graduated and will publish 3 articles with Johns Hopkins University? Thanks a lot for your help. This opportunity is the only thing that makes me really want to leave my beloved country and go live in the U.S….

    1. I can’t really tell you your chances of getting into the University of Chicago’s program. These sorts of things are all up to the admissions committees, and one qualified candidate might get in while another gets rejected, simply because there’s not enough room in the class to take everyone who deserves to be there. All you can do is make sure you’ve fulfilled their admissions requirements ( and have done all you can in your academic and non-academic life to demonstrate your interest and ability in the field. It sounds like you have contacts in the field through your work with Johns Hopkins, and I would network through them to do some informational interviews to find out more about the program and what they’re looking for. I would also suggest that you don’t “put all your eggs in one basket” – that is, if you are really passionate about pursuing medicine, don’t apply just to one program unless you really wouldn’t be satisfied going anywhere else. Admissions is always a gamble, and it’s good to have options. As for your age, 27 is definitely not too old.

      1. Dear Jessica,

        What about applying to an independent PhD program instead, and THEN after all those 6 years, applying to the med school? It would be the same I could get from the program I’m originally interested in, (MD/PhD) and only 2 more years. I know it won’t be too much trouble getting into the PhD, so do you think my chances for med school would improve after getting my PhD? I’m planning on global health or public health My first shot will be Johns Hopkins U, of course, where I already have a mentor and will have some publications with them. Also, I will be a permanent resident because we’re planning to get married in 2 years. I could apply to a citizenship but I don’t really want to do that, do you think it would make a huge difference?. Thank you so much for investing the time in us!

        1. Gosh, I don’t know. That sounds like a lot of extra school if your primary goal is to go to medical school. But if you really want a PhD then it maybe a good idea if you can’t get into the MD/PhD program you want. I think you really need to take to professors and students in the field and get the perspective of people who have been through this and know the field well.

          1. Thanks Jessica. Yes, I want the PhD as well. That was my first intention actually. It’s just I always wanted to study medicine but couldn’t do it as I had to study something shorter and start working. But it has always been my passion and I see the limitations I have as a dietitian compared with my MD coworkers no matter how good I am in my field. thanks for the advice, I will try to contact someone.

    1. Hi Lily. One thing to clarify is that there are some medical schools that will give international students financial support, it’s just not all of them and international students aren’t eligible for the same types of federal support that an American citizen or permanent resident could receive. At your age you would be applying for college in the US, not medical school yet, and that is much easier. I would suggest you look into attending college in the US and decide if that is the right choice for you. If you come study here as an undergraduate, you’ll time to think about and prepare for your career goals.

  88. Hi Jessica,

    I am purely Vietnamese, and I go to a private catholic high school in California since my freshmen year. I am a sophomore now and I know for sure that my passion lies on medical field. However, I learnt that only native Americans are eligible for any type of financial aid. I really want to study medical in the US though. I just can’t afford it if I have to pay all by myself. Is there anyway I can convert to a US citizen or anything I can do to make it possible for me to study medical here in the US?

    Please help me with this! Thank you!

  89. Hello Jessica

    I am a foreign born (I finished my undergraduate in Asia) and I came to the US for my graduate work (MA and I am currently in Ph.D program in psychology). I am considering medical school after Ph.D and I am wondering about my chances of getting into med school. Could you share any of your thoughts? Thank you very much.

  90. Hello Jessica Stahl, I simply love the way you are helping students like us.. your replies are greatly appreciated and awaited. I am a final year medical student from India, my graduation date is October 2013. I wanna pass USMLE and pursue residency in the USA in Internal Medicine. Recent trend is that every one are trying to gain USCE (US clinical experience) through electives/clinical rotations in USA before graduation to improve their CV. Most Universities require step 1 as a part of application process, although there are a few that do not.I have not yet attempted step 1 and I have permission from my home school for only a few months, hence trying to write step 1 within the time period is very difficult. Hence I’m obliged to go for electives without step 1. what are my chances to get electives? What do u suggest? Are there any medical centers which let me rotate without step 1? Kindly let me know. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Goutham. I’m afraid my knowledge isn’t quite that specialized to be able to answer your question. Here’s what I’d recommend though: Send some emails out to medical schools and medical centers to ask them to help you with the information you need. As long as you are polite and it is clear that you’re genuinely interested and have done your research (which it sounds like you have), they will probably be willing to answer your questions. You will typically find that people are very willing to help others who are just starting out in their career.

  91. a student in south africa studying diploma in law in the university of south africa and would like to complete my diploma in america….what are my chances?

  92. Hi,
    I am Omar, I graduated from medical school from Egypt and I passed USMLE step1 and 2. Giving the fact residency is very competetive for IMG to pursue surgical specality. I have decided to study medicine again but this time in USA. Do I have chance to get acctepted, would I need to do MCAT though I got 99th percentile on both step 1 and 2?
    I am planning not to get finance for paying medical school fee.

    Thank you for your help,

  93. Hi

    My name is Vipin and I’m a student of medicine studying in India. I was just wondering whether it is possible for an American citizen in her third year of medical school in India to finish her final year of medicine in a medical school in America (she is of Indian origin but is a citizen of America). Is that possible? If so, what are the procedures and requirements for admission?
    I do hope you will reply.

    Thanking you,


  94. Hi,

    My kids are US citizens, they will be completing their hight school in India, I have below questions for the kids who return to US for higher studies. If anyone can help me with below questions…. it would be great:

    1)Will my kids be considered as International kids? (b’cos they have completed their high school in India?)

    2)What are the things that they expect from us during admissions of undergrad/grad?

    3)Do the kids face any problems getting stundent loans?

    4)My daughter is interested in medical side, so is it a good idea to come to US as undergraduate? OR Graduate?

    Please I need some ideas.


    1. Oh, that’s an interesting question. In terms of qualifying for financial aid, your kids will be considered as U.S. citizens and will be eligible for things that international students would not be eligible for, including federal aid and student loans. Your kids might be considered among international students by the admissions committee simply because they will have foreign credentials that need to be evaluated differently than standard US high school credentials. If your daughter is interested in medical school and wants to attend medical school in the US, I’d suggest that she do her undergraduate education in the US as well. Some programs require that applicants have completed their full undergraduate education, or at least their premed coursework, in the US.

  95. i,m from nigeria.I wana become a medical dad is a professor of surgery.I,m the only son and he wants me to take over from him.He demands so much from me.He wants me to school outside the country so that i could become a doctor that is better than him in future.I love the course because my best subjects physics,chemistry and biology are the main subjects in the course.But my dad is kinda skepial about sending me to usa because he found out that international students over there hardly get into medical school even if they manage to get the pre-med programme and i just got admission to study medcine and surgery in uniben.Because of the admission i got in uniben he is not serious about my schooling abroad again.I really wana school outside the country.what can i do.Need a reply.

  96. hello jessica im vivek, i am a citizen of India currently persuing my mbbs in India. I would like to look at my options for persuing my P.G in surgery in U.S.A. Is it possible for an Indian student to get into a premier institute for Surgical pg???

    1. Hi Vivek. There’s nothing different about an Indian student than any other international student in terms of applying to medical programs or residency programs.

      1. Hi Jessica , Im Malaysian . I’m a M.D graduate from one of the Medical University in Ukraine and currently seeking for the oppurtunity to persue internship or postgraduate degree in Dermatology in the U.S . I would like to know the procedures and requirements to be eligible for registration. Looking forward for your reply . Thank You

      2. Hi Jessica, Im Malaysian . I’m a M.D graduate from one of the Medical University in Ukraine and currently seeking for the oppurtunity to persue internship and postgraduate degree in Dermatology in the U.S . I would like to know the procedures and requirements to be eligible for registration. Looking forward for your reply . Thank You

  97. Hi Jessica,am a ghanaian studing 4 yrs BSc chemistry in one of the universities and i want to find out if i can enter into a medical school in the US as a post graduate student especially with a pure chemitry background. What are the likely chances?pls help me.

    1. Hi Anson. As you saw in the article, it is difficult to get into medical school in the US as an international student, but not impossible. You should take a look at the entrance requirements of the various programs that accept foreign students to be sure that you have the right prerequisite courses.

  98. Hi jessica,m a nigerian studying medicine in nigeria.I will be thruough next year.I intend to do my residency in US,is it difficult to enter into one?If possible can u enlighten more.⌣̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̶̭̌⌣ in anticipation.

    1. Hi there. I believe in one of the other comments I gave information about how to use the residency matching system to apply for residency in the US. There are usually spots available for foreign medical students.

  99. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a graduated medical assistant from Germany.
    I’m 27 years young and have already a cuple of years experience in this beautiful job.
    My questions is, if i want to move to america to work there as a medical assistant, do i need to do any tests in general or does it depends on the office i want to work for?
    I’m looking forward for your reply! Thank u already

  100. Hi Jessica. I know this website is geared for international students coming to the USA, but I would like to see if you could provide any information for the other way around.

    I am an American citizen finishing my Bachelor’s in Spanish this December and I would like to move to Spain to go to nursing school. After college, I’d like to get my CNA, to sort of get my feet wet (and back into the med field) as I was Pre-Physician’s Assistant for 2 years before I declared Spanish as my major and lived in Spain for 2 years, completing majority of my degree there. I have forgotten much of the health knowledge that I once had, but if I get the CNA I hope to get it back and get a jumpstart back into the health field. This past year I did 3 health services internships in Seville, Spain (2 of them in a hospital environment, to be specific) and thought to start a new chapter in my life by studying the 4 year (5 year w/ specialization) in Spain. As far as Spanish goes, I will NOT say that I am fluent by any means, however, I have a very high understanding and proficiency in the language.

    My question is, is if you see it possible for me to do so, being a foreigner and all. Any paperwork that may be necessary or and precautions that I should take into consideration. I have no doubt that I see myself living in Europe for a good amount of my life, so I am 100% sure of my decision already. However, in terms of scholarships and whatnot, I was wondering if any existed in my case.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Thank you

    1. Hey Courtney. I’d love to help, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about applying from the US to study elsewhere. Usually each country has its own regulations and procedures, so you’ll have to look into it. All I can suggest is that many countries have services to help foreign students who want to study there (similar to EducationUSA for the US or EducationUK for the UK), so check online to see if Spain has such a thing. You could also try contacting the Spanish embassy in the US, which may be able to help you.

  101. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a 19-year-old Egyptian and I did my A levels in 2010, currently I’m a 3rd year med student in Cairo University.. I’m interested to continue my studies in the US, so please I would like to know if that is possible and if it is how can I join ?

    Thanks in advance

  102. hey jessica, saba from Pakistan. I’m a medical student in my first year. I wanted to know that is there any exchange program thing for students of medical schools. i mean like we pakistani students apply for a year to study in any US medical school. and if not can you ask any professional that y it is not allowed or applicable, i mean for every other scientific field US is sharing its some what advance knowledge but y not in medicine. I think that medicine should be a top priority for programs such as fullbright etc etc. Please do answer my query.

  103. hello,im chichi..please can i get admission to a college in united states if i failed two science subjects in my wassce

  104. Hi Jessica , Im Malaysian . I’m a M.D graduate from one of the Medical University in Ukraine and currently seeking for the oppurtunity to persue internship and postgraduate degree in Dermatology in the U.S . I would like to know the procedures and requirements to be eligible for registration. Looking forward for your reply . Thank You

  105. Hi, I am an international student and currently a senior in high school in the United States. I have been living in Texas since i was six, and hopefully I will be attending University of Texas at Austin(though with the automatic admission of the top 8% rule, I am fairly certain I will be attending UT). However, I am a citizen of Korea, so I am worried since I’ve heard American Med schools don’t accept/rarely accept international students. I’ve also been hearing that if i did my undergrad. studies in the U.S my chances of getting into med school will be higher. Is this true? Could you please tell me the chances of me getting into Med school? Would it be about the same probability of other applicants who are U.S citizens, or significantly lower? Should I just change my mind about becoming a doctor? Or should I think about attending Med-School in Korea, and perhaps eventually plan to transfer to an American hospital to work in the States?

  106. Dear Jessica,

    I am an 18 years old girl from Amsterdam and i’m in my senior year of high school. After i finish my final exams in may, i want to study medicine abroud. Preferbly, in America or in the UK. I’ve searched for lots of information and i wander if u agree with my conclusion. So i think to go to medical school in America/UK i have to do a foundation year/pre-univeristy to prepair myself but i dont know if i’m right, please correct me if i’m wrong. Because i dont think i reach the requirments to enter a medschool immediatly. What do you think i should do to get into medical school, i’ve searched for lots of information, but i’m kind of lost. Thank you in advance.

    Feven Abraham

    1. Hi Feven. I believe you are correct about studying medicine in the UK, although I’m not 100% positive. In the US you would have to complete your undergraduate education first and then apply to medical school after that.

  107. Hello,

    First of all, thank you so much for the helpful article! I am currently doing my MBBS in Saudi Arabia. I want to do my clerkship abroad (in the United States) but my med school does not have any agreements or relationships with foreign universities. Are there any programs that will let me do my last two years of med school and/or my internship in the US if my schools signs off for it? Thanks!

  108. good day madam, am Sylvester from Nigeria, i have completed my B.Sc degree program in Geology and mineral science but i want to study Medicine and Surgery in any school in USA or Canada. I don’t mind to start over again from 100 level. please ma, can u send me the details of how to apply and what are the requirements that i will have. i will be expecting your reply ma. Thanks.

  109. Hello dear, I am a graduate from Ghana and I read Biological Science. I want to read Medicine. What can I do?

  110. Hi,

    I have applied for a green card in United States, which is pending. I have an Employment Authorization card and I completed High School and my undergrad in USA. Currently, I am a graduate student. I want to apply to medical school next year but I don’t think I will have a green card.

    Is my situation any different than any other international student?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica , Im Malaysian . I’m a M.D graduate from one of the Medical University in Ukraine and currently seeking for the oppurtunity to persue internship and postgraduate degree in Dermatology in the U.S . I would like to know the procedures and requirements to be eligible for registration. Looking forward for your reply . Thank You :))

  111. Hi, I am doing a bachelors degree of pharmacy in India which lasts for four years. Am i eligible to do Pre med in usa or attend medical school? Do universities take admissions as such where you are a foreign national and doing a bachelors degree outside USA?

    1. You should take a look at the admissions requirements for various medical schools (there’s a link in the article). There are only a few that accept applicants who have done their entire education outside the US, so you’ll want to look into those and see what they require for admission.

  112. hi, i am a pakistani and i am living in pakistan. i want to study MBBS in new york .so tell me how can i get visa of studying there and how can i get a scholarship

    1. Hi Attique. US universities typically don’t offer MBBS degrees. In the US you would study for an undergraduate BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BS (Bachelor of Science) degree and then go to medical school for an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree. If you want to do your undergraduate education in the US, take a look at some of these articles for information and tips:

      Here’s a post we did on the exact steps you have to take to apply:


      There’s also a lot more information and first-person stories at this link:

  113. Hi! Im an USA citizen, but im doing my career in Dominican Republic. Im studying dentistry and I going to graduate in 2 years. I want to know all the requirements (like the board examinatios, colleges…) because after I graduate I want to do a master in USA and also work as a dentist.

  114. hi my self Dr jaspinder singh, i am a dentist from india, i applied for the visitors visa to take my NBDE i.e…national board of dental examination… i got my confirmation letter from ADA..american dental association..nd also got my exam date….to pursue my higher education in dentistry as adnance dental programm…but my VISA GET REJECTED…now i am very disssapointed, please help me…wat shud i do to get my visa confirmation.

  115. Hi!
    My name is Daulet and I come from Kazakhstan. Currently I am studying at EF international academy in New York. Its a high school which offers IB(International baccalaureate). My future aim is to become a surgeon, I read this shocking news that it’s almost impossible for international students to get into medical schools in USA, and it’s even more hard to get the scholarship. What can I do in order to be a better candidate for the medical school? And what courses of science should I take? Is it biology or chemistry? What is more prior for surgeons?

  116. Hello, my name is YH (initial name), and I’m a Korean.
    I’m currently living in Guatemala and own only Korean citizenship.
    I learned from my research that studying medicine in U.S. as an international student is absolutely difficult.
    However, I still want to find a way out to study medicine in U.S., receiving fair amount of scholarship.
    Is this possible even though I’m not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident?
    Which colleges would be good for an international student to study medicine? Or for pre-med program?

  117. Hey Jessica I want to seek ur help!!!
    Well I am from India ….I am tenth passed student from India……I have been studying under cbse pattern Which is mainly followed in India and also followed my school too..
    I   Am looking forward to study in us but my problem is I am not us citizen …. I want to join college there to do my BS degree ,…..well I want to know the procedure to join it ….what qualifications do we need to possess to get admitted in it and the fees structure .? Moreover the  eligibility ? The age required??…I am aspiring cardiac surgeon… So I will be thankful to you if u can help me out in some or the other way…… how can I turn my dream of studying there into reality …. I am going to take admission in university of health and sciences oregon….but first I have to be a me out

    1. Hi Shyana. If you want to earn a B.S., you’ll have to apply as an undergraduate student to U.S. college/universities. Here’s a post we did on the exact steps you have to take to apply:


      There’s also a lot more information and first-person stories at this link:

      That should help you get started. Don’t forget to also take advantage of your local EducationUSA advisor, who can help you with advice for your specific situation.

  118. Hi…i have finished my 12th board exam in India and im an Indian citizen also..i have an idea of doing 6years MD in Georgia..Since i don’t know anything about the place and the education system…Can u pls tell me whether the education is there good ?? and whether it has any value in other countries??and if i finished my MD there,can i practice in America and apply for residenship???
    Thank you…..

      1. I hope you don’t mean that I won’t reply to an Indian, because you may have noticed that I already posted a response to your comment several minutes ago.

  119. Hello, I’m international student from Kuwait and I have scholarship.I’m going to study pre-med at University of Washington Seattle, I would like to ask what is my chances if i faced all the requirements to join Med school in US, and what are the universities which contains international student with their applicants. Also, if some one doesn’t have a chance to join Med school after completing the first Bachelor in Biology, can he join dentist school with that bachelor.

    Kindest regards,

  120. Hi,
    My kids are american citizen, i just want to know the requirement for the universities in usa for engineering and medical school since my kids just finished the IGCSE exams and going to grade 11 which is A level.
    Now do they need chemistry to be part of there selected subjects for both major or not.
    they are taking phisycs, math , bio, and my daughter need to choose english or chemis and my son is taking physics, math, english com for engineering dose he need to take chemstry or another subject

    1. If your kids are about to do their A levels, they would be applying to undergraduate programs, not medical programs. Medical school is a graduate program in the US. Undergraduate programs will want to see that your kids have demonstrated interest and ability in the things they are hoping to study (through their coursework and extracurricular activities), but there are typically no set course prerequisites.

  121. Dear Jessica,
    My name is Mohanad. I am an egyptian, SAT , 11th grade student with current residence in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have a couple of questions about joining medical schools in the US.
    1) How can an international student join US medical schools?
    2) Can pre medic schools offer scholarships for international students?
    3) How much does it cost in total including all living-in-campus fees?
    And thank you.
    Sincerly Yours,

    1. Hi Mohanad. To answer your questions:

      1) As you read in the above article, an international student can apply to only certain US medical schools. There is a link in the article that shows the admissions requirements for US medical schools, so you can look for the ones that do accept international students.
      2) Pre-med programs are taught as part of a college curriculum, so you would be applying as a bachelor’s student to a US undergraduate program. Yes, some schools provide scholarships to international students, either on the basis of need or merit. We’ve done some posts looking at the cost of college and what schools provide the most aid to international students if you look in the financial aid category. For example: //
      3) It’s impossible to tell you how much it costs, because the costs can vary so much from school to school. Take a look at this post: //

      Hope that helps!

  122. im a nigerian in my final year of a scienc undergraduate degree. Ive been reesearching medicals schools in the US, as im really interested in studying medicine there. I need help in gettng info for schools that will accept me,and if i will get scholarships, preferably merit based scholarships as im an A student. thank you.

  123. hello madam
    my self Dr.ganesh i have completed my under-graduation [ BDS- 5 YEARS ] in dentistry from india and now into final year of masters in orthodontics from Ukraine [MDS-2 YEARS] mam i would like to know what are the requirements for me to enroll for a fellowship from US. please help me out regarding this with necessary information

  124. hi am a nigerian nd i want to gain admission to the university of houston how can i do it pls help me

  125. Hi Jessica,
    I am a grade 12 student here in Pakistan.Here the procedure is to finish grade 12 and then get an admission into into a medical university. I just have a few questions about transfer from one University to another, in this case from Aga Khan University to any of the universities in USA. Is there a way of doing lets say 3 years from this university and then transferring to a university in US. I heard from people say the the University of Toronto was “affiliated” with Aga Khan University. Is it possible for me to get transferred?

    1. Hi there. Most universities in the U.S. accept transfer students, including international transfer students. For example, here is what the University of California, Berkeley says about transferring to their school as an international student: If there is a specific partner agreement between your university and an American university, it might make it easier to figure out exactly what courses you need to take in order to transfer, but you can transfer to any school that accepts international transfer students. You should be in contact with the universities you’re interested in, to find out exactly what they will require of you, and with your local EducationUSA advisor, who can help you understand your options. The University of Toronto is in Canada, by the way.

  126. Dear Jessica,

    I am an international student from France and am currently a 1st Year medical student (MS1) here in a US allopathic school. As you rightly mentioned, funding is a big issue for international students. I was fortunate enough to have a cosigner for a private loan this 1st year of med school but I am afraid I will not be able to secure funding entering Year 2 (current cosigner will not re-cosign). Are you aware of any other means to obtain funding for an international student (besides private loan with a cosigner)? I am really worried about this situation…And do you know what would happen if I can’t find funding..?
    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Constance. The most common source of funding for international students is their university, so you should definitely contact your university’s financial aid office and see if they offer any merit- or need-based scholarships that you could apply for for the 2nd year. You should also look into private scholarships. Here’s one database to try: and there are more listed in the “Resources” section of the blog. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest starting by talking to your university’s financial aid office and to an EducationUSA advisor in France. They will be able to point you towards the best possibilities for people from your background and in your program. Good luck!

        1. No problem. I would love to hear how it works out for you once you’ve explored the various options.

  127. Hi,

    I have a quick question that I hope you can address.
    I am currently a graduate student in Texas. I really interested in applying the medical school, but I don’t have a Bachelor degree from US. Is that possible I can still try to apply the medical school or do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Your choice of schools to apply to will be more limited if you haven’t done any part of your undergraduate studies in the US, but it’s not impossible. Take a look at the admissions requirements for all US medical schools (there’s a link in the article) and identify the ones that will consider you, then focus your attention there.

  128. Hi,

    Im a Pre-Med student of the American University of Antigua (Caribbean Med Program).

    They recently made it a requirement for all students to take the MCAT before joining the Med School part of the program. I was wondering if i am eligible to apply to other Med-schools in the US after taking the MCATs and transfer out of AUA.
    If i do, will i get 4 years of credits for my 2 years of PreMed in the Caribbean program?
    If i want to compete against other students applying for Med School, what is a good MCAT score to get, considering I did my pre-med in AUA?

    I would really appreciate if you could provide me with some clarity on these areas!

    Thank You!

  129. hello

    i am graduate in medicine , i am permanent residence of Canada , Regina city . i am going to give both Usmle step s as well as cs also . please tell , will my permanent residence card of Canada will help in any way in getting residency in U.S????.

  130. hey there! thank you for the article. I just have a few questions. Im currently a high school student at a prestigious school. Do you think it majoring in Bio is good or bad for any reason? I mean i’ll need an almost perfect GPA and is Biology good for that (considering im not bad at biology)?
    Also, would help if i took physics in 11th and 12th grade when applying to an undergrad school? I know they want students to take hard classes but that would lower my GPA, hence my chances of a good undergrad school, and hence a good medical school.

    (by good i mean Ivy League and other top-tiers)

  131. Hey?!?
    i am a high school student in Ghana and i intend on taking the SAT next year. i have dreams of pursuing medicine at Johns Hopkins, MD but before that i am not really certain as to what program i should offer at the university. Can i decide to offer human biology and what would be my chances of passing the MCAT? Also from my research i’ve found out that the probability of an international student gaining admisson into a med school in the US is very low, so what if i get my green card after taking the SAT, what are my chances?

  132. hi,
    i’m a Trinidadian student i’m planning to move to the U.S next yr hopefully & i was wondering if i would be able to do any Undergraduate programme of my choice to move on in attending Med school ? would i have any problems in doing so ? PLEASE reply !!! it’s very important that I know this before I leave my country thank you 🙂

    1. Many universities have pre-med tracks that you can follow to prepare for medical school. Your academic advisor can help you figure out the most appropriate courses to take.

  133. Hello!
    I’m an international freshman student majoring in pre-med. I’m from China. How well should I be done besides 3.8+ GPA, excellent MCAT score, medical activities, and good linguistic ability? Is GRE required? Sori..I feel really nervous. I know that I have to do so much to achieve this.

  134. hi,
    i am currently studying my Mbbs in china and i am planning to take my USMLE step 1 t 3. And i will try to get a job in us as a doctor. my Question is , can i work as medical doctor and do my post graduation there , and if there is any medical scholarship offer to foreigners.


  135. Hi!

    My name is Frans and I’m in an interesting situation. I am from the netherlands but as soon as I graduated from highschool I decided to study abroad in the USA for a full bachelor degree at the university of oregon. I am almost in my 4th year studying Biochemistry (which has all the required premed courses in it). My GPA is not amazing, it is around a 3.0 GPA but I looked around and I am certainly still in the green when applying to medical schools (in the USA) since Ive been taking all the advanced/honors series classes. My predicament here is that I will most likely return to the Netherlands as soon as I am done with my degree.

    Getting closer to the point I am trying to make here is that I will be accepted to any medical school in the netherlands GUARENTEED because I will have a science bachelors degree (our scholing system is a little bit different). I was wondering if I get my MD in medicine at Erasmus MC (one of the medical schools in the US) OR any other medical school in the Netherlands, what are my odds of being able to do my residency in the US? Because I really want to practise in the USA rather than Europe in the end. I don’t know how easy or difficult this will be considering I will have performed volunteering in certain clinics in Oregon with a US science degree (with a not so high GPA) in addition to a good MCAT score (score of 34).

    In the end: -What is the odds of me being able to get my residency in the US with my situation?

      1. Hi Frans. I really can’t comment on your chances of getting in anywhere, all I can do is tell you the odds. It is difficult to get into US medical school and a bit easier to get a spot in a US residency program.

  136. Hello, I’m international student from Kuwait and I have scholarship.I’m going to study pre-med at University of Washington Seattle, I would like to ask what is my chances if i faced all the requirements to join Med school in US, and what are the universities which contains international student with their applicants. Also, if some one doesn’t have a chance to join Med school after completing the first Bachelor in Biology, does he can join dentist school with that bachelor.

    Kindest regards,

  137. Hello, I’m international student from Kuwait and i have a scholarship. I would like to ask what is my chances to join Med school after i completed my Bachelor degree in Biology if i faced all the requirements such as ( GPA- MCAT- internship….. etc) ?

  138. Hello , i am from Kuwait and i am studying medicine in Germany , but i am planning to complete my major ( forensic pathology ) in the United States . and i was wondering what are the chances for doing that and how can i apply ?

    1. Hi Rawan,

      why would you leave medicine in Germany, and start from zero in USA? I am studying pre-med in US and seriously thinking about moving to Germany or other country to study medicine. In the US, university is very long. In addition, medical school is not guaranteed even after you finish the pre-med program. you can finish your medical school faster in Germany or in another country and do the residency in USA.

  139. hi,
    i’m gng to complete my a level next year and am currently residimg im tanzania i am a U.S citizen so am planning to go back to the U.S n study dentistry but have no idea really what am i supposed to do before getting into a DDS program can you please advice me what to do after i complete my a level, whether i should apply directly to a dental university or there is something else i’ve to do before that…

  140. hi .
    my name is mohammad i finished general medicine in Ukraine .i have master of oncology .im interesting . what i need to get residency in usa . and how much is possibility. thx

    1. For undergraduate, you will probably have to take some combination of the SAT (or ACT), SAT II and TOEFL (or IELTS). Not every school requires every test. For graduate school, probably the GRE and TOEFL (or IELTS).

  141. Hi this is Fahima, i have got a US visa and I am very much interested to join in US Medical School. I have completed my A level in science from Bangladesh and was doing MBBS in Bangladesh. Please let me know what kind of process i need to undergo as well as documents. Thanks.

  142. Hey…
    My name is Arif, I’m 25 y.o was graduating from Indonesian Medical faculty as a medical doctor. I would like to get my residency in U.S but I know that’s prettier hard, we need to pass USMLE test that mostly people difficult breakthrough it..
    My question is, is there any chance for me to take medical career as a general doctor in U.S, maybe it can help me to make easy my dream to get my residenship in general surgery. Thx in advance.

  143. thanks for such an amazing website…..i was really hoping that you could help me in some way… i am an american citizen but due to family reasons my family moved to pakistan. i completed my o-level and starting a- level. this is a cambridge international system. i was wondering how can i apply for the med school in us and what does terms like undergraduate postgraduate mean or bachelor degree and etc thanks for ur time……. plz help me!

  144. I am a Canadian citizen and have obtained a Masters degree from US in 2002 .Now I want to join Medical school and work for Military either in US or Canada in order to get funding from the government. I can work for US or Canadian army after I finish my medical school. Can you suggest whom I should contact to get more information.

  145. Hi! I’m an American citizen who wanted to pursue medicine in United States. However, I studied my pre-med in a university abroad having B.S. degree in Nursing and graduating as Cum Laude. As of now, I already passed NCLEX and I’m planning to practice nursing in Arizona for about a year before I apply for medicine. I just wanted to know how my circumstances affect my chances of being accepted in US med schools preferably UCSF, Stanford and UCLA. Thank you!

      1. Is that so? Is there no other way? It is always my dream to study medicine but I prefer to study it in US so that I won’t be away from my family anymore. 🙁

      2. Is that so? Is there no other way? I really wanted to study medicine in US so that I won’t be away with my family anymore. 🙁

  146. Hello,

    I am a Canadian citizen, I am currently in a Canadian high school going into my last year. I am planning on going to a medical school in Lugansk Ukraine for a few years, and then i plan on coming back to finish school either in Canada or the U.S. I would like to know if this is a good decision because i plan on finishing medical school a bit faster. What would you advise me to do assuming I came back to finish medical school in the US ? thank you

  147. Hey I am currently 17 years old and I would very much like to study dentistry in USA could you tell me where would be my best chance of applying ? and what’s the process that I may have to undergo ? 🙂 thank you

  148. hello
    i completed my degree doctor of pharmacy,now i want admission in M,D in us.please guide me.i need yours guidelines

  149. Hello,

    I’m a 15 year old student living in United Arab Emirates. I’m planning on studying in America for my bachelor’s degree and then hopefully getting into medical school there. What are my chances on getting accepted to medical school? Will I still be considered an international student even after I got my bachelor’s degree? Thanks.

    (I’m planning on getting a scholarship to study abroad)

    1. Hi Hessa. You’ll still be considered an international student when you apply to medical school, even if you’ve completed your undergraduate education in the U.S. It’s about your citizenship, not where you received your education. That said, you’ll probably be at an advantage over other international students who didn’t do their undergraduate studies in America, since many U.S. medical schools require that you completed all or part of your prerequisite coursework at a U.S. university.

  150. Hello;
    I am afghan doctor that work as OBGYN MD in bamyan one province of afghanistan I also want to be really a international doctor and I want to conteneu my schoolarship in US so I want your advice plz advice me some things that how can I do this?

  151. hello I’m a first year medical student studying in Russia…. i was wondering if its possible for me to do my medical practicals in america as i would like to expand my knowledge.

  152. Most medical schools will require that you did 2 years of coursework in the US so it may be possible after you have fulfilled that requirement.

  153. I am a graduate of Agriculture in one of the nigerian university, just got married to an american citizen who is relocating back to the US. I want to know the possibility of studying medicine in the US. Thanks.

    1. Hi Debo. If your marriage makes you an American citizen or permanent resident then you will be applying as an American. If your background is agriculture, you might want to make sure that you’ve completed the coursework that medical schools will require of you. I think in one of the previous comments I listed the prerequisites of two different med progams, so you can get an idea.

  154. hi im nina..
    just wondering are premed allowed for international students as undergraduate major?

    thank you so much!

  155. Great post! Will definitely bookmark this one.

    I have just one question.
    I’m an incoming undergrad at a Canadian university. As a Canadian citizen, I have a slight advantage over other internationals because some US medical schools only accept US citizens and Canadian citizens. My dilemma is this: because Canadian medical school requirements are much more lax, I could use my AP credits and placement tests to easily finish a 4-year degree in 3 years and then attend a Canadian medical school, OR I could spend an extra year (totaling 4 years) in order to be eligible to apply to US medical schools, to which I have really low chances. Although time is important to me, if the “extra” year is worth it, then I will consider it.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. That’s a decision you’ll have to make on your own. Make a list of the pros and cons of each decision and see which one comes out on top.

    2. Yeah. I think that the decision is for you to decide. Would you be willing to take the risk? If you think you can then go for it. If you eventually want to work in the U.S. sometime in the future, my advice is that you study here. If you don’t mind working in Canada then you should go for it there since it is easier for you to get into.

  156. @THinh, what do you wanna change your major to? And by the way you do not need to be a science major to get into med school. You only have to fulfill med school requirements.

    I am starting a personal blog about international students and the journey to med school. You can subscribe @ I have a lot of interesting medical school info.

  157. I’m an international student and I intend to get into medical school. My GPA is now 4.0 and I’m studying at Houston community college. Do you think should I change major?

  158. Hi Jessica,
    I m dr. Prasath from india. I hav completed my bachelor degree in dentistry. Actually i just want to pursue my post graduation in usa after that i would like to practice over there tats my dream, but unfortunately i didnt get any post graduation program in my field 9 dentistry) which means tat again i hav to do DDS over there to start practicing as dentist in USA.
    Unexpectedly i got an admission in MD program in American International Medical University St. Lucia ( Caribbean medical school) which is affilated with Washington Adventist University Maryland USA.

    Actually they told me tat we can practice in USA after clearing the USMLE step 1 & step 2 ( CK & CS) while doing my four yr MD program over there. Is that appreciated one for anyone who wants to practice and settle down in USA? Is it pretty tough for international students to clear USMLE?

    Now i m totally confused to start up my further studies . Hereby, i just want to settle down in USA wit any medical or dental program ? and by the way i want to know abt the physician assistant program? Is it a good idea for me, even i m looking for tat too.

    Finally , i want you to give me good suggestions and programs to study and settle down in USA. Expecting ur quick reply…

    Thanks Jessiaca

    1. I can’t tell you which path to choose. Only you can know which program makes the most sense for your goals and abilities. Think about what you want out of your academics and your career, and that will lead you to the right choice. Good luck!

  159. hey ya, nice post.
    I just graduated from high school and wanted to do med in USA. But as an international student tht seems impossible. so i started looking at forgien med schools in hopes of getting a residency in US. and from what i found out. last year and in the comming 2 years, more med schools r opening in usa hence more us medical grads, which would mean that resideny spots for forgien medical gratuates will decrease alot. is it true? coz if it is, tht

    1. I don’t know the answer to this. I have noticed recently more DO programs (DO = osteopathic medicine, which includes holistic components).

      On the other hand, though, I know the AAMC is trying to set up more exchange opportunities for foreign medical students to get experience studying in the U.S., so keep an eye out for that.

  160. Hi,

    I am a second year med student in Pakistan.Currently I’m a US green card holder.I’d like to transfer to a decent med school in USA.What are my chances?

    Thank you!

    1. I can’t speak to your chances, but a green card holder would be applying as a US permanent resident, which is different than applying as an international student.

  161. Hello. It’s really kind of you to help out with so much information.
    I am right now a senior (in august 2012) and have to start applying to undergraduate program. I have studied my high school course (AP system) in international school in India. Listening to people around me, I heard that it’s really impossible to get into US med school. I don’t know if I should opt for undergraduate system then.
    Is it like a policy in colleges to not accept international students for med school or is it just very difficult to get in?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi there. The policy varies by school. Some schools do not accept international students at all. Others only accept international students who have completed all or part of their undergraduate education in the US. Others accept international students on equal footing with American students. So you’ll have to look at the admissions policies of individual schools (there’s a link in the article to a list of these policies that you can use as a starting place – you should still check with each of the schools to be sure, but at least that will help you narrow it down).

      1. Hi

        I am a zimbabwean and am a MbChB graduate ,l wld like to ask if l am able to be a medical practitioner in the Us since l have earned a medical degree in zimbabwe

  162. Hi Jessica. I am a medical student in Ukraine currently in 3rd year. I am from Nigeria and i have also completed a B.Sc. degree in Microbiology (4 years) in Nigeria. Please i want to know if it’s possible for me to gain an admission in any medical school in the US using my transcript from my B.Sc. degree combined with transcript from my medical school in Ukraine. I don’t know any school in particular in the US but if you will help me with a school that can consider my case as i don’t mind starting from the beginning of med school. Thanks.

    1. Take a look at the advice I’ve given to others. There’s a link in this article that will give you a good starting place to find out what med schools accept international students. From there you can contact schools to see if you have met their prerequisite course requirements.

  163. Hi, I’m an international student living in the UK doing a bachelors degree in Biomedical sciences. I was wondering that if I decide to apply to a medical school in America ( with the necessary exams finished – eg. MCAT and what not ) would they accept my degree. I know it will be very difficult to gain a placement considering that I am an international student, and I would keep my options open. I justt need the information.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Shae. You’re in the same situation as any other international student. You’ll need to look for schools that do not require prereq courses to have been taken in the US.

  164. Hi. I would really like to attend Pre-Medical School in the United States but all of my research comes to the fact that it’s really difficult if not almost impossible. I’m currently on my Junior year in high school and about to enter my senior year. I’m 16 years old. However, I’m enrolled in a HS program that only required 3 years, not 4. I would like to know what are my chances and if there’s even a remote possibility to get into college in the US. I want to try and hopefully succeed. Thank you!

  165. hi, i am Nigerian and currently attending a school in Texas, doing my undergad in Biology.
    Heard the chances of an international student getting into med school is slim to nothing. what would you advise people in my situation to do?

  166. hi jessica
    i am a South African. i have been accepted tp pre-med at a private college in new york. after i complete my pre-med in America will i qualify for citizenship and also will my chances of getting into med school be the same as an american student or will i still be treated as a foreigner(regardless of the citizenship) ? thanks ! 🙂

    1. If you were a citizen or permanent resident, you would apply as an American rather than international student. Completing a degree in America doesn’t make you a citizen or permanent resident, though.

  167. Hello,

    I’m a 15 year old highschool student. I live in Kuwait. I’m interested in studying medicine in the US although there’s a problem. Since I’m using the British system therefore taking IGCSE, I’ll be doing my ig’s next year. The subjects that I have chosen are physics extended, biology extended, chemistry extended, history, geography, English first language (I already did my second language IG). I have chosen Maths but I got a low grade in my summer exam for it- I took Maths extended. Next year I can choose whether I wish to do Maths core or extended for my ig’s. Core Maths, highest grade is a C. I will be doing my mock exams before my ig’s. Since mock exams are just a preparation, I’ll see how I do in Maths extended. If i don’t do too good ill be doing core Maths. I was wondering what to do because my aim for my ig’s grade is hopefully (inshallah) all A’s except one C which is for core Maths which in core Maths is 90% and above. Are there any unis that’ll accept me at all? If so could you give me a list please. I also won’t be doing grade 12 (A-levels) I’m interested in a foundation year uni. Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Maryam. In the US, medical education doesn’t begin until after college, so you would be applying for an undergraduate degree rather than medical school. I don’t know enough about your style of education to know whether what you have completed is considered the equivalent of a US high school education, but that’s usually the requirement for applying to a college – you need the equivalent of a US high school diploma. You should check with your local EducationUSA center to find out your options.

  168. Hello,

    I really appreciate your willingness to share your time and offer guidance

    I was wondering if you could help me out. I’m a US citizen but I finished my 4-year pre-med course in medical technology abroad. Does that mean I have to redo all the prerequisite classes here in the US before I can apply to med school?

    1. Hi Dave. I think you’ll probably have to check with schools and see if they consider the courses you’ve taken as sufficient prerequisites for admission. It could vary school by school. Here’s a comparison of two schools with different requirements.

      1) Drexel University:

      Prerequisite courses for entrance into Drexel University College of Medicine include the following:

      General chemistry (with lab) two semesters
      Organic chemistry (with lab) two semesters
      Biology (with lab) two semesters
      Physics (with lab) two semesters
      English two semesters

      In addition, potential applicants are strongly encouraged to take a course in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, or other higher level science courses, as well as a variety of liberal arts and social science courses, such as philosophy, ethics, history, psychology and other humanities classes.

      2) Harvard University:

      The Faculty of Medicine accepts applications from current students in good standing and graduates of accredited colleges who:

      – Present evidence that their intellectual and personal credentials are of such quality as to predict success in the study and practice of medicine.

      – Demonstrate aptitude in the biological and physical sciences during their undergraduate years, but not to the exclusion of the humanities and social sciences.(A study at Harvard Medical School has shown that students are successful in their medical studies regardless of undergraduate concentration, providing that they have had adequate science preparation. Students are urged to strive for a balanced and liberal education rather than specialized training. No preference is given to applicants who have majored in the sciences over those who have majored in the humanities.)

      – Supplemented their education with at least one year of college or university training in the United States or Canada if they have completed academic work outside the United States or Canada. (Foreign students who do not have a baccalaureate or advanced degree from an institution in the United States or Canada are rarely accepted for admission.)

      1. Hi Dave and Jessica

        I’m in kind of the same situation as Dave. I’m a green card holder, but I did my undergraduate biochemistry degree in Australia, so I didn’t take English or social sciences or Physics. I’m currently doing a PhD in the US but I really want to be an MD/PhD, so I hope to go to medical school.

        I’m wondering what courses to take and if the PhD in the US can be used in lieu of the 90 semester hours from a US university most medical schools require.

        Also, do you know what medical schools have less stringent requirements in terms of credits in the humanities and credits taken in the US? I think I’ve a 3.9 GPA currently.

        Please advise.

        Thank you

  169. I have completed B.pharm in India and now, i m in USA having green card. I want to do medicine in USA. So would you like to infrom me about whole procedure for getting admission in medical school in USA?

  170. Hi,

    Hats off to you for guiding people. I want you to give me good piece of advice too:

    1. Do US Medical University accept transfer students?

    2. Is it possible for one to study Medicine in Pakistan and then move to US (or elsewhere) for residency.

    1. Applying to US medical schools as a transfer student is very difficult – probably more difficult than applying as a first year student – but possible. This database lists the transfer policies at US med schools:

      Coming to the US for a residency is easier. In some of the other comments I explained how to apply for your residency in the US.

  171. Hi,

    Honestly thank you for your time and knowledge that you are sharing here. My situation is rather peculiar.

    I am an international student in US completed my Masters in Electrical Engineering with a decent GPA of 3.5. studying medicine has been my long cherished dream. I am 24 years old as of now. Currently I am working for a reputed firm as an engineer on OPT. I will be getting green card very soon as my girl friend and i are getting married. That green card would be conditional permanent residence (it will be unconditional after 2 years of successful marriage life, just to make sure that the marriage is not a sham)

    Now i am thinking of attending a near by university for week end classes to complete my prerequisites in Chemistry and Biology. Do you think Universities would accept me for a weekend classes just for those 2 courses ? If i do get good scores in MCAT and good grades in Chemistry and Biology. Would medical universities accept me as an Permenant resident (Because i will be having a conditional green card)

    I wonder if the chances of getting loans or financial aid are the same for Citizens and PR’s?

    Your quick suggestion would be highly regarded and appreciated.

    Once again thank you for your time.


    1. Hi Sam. Each university has its own policies on non-degree students, so you should check with the college or university you’re looking at – they’re usually very willing to help you get the information you need. But many colleges let non-degree students enroll in regular courses, so you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

      I believe that being a permanent resident puts you in a different status than international students for both admissions and financial aid.

  172. Hi,i am a college student reading Law at the university.I just got an admission to study medicine in the us,i am purely an arts student.Pls i like to know,what are my chances of obtaining a visa with my background?.

    1. Hi Chris. Congratulations! That’s great. Would you be willing to share a bit about how you got admission? As you can tell, a lot of people here would be eager to hear how you did it. In order to get a student visa, you need to be able to prove that you are a credible student, that you can pay for your education, and that you intend to return home after your education. As long as you go in prepared to answer why you chose this school and this career, and why you intend to return home afterwards, you should be okay. There’s more information in this article: // If you want to see examples of real visa interviews, you should check out a site called Happy Schools Blog. Lots of students submit their visa interview experiences there (mostly Indian students, but some from other places too). Good luck!

  173. hey, i have finished my medicine in russia, i want to do my residence in america, do you have any information.

  174. Hi, my name is jummy I’m really confused,i live in the united kingdom but I’m awaiting my waec results I’m 16years old and I’m also a british there anyways you can educate me on how i can pursue my dreams on being a doctor?i want to study medicine.i know I’m 16 but if I’m given the chance to live my dreams i’ll be verry happy

  175. Hi,
    First, I want to thank you for your help and time.
    I am an international student studying pre-med in USA. I had no idea how hard it is for international students to go to the medical school here until my third year in the USA. My question is: Do you know if U.K., Canada, New Zealand, Australia or other countries accept international students into their medical schools without retaking the pre-med program?

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you. I’d love to hear more about your experience as a pre-med student in the U.S. Are you planning to apply to med school in the U.S. as well? What do your academic advisors tell you about what you should pursue to maximize your chances?

      Unfortunately I don’t really know the answer to your question. From what little I know about the UK system, I believe medical education is really different from the US system – instead of going to college and then medical school, you begin your medical education when you begin your university studies. I think Canada is more similar to the US, because medical schools there are part of the same organization (the AAMC) that I talked to for this article. I have no clue about Australia or New Zealand. Sorry.

      1. Nice to meet you, too Jessica :). Of course, I will be more than happy to tell you about my experience. After I finished high school in my country, I got my F1 visa and came to USA to study. This link will tell more about the requirements and the papers you need to apply for F1 visa (the I-20 I had when I applied for my visa was from the English program).
        First, I took one semester learning English to familiarize with the new life style, choose which university or college to attend, and of course, improve my English. In the English program, I met people who were at the same boat as me; they all just came from a different country, and they don`t know yet how things work here. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet new friends from around the globe. I had no idea what my major would be! I attended the community college which later became a state college; the community/ state college is less expensive than the university, has small classes, and also easier to enroll. Unlike the university, I did not have to take TOEFL or SAT. I only took the college test, passed it, and got in. I took general classes which all majors should take like English and Math. Later, I knew that I wanted to be a pediatrician after I talked to my advisor and professors who suggested that I should volunteer in a hospital. If someone is undecided about his/her major try to do volunteer work in the area that interests you. The college advisor will help you choose the classes you need for your major. If international students want to get involved in the school, meet friends and also have something that will look good on their resume, Students should attend the college clubs and be part of them. Moreover, they may work on campus under 20 hours a week.
        I will get my AA degree next semester and transfer to a university to finish my bachelor`s degree. I got accepted into the 2 universities I applied to. I am not sure which one to go to because the name of the program of the first university is Biology and the second program`s name is pre-med. I would prefer to do the pre-med one, but I don`t know if other countries would accept it in case I was not admitted into an American medical school.
        Yes I would love to finish in the USA because it is way easier for me, but I contacted many universities, and they told me that they do not accept international students even if they finished their pre-med in the USA. If you have a list of the universities who accept international students I would be very grateful!!!
        My advisor was not very helpful with this point because whenever I asked him, he only told me that I have to contact the medical schools to find out, and he does not know a lot about international students.

        1. Interesting. Sounds like you’ve had a nice experience so far, which is great. A lot of people don’t think of starting at a community college in order to save money, but it can be SO much cheaper! Would you be willing to let me share this comment on the site, so other people can learn from your experience?

          There’s a link in this article to a list of the admissions policies at US medical schools. You can look there to get an idea of which ones will and will not accept international students. I wouldn’t take it as gospel (don’t assume that all the information there is 100% accurate), but it might at least give you a place to start.

          1. 🙂 Thanks! I’m going on vacation next week (yay!), so I’ll probably save it and share it the week after next. Really appreciate you taking the time to talk about your experiences.

  176. I have done Masters in Biochemistry from India and PhD Microbiology from Germany.
    I work as Research Instructor in Hematology Oncology in a US University research center. I have a green card and my wife is a physician. Do I have good chances of getting into a US medical school?

  177. I’m an international student in the US, pursuing an MD degree. I was offered a very generous scholarship plus some loans. I guess we don’t necessarily have to be “extremely wealthy”. LOL

    1. That’s awesome! As you can probably tell from the comments here, some people would really love to know how you managed it. Do you have any advice for other international students who might be hoping to end up in your position?

    2. hello Larry, Could you pls explain how you got the scholarship. Im sure your informaton would be helpful and useful to a lot of us here. thanks.:D

  178. Hi Everybody

    I really want your advise, I am US citizen, I have graduated from medical school outside the country, so I’m US citizen- International Medical Graduate, it was long time since my graduation and I want to get back to medicine. I’ve evaluated my Medical School diploma and my GPA was 3.05, I know it is very low to apply to medical school in US. Do you know if I can re apply to medical school,having MD diploma form another country and what I should do in order to increase my chances to get there. Would be postbach programs good for me. I’m 32 yo.


  179. Hey… I’m currently in my 4th yr in a Nigerian university, hoping to get an MB;BS in 3yrs or so. I hope to do my residency in d US after that. Could u pls explain how i would go about that? I know i’d av to pass steps 1, 2 & 3 of d USMLE… But wat next after that? Thanks…

  180. hi,
    i was so scared when i read that international students find it difficult to enter medical school in the US. i have been accepted to study premed in an american university and f1 visa is valid for only 5 yrs so does that man that after my pre med program i have to return to my home country or would i be allowed to take the mcat and run the complete medicie program in the US. pls treat as urgent

    1. Your visa is usually valid for the duration of your studies in the US, so as long as you are a full-time student you would be allowed to stay in the country. The State Department’s website explains:

      When you enter the United States on a student visa, you will usually be admitted for the duration of your student status. That means you may stay as long as you are a full time student, even if the F-1 visa in your passport expires while you are in the United States. For a student who has completed the course of studies shown on the I-20, and any authorized practical training, the student is allowed the following additional time in the U.S. before departure:

      F-1 student – An additional 60 days, to prepare for departure from the U.S. or to transfer to another school.
      M-1 student – An additional 30 days to depart the U.S. (Fixed time period, in total not to exceed one year). The 30 days to prepare for departure is permitted as long as the student maintained a full course of study and maintained status. An M student may receive extensions up to three years for the total program.
      As an example regarding duration of status, if you have a visa that is valid for five years that will expire on January 1, 2009, and you are admitted into the U.S. for the duration of your studies (often abbreviated in your passport or on your I-94 card as “D/S”), you may stay in the U.S. as long as you are a full time student. Even if January 1, 2009 passes and your visa expires while in the U.S., you will still be in legal student status. However, if you depart the United States with an expired visa, you will need to obtain a new one, applying at an Embassy abroad, before being able to return to the U.S. and resume your studies.

  181. my name is Gebrehiwet kahasit , I have graguated my Bachler`s degree in Medical laboratory technology in university of Gondor in 2007 and I have a five years work experice and now I am working in Mekelle University , Ayder referral Hospita , now I want to continue my masters in related fields of Medical laboratory technology , how can I get free scholar ships to fullfill my deam please help me ?

  182. Thank you Jessica for the prompt reply,
    I have visited many sites to get some clear understanding and it’s a biomedical engineering rather biomedicine,
    As the bioengineering contain a word “engineer” it means you have to take courses in physics, math, biomechanics and so on. As I read, students admit that it’s much difficult to study bioengineering in the states.
    Can you post an article about bioengineering, it’s a pretty new branch of science, and how it is difficult, is there a courses concentrating on chemistry, biology, biochemistry, microbiology yet considered as a bioengineer? The duration of study must be 4 years right?
    I’d be really happy for the reply,

    Thank you

  183. sorry i asked a question ,let me reply you : it all depends on the country of practice , probably in your home country u probably have to do some board exams to practice,but there is a distinction between a us medical degree and all other national degrees to practice in first -world countries, most require you going to their educational institutions.ukraine is good , but a us,canadian ,isreali or uk degree will place at a definite advantage internationally

  184. hello, my name is leke,presently a us permanent resident, but quite disturbing i ve a foreign degree in computer-electronics question 1: am i eligible 2. what are my chances if i do my perequsites in a community college or should complete my perequisites in 4 year school 3. will ostracized in admission process due to my international qualification

  185. what are the advantages of studying in ukraine because i heard their certificate is not recongnised and accepted

  186. Thank you Jessica for the information, this was really helpful,
    can you write more about studying BIOMEDICINE in the states?

    Do they offer biomedicine in bachelor degree?
    And how it is difficult to get scholarship,

    Thank you for the article.

    1. Hi Enerel. Biomedical science is offered as an undergraduate major in some US schools. As far as I know, all the admissions policies and scholarship information would be the same as for any other undergraduate applicant to that university. Most people who pursue biomedical science as an undergraduate pursue an advanced degree as well if they want to end up practicing medicine or working in research.

  187. maybe you don´t know but in Mexicans high schools, the teachers separate students into bachellors depending what you want to study (just in case you get confuse I did a big mistake in my last comment)

  188. hello, Im mexican and think I have the same problem, Im 19 years old ,I graduate from high school in the U.S and Mexico too. I already have my biological science degree from mexico(I get it when I finish high shool in mexico), maybe you don´t know but in Mexicans high schools, the teachers separate into bachellors depending what you want to study ,but I dont know if that degree can worth to get into a medical school in the US.please help!!!

  189. Hello, my name is Alecia and I am a final year medical student in Jamaica and will be finished in November. Are there any opportunities to persue my internship in the US and is there any information that you can provide to me regarding this? Thank you and I look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Alecia, In one of the other comments I posted information about applying to US residency programs (residency = internship). Take a look at that.

  190. It is truly a great and helpful piece of information.
    I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  191. hello, i am a nigerian studying bio medicine in south africa and i would love to study medicine as my postgraduate. So i wanna ask if it is possible for me to transfer from bio med to medcine into a USA uni.
    My sec question is that where is it more preferable to study south africa or ukraine ?? Which certificate is well recognised between the two

    1. As long as you meet the prerequisites of the program, you can apply to medical school. You’ll have to contact the schools you’re interested in to find out exactly what they require as prerequisites. As far as South Africa or Ukraine, I don’t know the answer to that. I would imagine it depends on the quality of the school/program you’re in.

  192. Hi;

    I really want to be a doctor , i wanted to apply badly but in my teenage times i was not fully focused on my career and ended up with biomedical engineering degree,.. which i did only because it was closer to science and medicine. Right now i am trying to get research internships so that i can make up for my 3.4 cgpa which is nto enough or even competitive for medical schools in U.S .I am an international student with a very low income back , and i know international students are not given priority. But i have a dedication if getting an MD degree work as a doctor , but how should i go about it as MCAT exam isnt held in my country and i am just frustrated as i am already 26 .

    Please advice me should i come to U.S for a masters program and then give my MCAT apply for a medical school? How do i manage my finances with a masters program and MCAT Fees and medical college eligibility.

    I really need advice and that also an honest one is it too late for me to even think of a career in medicine? will i ever be able to even get admitted in a U.S medical school just because i am an international student? please please help

    1. I don’t think it’s ever too late to pursue your dream. You should reach out to some medical schools in the US and find out what they recommend you do to apply. Also, think of other plans, like attending a medical school in your country (or another country) that will help you do an exchange in the US during your medical education.

  193. hi,my name is saad and i am doing mbbs(bachelor of medicine and surgery) same as MD in USA.but i want to get scholarship in usa medical schoo and wants to study there..can u help me??

  194. please i am graduate with a degree in human biology and would like to study medicine in any European country.

    please any advice and guidance for me on what to do because i would like to start next year.


    1. Hi Frankie. I don’t know anything about education in Europe, sorry. My specialty is American education. I would bet that a good place to start is with the embassy website for the country you want to go to. You’ll be able to get general information about being an international student in that country. Then take a look for that country’s education ministry or governing board for medical education, to get more specific information about being a medical student there.

  195. hey my sister n law lives in mexico and is almost finish school there to work in the hospital but she was wondering if she could come here and go to school, she wonted to know would it be hard and what would be the things she would need to come here and try to go to school. plz any adviced would work, thanks.

  196. Hello,
    I am an international student pursuing my PhD in moleclar biology in the united states.I would like to apply to medical school after I graduate.I did my undergrad in an american university back home that is accredited in US.would my educational background be equivalent to an applicant who did his/her premed here in US? what type of scholarships can apply I for?I have excellent GPA and research record.Hopefully i do really well on the MCAT.I know it i hard to get a loan without an American cosigner but what are the chances for an international student to qualify for merit or need based scholarships? what schools offer financial aid to international students?Thanks alot.I really need advice

  197. I just finished my secondary school education in Nigeria and i just received my invitation and admission letter to study medicine in Ukraine.pls after my medicine course in Ukraine can i be able to get residency and scholarship to go post graduate in usa

    1. It’s much easier for an international student to come to the US for their residency than for their medical school. Residencies in the US are determined through an application process called the National Residency Matching Program. Everyone applies through there, and then their system matches applicants to residencies. International medical students are eligible to participate as long as they meet certain qualifications. Here is the FAQ section from the NRMP website, which has a lot of useful information:

  198. Hi Jessica,

    Im a Sr Secondary student from India and Im interested in knowing more about admission process to Medical schools in US.

    I read your comments and checked on few websites and here is summary of what I understood. Please correct me if im wrong.

    Step 1: Pre-med (4 yrs from US University)
    Step 2: Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
    Step 3: USMLE Exam
    Step 4: Medical School – MD (I dont know number of years)

    Appreciate your help alot. Thank You.

    1. One correction. The USMLE exam is an exam that is required in order for medical school graduates to practice medicine. A student would typically take the components of that exam during medical school and postgraduate training.

      1. Thanks Jessica.

        I saw on one of the sites that taking Pre-med classes is not sufficient for admission to the Medical School, instead International students should do Bachelors in the US. Is that true?

        1. You should look at the policies of the individual med schools. Among the ones that accept international students, most seem to want you to have done your pre-med education in the US. But I don’t know if that is the case for every single school out there.

  199. Hi to everyone who has commented. I suggest you look at the links in this article and at my responses to the other comments in this thread. I can’t tell you whether you will or will not be accepted to medical school. You’ll need to take a look at the admissions policies of medical schools that admit international students and find out what their specific requirements are. Most admissions offices are more than happy to respond to questions from prospective students, so reach out to the schools and ask questions.

    This article is about medical school, not college. In the US, you attend college first and then apply to medical school. If you’re looking to apply to college, there are lots of other articles on this blog that you should look at. In particular:

    Hope that helps.

  200. hi,lamisha from Bangladesh i am 18 i have just completed my hsc exam and its results are not published i have my ssc certificate with GPA 5.i really want to study in us medical in gynecology in USA so could u plz help me how can i study there foe my undergraduate or mbbs program.

  201. Hi Jessica. I am a dentist from india, currently serving in one of its state’s government service. I have also completed two year study in Physics, chemistry & Biology prior to getting my Dental degree. Now I am commited to pursue medicine course in US. What should be my plan of action? Thanking in anticipation.

  202. Hi. Am a medical student studying medicine and surgery in Ukraine. I would like to go for a specialty in Neurosurgery in USA, that can guarantee me to practise in UsA too. Will I offer it as a post graduate study.? That can cover a year or two..

  203. hi i am currently a student of bcs from pakistan and once i finish my bcs i also plan to engage in the field of medicine
    what the best course of action for me ?

    1. Hi. I suggest you take a look at my responses to other people who have asked similar questions.

  204. hi i am hilda from nigeria, i am 17years of age and just finished my secondary education. I dont have any other certificate aside from my waec and neco but i really want to study medicine in u.s.a. Can u please help me with details on how to get scholarship and admission to study medicine in any good university in u.s.a. I will be very grateful if u do. Tanks

  205. hi i am a pre med student from Pakistan, i complete my pre-med this time next year, can i apply to a US med school and how ? thank you.

    1. As I’ve said to everyone else, most schools either do not accept international students or only accept international students who have completed their pre-med in the US. So your first step should be to find out which schools will accept international applicants (there’s a link in this article with information on the admissions policies of med schools). And then you’ll want to find out their specific admissions requirements by looking at their websites/contacting their admissions office. You’ll probably be required to take a couple of standardized tests, and there may be specific course requirements you have to fulfill.

  206. Hi, I am a psychologist with MSc. degree
    (social psy) and now doing my neurosciences Ph.D in Germany/Max Planck Institute. My research focus is on using realtime fMRI, fNIRS and MEG-Brain Computer Interfaces in Parkinson’s disease. I am planning to study medicine in U.S.A after completing my Ph.D here. Should I cover all that courses (1 year of bio, organic chemistry, physics…) before my application too? If so, is there a possibility to take them here in Germany? Thank you so much in advance for you answer.

    1. Hi Korhan. I can’t really tell you what any individual school will or will not require as prerequisites. I’d suggest contacting a school’s admissions office directly to see what their requirements are and how they would view your experience.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica. One more and last question: Is it better to apply for permanent residency before applying for Medical School? For example having EB2.. Does it make any difference? Thanks

        1. Well, having a green card would probably make applying to medical school easier. Most schools would treat a green card holder the same as an American citizen. But I don’t really know anything about the green card process to give you advice about that.

        2. Hi korhan, this is a stretch on my part, but I wondered if you could do a postdoc in the US (in your target state haha), take some pre-med courses (unless you do them in Germany) and then apply for EB1 (I’m not sure about all the requirements for an EB1 but I know many PhDs who have got them).

  207. Hi. My name is Melissa and I live in Mexico. I am currently in 10th grade and in 2 years I’ll be attending Medical School. I would really like to know if there is a chance at all of me attending medical school in the United States. Also, I would like to know if I would have to do college first and then med school because in here there are 3 years of high school and 6 years of med school. Thank you. I really hope you’ll reply.

    1. Hi Melissa. In the US it’s typical to do a pre-med program in college and then apply to medical school. So you would do 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school (and then a residency). I can’t imagine any medical school in America would accept someone straight out of high school, and some specify that you must have completed a pre-med program in America. You might find a school that accepts international students and contact them to see what they would consider equivalent to completing a college program.

  208. Hi,Am a graduate of pure and Industrial Chemistry.Am also about to round up. my Post-graduate course in Environmental Biology in Nigeria but my dream is to be an International medical doctor.Please is there a school u can suggest that can take International student to study Paediatrics or Surgeon pls I need 2 fulfill my dream

    1. Hi Linda. Take a look at the link to admissions policies at medical schools to get an idea of which schools accept international students and under what conditions.

  209. hii..
    I am a student from India who is interested in pursuing medicine from US. At present m doing my B.Tech in Information Technology. I had biology,phy,chem,maths and english in my 11th and 12th grade in which i scored well(96%). What i wanted to know was what options and chances do i have of pursuing medicine in US after i complete my engineering? Is there any other option of going about it? Is a pre-med course necessary to get into med school? Do the schools take international students of other discipline?
    any information about this is much appreciated since i have been waiting for this.

    1. HI Shubhi. Take a look at the link for admissions policies for international students at U.S. medical schools. Many schools require international students to have completed a pre-med program in the U.S. I would guess that, given the very small number of slots available for international students, you would have a hard time gaining admission without any sort of medical background.

  210. Hi, I’m a Zimbabwean student studying an honours degree in Medical Laboratory Science at a South African university of technology. I’m currently in my 1st year. Would like to know, if I am able to apply to a medical school for my postgraduate and what are the chances of acceptance.

    1. Hi Nicola. As you can probably tell from reading this article, the chances of getting into an American medical school as an international student are pretty low, especially if you haven’t done your undergraduate studies in the U.S. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but you should be aware of how difficult it is and have a backup plan. There is the possibility to do an exchange in America while you are studying at a medical school elsewhere, and you should definitely look into schools that facilitate that (the AAMC in the US also just launched a more formal program for exchanges – it’s still in the pilot stages). And students of international medical schools are encouraged to do their residencies in the US, so you can think about that as well.

      1. Hi Jessica, maybe you mentioned this at some point, but some of these students holding a bachelor’s can try for an MD/PhD (it is free-ish). Of course, this isn’t necessarily a pathway to a surgical residency as I’m not sure if such students are even able to work as unrestricted physicians.

  211. Sorry for the mistake I want to move to the US for my INTERNSHIP of 12 months and my specialty in pediatrics in medical school in USA. please reply

    1. For most medical specialties in the US, the internship is just the first year of your residency, so they’re not separate.

      1. Respected Jessica Stahl,
        my schooling was Based on Biology.But,i finishup my college with computer science.I am intresting in Doing MBBS.Now my age is what/which way i can reach the goal.Please Help me Jessica Stahl.In all the way to reach my dreams comes true.

        1. Hi there. In the US a medical degree is a graduate level degree, so you would be applying for an MD program. As I’ve said to several other people, take a look at the prerequisites for the schools that accept international students to make sure you’ve completed all the coursework you would need to apply.

  212. hi i am a NIGERIAN studying medicine in Ukraine,after my 6 years in Ukraine i want to move to the US for my residency and my specialty as a pediatrician in a medical school do i go about it because i am in my 3rd year now, what are the requirements?and which medical schools can i apply to?.I really want to start on time, please help

    1. Residencies in the US are determined through an application process called the National Residency Matching Program. Everyone applies through there, and then their system matches applicants to residencies. International medical students are eligible to participate as long as they meet certain qualifications. Here is the FAQ section from the NRMP website, which has a lot of useful information:

      1. Hi Jessica , Im Malaysian . I’m a M.D graduate from one of the Medical University in Ukraine and currently seeking for the oppurtunity to persue internship and postgraduate degree in Dermatology in the U.S . I would like to know the procedures and requirements to be eligible for registration. Looking forward for your reply . Thank You 🙂

  213. hi, no.. since my parents brought me to mexico i haven’t gone to US again and i am 16 years old now

    1. Then you’ll be in the same situation as any international student. But if you’re 16 years old, you’re looking to apply for undergraduate programs, right? Not medical school. That’s a much easier task for an international student.

      1. Sergio,

        You are a US Citizen by birth. US citizenship is not taken away because you moved to Mexico and currently are living there. In order for you to obtain US Passport from US Embassy is Mexico, you need your original birth certificate issued by the CA state. You can apply for birth certificates online. Goolgle it and you will find out how.

  214. no, I still live in mexico and i am 16 years old.. since my parents brought me, i haven’t gone to US again

  215. hi, i just wanted to say.. how can i do or what is my situation if i was born in california (Monterrey Park) and i lived there for just 5 years and then, because of my parents are mexicans, they brought me to mexico and i have been living there for eleven years, but now i am studying bachelor’s degree (clinical laboratory technician) and now i almost finish (just 1 year more) .. and i want to study medicine in US.. can i get a schoolarship or i can’t?…

    1. Hi Sergio. Are you a US citizen then? That would make a difference in your eligibility for loans in particular.

  216. thank u! But i want to be a student, i dont no how to be. Pls help how to apply. I am live in Nigeria. Pls am waiting.

    1. Hi Umar. What level of school are you at (high school, college or postgraduate)? For college or postgraduate you’ll follow more or less the same application procedures an American student would – you should figure out what schools you want to apply to and what you need to do to get in (every school will offer information on their website about what standardized tests are required to apply, and many will give you an idea of the average statistics of accepted students). You should also look for scholarships available to Nigerian students that you might be able to apply for (most scholarship money ends up coming from the school itself, so one of your criteria you look at in picking schools should be financial aid available, but there are outside scholarships you can apply for as well). There are a lot of resources you can use to help figure this all out – many of them are listed on our Resources page (// and you can see lots more information in the relevant blog categories (admission and financial aid – // and // Plus, make sure to take advantage of EducationUSA, which is the official advising service for international students wanting to come to the US ( If there’s anything more specific I can help you with, definitely let me know, but hopefully that will get you started.

      1. I’m from Afghanistan ,I’m a UScitizen .I graduated 10 y ago I’m 36y old .I’m working as medical assistant and I’ not happy .I really want to find out if I can get to any medicall college .I’m totaly lost pls. help .please e- mail me because Im not regester to this site.

      2. Hi Im an 17 years old girl from Austria and right now a senior at high school here in austria. After that I would love to go to the USA to go to college there and afterwards to medical school. I have looked through a lot of colleges and I wanted to ask if i would even have a chance to get into medical school afterwards or if it would be better to study medicine in Austria and try to work there later. I have spent a semester abroad in the US last year so the english wouldn’t be a problem…

        1. If you do your college education in the US, it increases the pool of medical schools that you will be eligible to apply for. It will always be an uphill battle (read some of Promise’s posts on applying to med school as an international student), as med school admissions are quite selective (even for American students). You should think about your career goals, and whether it is important to study in the US in order to achieve them. That may help you make up your mind. Talk to some professionals in the field you want to end up in and get their thoughts about what education path makes the most sense. I’ve always found that people are very willing to help younger people by sharing their advice and experience.

          1. Hi Jessica. I’m from Bulgaria. I just finished high school and enrolled in bulgarian college to study medicine.Here to be a doctor it takes 7 years , but that is casual doctor , not specialist. To be specialist you need to study 5 more years. I want to be cardiac surgeon , so my question is can i become cardiac surgeon in US if I finished medical education in Bulgaria? It would be very helpful if you answer me ! Thank you !

      3. Hello ma’am,
        I am a 10th grader from India and aspire to pursue medicine in the USA. My grades are good, upto 90 – 95% but my family cannot afford to bear the nerving expenses of my education in USA as we are a middle class family with hard earned money. So I have considered appearing for scholarship exams. Will that help? Please guide me through the step by step procedure of the same. I really wish to reside there. Thanking you.

    2. Hi
      I’m Fatima. Graduated with a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Mysore in India
      I’m wondering if I can afford that in fields like medicine – Pharmacy – Dental – nursing degree or doctorate in mathematics or even my own master again accept my math?
      While I’m sure the stock because otherwise the cost too heavy for me and I can not pay for education costs

    3. Hi,
      I am an international student in USA currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. I know it seems very weird for an engineering student to ask about the M.D. Program but I am interested and want to know more about it. What are the pre-requisites of M.D program? Do you know any public universities that offer scholarships to foreign students for MD program?
      Similarly, I have heard of M.D-PHD Programs being offered here in the US but I am not sure whether they accept foreigners. Do you have any information on this?
      Finally, I know some private universities that are willing to admit students into their M.D-PHD Programs with full financial aid. Is there a difference between getting trained at a public vs private university?

      Thank you
      *I have not declared my major yet but am planning to go for Mechanical engineering.

      1. I can answer one of your questions easily. There is no difference between how you will be viewed if you trained at a private university v. a public university. It all depends on the reputation of the university. Here’s one list that attempts to rank medical programs – you can see there is a mix of public and private universities on the list:

        For your other two questions, the prerequisites of an MD program can vary from school to school. You’ll often be expected to have completed a premed undergraduate program at a US university, but that’s not always the case. Some schools have no prerequisites at all, while others might have very specific prerequisites. So you’ll have to look into the schools you’re interested in to find out what they require. And as for whether MD-PhD programs accept foreigners, some do and some don’t. Again, you’ll have to look into the programs you’re interested in and find out.

        1. Thank you. I am really glad that you actually take the time and effort to look into and reply to all these questions. Thank you very much.

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