Trying, Failing and Growing: A Look Back at My College Journey

Qian just graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in journalism. She put together this amazing video documenting her personal and academic growth over the past few years, and sharing some of the lessons she learned as she struggled with language, professors, and talking into a camera.


  1. Ms Qian

    Has done a great job. You can see her advancement in communication skills throughout the videos. She is a good example for those of us learning a new language.

    I am sure she will be successful in her career and life.

    1. i want to learn english as native speacker but i have no access to facebook and other social network to talk more on English to foreign student who what to learn english and needs to do more conversastion, please advice me, that how can i improve the Language.


  2. After reading several posts in other places, from disgruntled Chinese about all the students here being from families who get “gray money” (i.e. through corruption) it was so refreshing to see this girl’s account. She breathes so much sincerity and integrity, her story transcends nationality. She displays a simplicity and genuineness that are such great qualities in a journalist.

    She still needs more practice in talking Engish slowly, with better diction, etc. so that she can be more clearly understood, but these are only cosmetic. What comes from inside her, as a human being will make her a good reporter and journalist.

    That was quite a story, the way the professor told her she couldn’t cut it in news writing, and how she reacted to it.

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