How Can I Study in the US?

VOA International Student Town Hall

Wednesday, May 3, at 10:00 DC-NY/14:00 UTC/22:00 Beijing

Are you an international student who wants to study in the United States?

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what to expect?

Please join us for a panel discussion with experts in admissions, visas, programs, institutions, culture and destination from some of the best colleges and universities in the United States. We’ll talk about the steps you need to take to gain admission and secure a student visa to study in the U.S., while helping you understand what institution would be the right fit for you and your education goals.

Then we’ll switch the discussion to what you’ll find once you’ve set foot on U.S. soil. What are the culture differences? What are the challenges? What will surprise you the most?

We will take your questions from around the world. Check our Student Union Facebook —  for the International Student Town Hall on livestream, starting at 10 AM EST/-4 UTC.

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Kathleen Struck


  1. Hello my name is Etifwork Hailu Beksiyo i have BA degree by mathematics and Accounting. I am intersted learn my msc pleace givebthe chance by!!!!

  2. How can i study in the USA? What can i do to be over there? Is it possible that i can win a scholarship? Would you like to be so kind to helpe me, please?

  3. Hi colleagues kindly help verify if South American University is accredited…. Thanks

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