12 Campus Spots Feeling Just as Conflicted About the End of Summer as You Are

Let’s be honest. By the end of the summer you’re just a little bit ready for it to be over – to get back to learning, to all your extracurricular activities, and especially to all your friends. Summer can sometimes get a bit lonely, right? Even if you do know that it’ll only take about a week until you’re wishing for the relative peace and quiet of vacation. Here are 12 campus spots that seem to be feeling the same –  longing for their students to return (but looking like they just might regret it when they do).

This library at Boise State University

Boise State University library, by Tim Tuttle

by Tim Tuttle

This stadium at the University of Michigan

Michigan Stadium, by Andrew Hart

by Andrew Hart

These bike racks at Arizona State University

Bike Racks at Arizona State, by Stephen Vance

by Stephen Vance

This student center at the University of South Florida

Student center at the University of South Florida, by Ben Ostrowsky

by Ben Ostrowsky

This classroom at the University of Toronto

Classroom at the University of Toronto, by Benson Kua

by Benson Kua

This street at the University of Washington, Seattle

Empty Memorial Way at University of Washington, by Jon Fowler

by Jon Fowler

This courtyard (and the computer center in the background) at Arizona State University

Computer room at ASU, by Alex Pang

by Alex Pang

This chapel at the University of Chicago

Chapel at the University of Chicago, by Justin Kern

by Justin Kern

This reading room at North Carolina State University

Reading room at North Carolina State University, by Nathan Walls

by Nathan Walls

This dorm room at Vassar College

Dorm room at Vassar College, by Emily.laurel504

by Emily.laurel504

This passageway at Stanford University

Passageway at Stanford, by Adam Fagen

by Adam Fagen

This chair behind the campus center at the University of Washington, Seattle

Behind the campus center at teh University of Washington, Seattle, by cleverdame107

by cleverdame107