Thanks to the Obamas for Looking Like … Me

With about 50 days left and two weeks since our new president was elected, I can’t help but reflect on President Obama’s terms and what that meant to me.

I was 14 when Barack Obama was elected as president. I was in awe that the U.S. finally had its first family of color in the White House. The first man of color running the country and a woman of color, who shared the same name as my own mother, in the White House!

As someone who wasn’t born in the U.S., (my family moved here when I was 6), I was in awe that I got to witness history. Although I didn’t see it in person, I had a front row seat in front of my living room TV, to watch the election be called, and another the morning of his inauguration.

In his eight years in office, President Obama and First lady Michelle Obama have been the perfect example of role models I want my younger cousins and future children to admire.


Senor Glory (Flickr)
Senor Glory (Flickr)

Thank you, Michelle Obama, for being a fearless, funny and elegant woman.

Let Girls Learn, Lets Move, Healthier Lunches, Fashion Education and Arts Education are some of her initiatives for young children and young women. I am left in awe of how powerful she is. As a young woman of color, I am truly  grateful for her advocacy and her push to make sure that the rest of the world knows that we matter. As Rashida Jones said in her New York Times thank you to “MO,” as Mrs. Obama is affectionately known, Enter Michelle Obama, outspoken activist, a woman who isn’t afraid to remind us she is a proud African-American woman, which is, in itself, revolutionary.”

Although he was criticized, President Obama has proven to be one of the best U.S. presidents. He took the U.S. out of several crises. His eight years in office have been eye-opening for many. He implemented equal rights for the LGBTQ community, and as someone with LGBTQ friends, it delights me to know that he cared enough to fight for them. Another good to come out of his presidency was his healthcare reform: Coming from a city in which many lack health care — until Obamacare — it’s definitely something to thank him for. He’s proven to be the first president to actually care to relate to the people.

The Obama’s background, their South Side Chicago upbringing, their struggle to reach this point, their achievements, their optimistic outlook on this country, are what have uplifted me.

Arnella Sandy


  1. This is all noise-making. Jana’s got the best take on all this….noise… Why! We humans are all different. Let none of you expect Trump to be like Obama. Nature does not let such rubbish be.

  2. We now know how ignorant Americans are and those of us who have younger kids of color be careful because America is moving to the next level. What are we going to tell the colored kids in school how are our kids going to react whenever we are in the company of people of no color we need to stop because the president Obama and family did not do those people anything that are accusing him and family of all these wrong doings

  3. It is sad to hear some comments from the people full of hate for no apparent reason.
    KAREN SEHL , I pray that your heart will find peace and love. You are the one who is what you have said about
    President Obama and his family. I say a prayer that you be healed all those deceases you got.

    1. Thank you. I held back what I was going to say. Really feel sorry for her, her children, and whom ever has to hear such ignorance and hatred on a daily basis.

  4. The Obama’s are nothing but a bunch of Ghetto [deleted] stinking up the White House! Please leave early, because it has to be completely fumigated, and scrubbed down with bleach, so Donald and his family can live there without getting any diseases like AIDS, HIV, or Sickle Cell, lol!

    1. What a sad commentary on your part. Why would you ever say those things. What type of person are you. You are very mentally defunct.
      I hope you heart, mind, and soul will be blessed.

    2. I do hope that having a new president with a playboy wife making the White House a playboy mansion you ignorant people will say the same but we the black people understand that making America Great again meant the white taking over I am so sorry for the young generation of tomorrow

        1. I’m telling you the same thing I’ve told every1 else who forgets that everybody’s Cremated Remains are gray. Our Creator thought it good that we all look different, as he did birds, flowers & a host of other creatures. Start contributing more to being human “Kind”.

    3. Karen you are so racist. Obviously you are a [deleted] yourself. Black or white as you put it can contract any disease. Pray that you will never catch any or for that matter ever get sick and I hope at that time of need, Trump will run to your rescue. Reason reasonable and stop the disgusting comments. Im sure your children will reap the seeds you sow. What you need to do is focus on the positives and learn to accept all races of people and get with it. Sorry for you in the future…life is never a smooth road…learn that!

    4. I’ve been to several Cremations recently, believe me & wake up quickly because everybody’s Remains are gray.
      Stop being a toxic person. We are all mortal creations of a Being who thought it good to make us look different.
      Spend more of your Life contributing to human “Kind”.

    5. Wow I would hate to see this individual’s place they live in……. strong words about “stinking up the White House” unbelievable to read this kind of language. Ms Karen you seem to speak from some sort of experience since you are giving us advice on cleaning…..hhmmmmmm

  5. So where is the picture of the oldest daughter getting caught smoking dope ? Curious how the main stream media didn’t circulate that one around.

    1. When are we going to stop our ignorance in this country we cannot live with ourselves about this family being a good family what is our problem

  6. President Obama will never get the credit and RESPECT he deserved! He was a president FOR ALL THE PEOPLE!!! Vice President Biden said whenever they brought an idea to him, the President’s FIRST QUESTION WAS ALWAYS , “How does this help the AMERICAN PEOPLE???” All the “Complainers” will miss him when he leaves office because you see, all the Dump (D from Donald & ump from Trump) voters will be abandoned (except the rich ones). His backers were tired of “Politicians” (as we all are) and wanted a “Businessman” but the position of Presidency involves MORE THAN SUPPLY, DEMAND & MONEY, which is what business is all about. The Presidency has many, many intricate, detailed & difficult parts to it! Yes, Americans are tired of CROOKED POLITICIANS but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! Dump built his fortune on the backs of the disadvantaged and stepping on people is never a good thing! DEMAND POLITICIANS to be honest, transparent & trustworthy BUT don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole and that is what electing Dump has done, so fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy ride. Oh yeah and by the way, Dump’s staying at his place WILL COST ALL US TAX PAYERS 1 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Dump backers!!!!!!!!

  7. Obama would have accomplished much more were it not for the Republicans who demonized him and vowed to oppose him on everything. So now we have elected a guy who is a demon by his own words coming out of his mouth.

    1. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m glad someone REMEMBERS the statement that the republican party made ON THE NIGHT that President Obama was elected. This particular STATEMENT was recorded IN THE BACK ROOMS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. “WE WILL BLOCK EVERYTHING THAT BARACK OBAMA ATTEMPTS TO ACCOMPLISH.” So, this statement gives question as to HOW THE REPUBLICAN PARTY CARES FOR, RESPECTS THIS COUNTRY AND/ OR THEIR PEOPLE… NO MATTER THEIR COLOR, ORIGIN, RACE OR RELIGION. And, make statements that you ARE A CHRISTIAN. HOW FALSE IS THIS.
      Even with the attempt to block EVERYTHING, President Obama accomplished a lot of things for our country. AND I THANK HIM.
      He continues to be a gentleman and respectful Even to the point that President Obama didn’t have Joe Wilson (congressman) “taken down a few pegs” for calling him a liar. I WAS ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED BY THAT. LET’S BE REAL, LET’S BE TRUTHFUL, AMERICA. WE A STILL A RACIST COUNTRY. Donald Trump just fueled that flame. But, my question is…HOW CAN YOU GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, TAKE IT OVER AND SAY THAT YOU JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE THESE FOREIGN COUNTRIES ARE LIVING IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY WHEN WE’RE NOT ????

    2. Obama would have accomplished much more if he did not play golf most of the time. Any excuse to play golf. Isis have to hurry up to behead American, so Obama could play golf or go on a trip with his family. Calling people racist, when Obama and Michelle are the two most racists I have seen in my 63 years of life. People only support Obama because of his color (they forget he is white mostly) and that is racism at the worse. He the only person I know the work a job and knew less at the end of the job than at the first (when he knew nothing.

  8. “The Obama’s background, their South Side Chicago upbringing, their struggle to reach this point, their achievements, their optimistic outlook on this country, are what have uplifted me.” Give me a break, Obama’s white family saw to it that grandchild was taken care out of Chicago with love in spite of his non responsible parents. Please do not confuse the nations support and joy at our electing the first black president (by both blacks and all other Americans) with his accomplishments. Their successes were graciously endorsed and enabled by all of us thru Affirmative Action. You are young so please don’t misunderstand my comments but don’t be so gullible.

  9. The Obamas are and have been the most perfect American family in the White House. Their warmth and intelligence, their discipline (no personal scandals), and their general attractiveness have done America proud in a way we are not likely to see again.

    The fact that the Trump family will not even LIVE in the White House is a sharp and disgusting contrast. Those people do not understand what they signed on for when they campaigned for the presidency. We EXPECT the “First Family” to live in the house America provides in order to keep them near where the president’s work takes place. We expect them to set an example as a First Family. But for them, that’s just too much of an inconvenience. Why should he, as president, bother to move houses, or stop running his myriad businesses, including those that involve dealings with other nations, nations with which the U.S. has conflicts of interest? Why, Donald Trump is TOO RICH and TOO “SPECIAL” to inconvenience himself for the sake of the nation he wants to lead.

    The only other presidential family who did not make the White House their home, was Washington, and that was because the White House had not been completed. That’s a valid excuse. Donald Trump is just a POOR EXCUSE FOR A PRESIDENT.

    1. Holly, I suspect you are a black women, and obviously extremely rich or living on Obama’s entitlement plan, as are the majority of your race.You call Donald Trump a “poor excuse for a President”, yet he hasn’t taken office yet..prejudiced much, or just stupid?

      1. I’m telling you the same thing I’ve told every1 else who forgets that everybody’s Cremated Remains
        are gray. Our Creator thought it good that we all look different. Start contributing more to being
        human “Kind”. Also read these stats to enlighten you

        40.2% of “Food Stamp Recipients are White, 25.7 are Black 10.3% Hispanic 2.1% Asian 1.2% Amer Indian

        1. Jana-thanks for clearing those numbers regarding food stamps that its more whites receiving than blacks, Hispanic, and Asian plus America indian because most whites think it’s all about them all the time to speak what they don’t really know. yes i’m a black woman retired tring to make it on social security which is very hard and I get no assistance from anywhere just saying just wanted to repost that there are 40.2% WHITE’S on foodstamps.

        2. Shoes like Air Jordans have killed more young black men in the last 15 years than the KKK killed in the last 100 years.

          Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

      2. Mr Oneal the ball in your court so why are you fumbling it? There is no need to make such comments when you guys are the winners at least for now!

      3. And here is part of the problem in your country. Meat heads like Jack O’Neal. Such disgusting white supremist beliefs. Obviously handed down from his red neck parents. I don’t even believe Trump is racist. He has though touched a nerve in the supremist nation that makes them believe it is ok be to hate coloured folk. No Jack, you are not better or smarter than any other race.
        The only really stupid person in this room is you. I am happy the idiot (Jack) stood up early so we can recognize him for what he is.

    2. Holly…Seriously? The guy hasn’t even actually been President yet. Open your mind and accept democracy. It is your system. Quit being a cry baby. I wouldn’t haven voted Trump either but half of your voters did vote him in. Grow up! Who cares if he lives inthe White House or not? Big bloody deal. You losers will dig up all kinds of crap, won’t you?

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