Tech Sightings, December 11, 2013

Posted December 11th, 2013 at 4:19 pm (UTC-4)
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Study: Incessant Instagramming Keeps You from Remembering Things

According to researchers at Fairfield University, people who rely on their cameras to capture every moment of an event are not fully immersed in it themselves and so are less likely to remember it.

Kenya: Remote Borehole Pump Monitoring to Transform Water Supply in Remote Areas

Kenyan based multinational water and energy specialist Davis & Shirtliff in collaboration with a German Solar Pump manufacturer, LORENTZ launched the “pump manager” web platform which will offer remote monitoring of solar pumping systems.

Can Airships Revolutionize Transportation in World’s Harshest Environments?

U.S.-based airship company Aeros and Icelandic airline Icelandair Cargo, say they have signed an agreement with hopes of establishing a partnership to develop new air freight service across the Arctic region.

Bill Gates Swallowing a Bicycle Is the Key to a Novel Password System 

Researchers have tested the idea of visualizing Person-Action-Object (PAO) stories as an easy way of remembering passwords that are hard to crack

Africa: Tech Challenge Develops Algorithms to Predict Atrocities

Mathematical models that use existing socio-political data to predict mass atrocities could soon inform governments and NGOs on how and where to take preventive action.

Open Source Is Way Whiter And Maler Than Proprietary Software

Tech already suffers from a white, male monoculture, but open source is even worse. Here’s why that is and how to fix it.

China Bitcoin Arbitrage Ends as Traders Work Around Capital Controls

The price gap between bitcoins trading in Chinese yuan and those sold for other currencies has evaporated in recent days, highlighting the porous nature of China’s capital controls.

Biometric Smartphones to Become Mainstream in 2014, Ericsson Says

Following the release of the fingerprint sensor-enabled iPhone 5s, more smartphone makers could soon jump on the bandwagon, if Ericsson’s predictions prove true. Connects You with Startup Communities in Asia’s Key Cities is one of those things that seems so obvious but has only just become a reality. The service is an intermediary that helps people connect with startups, investors and other influencers within startup ecosystems in Asia’s key cities.

Translate Your Mobile App for Global Markets

Summary: With its network of 15,000 certified translators, One Hour Translation supports at least 75 global languages.

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