How Will You Celebrate International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day (IWD), which recognizes the work and achievements of women worldwide, is celebrated Wednesday.

The day also calls for attention and action to help push society towards gender equality. Women celebrate and march worldwide, including Aleppo (see video), Iran, India and the U.S.

This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange.

The theme calls for men and women around the world to voice their concerns of gender exclusion and help promote gender parity in their day to day lives.

Similar to A Day Without Immigrants, women in the United States will participate in A Day Without Women on IWD. The strike aims to highlight the contributions women make to the economy and the impact they have on society despite discrimination, inequality and harassment.

Alexandria, Virginia, officially closed its public schools March 8, expecting most of their staff and faculty to participate in A Day Without Women.  More than 300 faculty and staff have requested leave for the day.

City schools in Chapel Hill-Carrboro, North Carolina  will also close for the day, citing a lack of staff to run the schools in the district.

Ohio University’s Women’s Center hosts the International Women’s Day Festival.

College campuses in the U.S. have created events and celebrations in recognition of International Women’s Day.

A silent auction will take place at Indiana State University on International Women’s Day to fund the international education program, She’s The First, which offers “scholarships to girls in low-income countries, fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders.”

That auction is hosted by the International Student Leadership Council.

The Women 4 Women Student Board from University of Louisville, Kentucky, is holding a one day Cultural Awareness Event in recognition of IWD. The day’s event seeks to raise awareness of the cultural diversity on campus while celebrating the empowerment of women. The event will include interactive workshops, art, performances, free food and henna.

Ohio University’s Women’s Center is celebrating IWD by hosting The International Women’s Day Festival on Sunday, March 19. The event will provide “an opportunity for the campus community to highlight women’s and girl’s achievements, to reflect on women’s status today, and to imagine a future where all women are valued as local, national, and global citizens,” according to Ohio University.  

IWD was first internationally recognized in 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland and has spread worldwide. IWD is officially recognized in over 25 countries.

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Devon Sgubin


  1. I went to work like I always do, this so called protest has just made us all look stupid and I voted for Donald Trump, He is doing more for women right now then you all will ever accomplish with this stupidity.

  2. Went to work and provided best care to all my patients. My mother taught me that a strong woman works hard, raises her family and trusts in God. She doesn’t whine, cry or skip work to walk. She leads by example. I am who I am today because of a strong woman, my mother. She is who I strive to emulate not these women who think striking and whining is an answer to anything. Grow up!

  3. another wonderful idea from the left! I am amazed at how many liberal leftist fools there are running loose! just another way to divide and cause anarchy in the world. very sad.

  4. I went to work like a responsible adult, not a crybaby child. I drive a semi truck, and work 11 hours a day. Try getting a life. What is it that you think you will accomplish by protesting a day? Seriously, what is the expected outcome? How does a day without women make a difference? Please explain how this makes sense, because I don’t see what the point is. Try working at a hard job for a change for about 5 years and then you can take a day off and cry…….

  5. I have one of those jobs that only immigrants will do, supposedly, I clean people’s houses, I have my own business. Most of my clients are working women, they worked today. Every where I went there were women working, because they have bills to pay. They have the right to work. I do not support this ridiculous “protest”. This isn’t a protest is crying and whining about things that have no merit. It’s not true. But do what you want, it’s still a free country, so far. If you lose your jobs don’t come crying to me. I don’t care.

  6. Not all mothers are the same. Remember Casey Anthony. Spare a thought for a father without whom there would be no mother to play a role.

  7. “walking out from offices, ignoring domestic chores and wearing red – a color that “signifies love and sacrifice”…Bull hockey!! You childish babies do not represent many of us adult women. You do not signify love and sacrifice! I am sixty one and have never seen such a bunch of cry baby women in all my life. You should be celebrating the fact that you have the opportunity to go to work . Many do not. I celebrated this day by going to work, wearing blue just like my mother did for many years. Good Lord, Grow Up!!

  8. I went to work like a responsible adult. Woman in the US are not treated bad at all these cry baby snowflakes need to get jobs grow up, and if they want to help woman help middle eastern women who are truly oppressed .

  9. I went to work like a responsible adult and not a cry baby snowflake, I wore blue, and I bought things.


  11. Gee, … sorry, …. i was working on helping stop the 22 suicides each day by those that served in the US military. I am trying to help a group of people that fought for my freedom before I help anyone else.

    Perhaps you can help me establish an International No More Suicide Among Military Day. The US isn’t the only country having this issue.

    I hope you understand the approach of charity starting at home.

    BTW, my single Mom worked hard and became the success she is today. Hard work, not taking the day off to go for a walk. Perhaps it can work for you too.

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