Photos: Asian Students Bring Lunar New Year to Georgetown University

Lunar New Year 8Many Asian associations at Georgetown University held 2015 Lunar New Year Celebrations with cultural events and food. International students work together cooperatively in small and large groups to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the U.S.

Lunar New Year 2Students who are involved in the Korean Graduate Students Association enjoyed a Lunar New Year party on February 6. They served Korean traditional dishes and celebrated with all of the other Korean international students. Despite the small number of Korean students in Georgetown’s student body, the celebration helped students share their story in the U.S. and remind themselves of their home.

Lunar New Year 5

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association had a Chinese New Year festival on February 14. The event was a good way to both find many friends in Chinese community at the university, and to celebrate the Lunar New Year without family.

Lunar New Year 6 The Asian Pacific American Law Student Association also hosted their annual Lunar New Year celebration on February 10. There were a lot of delicious Asian foods and performances from Georgetown’s Filipino Dance Group, offering a great chance to learn more about different Asian cultures.

Lunar New Year 3The Asia-Pacific Forum’s Lunar New Year potluck party featured food that different groups representing their respective cultures. The Forum members encouraged everyone, including people from cultures that don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year, to enjoying the East Asian celebration of reunion and traditional dishes.

“We have held a yearly potluck event that’s been extremely popular with members,” said Lilian Lee, a member of the Asia-Pacific Forum. “I heard from the past president that it was their most well-attended event of the semester last year, so we are hoping for another good turnout this year.”

Jeonghyun Kim is a VOA intern for the English web desk. She is from South Korea, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Professional Studies in Journalism at Georgetown University.

Jeonghyun Kim