Events for International Students: June 11-15

After taking a week to clarify the meaning of the word “webinar” (well, and because there were no events to be found), we’re back with our regular Friday roundup of webinars, online events and virtual fairs for prospective international students. And the upcoming week is a big one.

As always, if you attend any of these events, report back and let us know what you learned! (Use the comments, the Facebook page or just email me – And also please share any online events you’ve found that we haven’t.

Coming up next week:

June 11

EducationUSA: US Campus Life – Rural Settings
2 pm US eastern time
More details:

June 12

CollegeWeekLive: Expert Presentation – Student Visas with Rick O’Rourke
12 pm US eastern time
More details:

EducationUSA: US Campus Life – Urban Settings
12 pm US eastern time
More details:

June 13

EducationUSA: US Campus Life – Suburban Settings
12 pm US eastern time
More details:

Kaplan: MBA Admissions Myths
8:30 pm US eastern time
More details:

Kaplan: Summer Study Plan – Ace the GRE
9:30 pm US eastern time
More details:

June 14

EducationUSA: Pre-Departure Documents and Travel Arrangements
9 am US eastern time
More details:

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  1. this is online listening , as it is effective ,but not as much expected to be effective ,if you provide
    online speaking with union student to improve their English that would be better
    it is just a comment

    1. Thanks Aalim. I will definitely take that into consideration. There are lots of services that we can recommend where you can speak with people to improve your English. VOA Learning English has some really cool tools, some of which use voice recognition to correct your speaking. And we’ve had some people write in to us in the past recommending language exchanges over Skype (// ), so that’s something you could try as well.

      1. tanks Jassica Stahl from your reply ,the VOA ‘s program is really helpful to improve our English ,thank you very much ……………thanks allot …i got it

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