Share Your Story

Are you studying in the U.S.? Have you? Would you like to? Tell us your story!

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your story focused on one point. Pick one event, one theme, one day, one slice of life you want to share. Maybe it was the four hours you hunched over an entrance exam, or your first American roommate, or the first time you saw snow . Whatever you choose, keep it focused!
  • Include details like the name of your program and the name of your school. If you don’t want us to reveal some of that information publicly, that’s OK, but your editors need to know.
  • Give photos! More than one! Show photos where people are acting naturally, not posing for the camera stiffly. Photos of when you were active, photos of when you were a kid, photos with your friends and family, photos that will stop people and draw them in to read your blog.
  • Be available to email, text, message or speak on the phone with your editors so we can give your blog the best treatment. Most of the time we want to hear more from you, so make sure you’re willing for us to contact you to follow up!

We are here to help you shape your story into a beautiful, compelling blog that people will read/view and share. We won’t let you be anything but excellent!

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