Tech Sightings, December 18, 2013

Posted December 18th, 2013 at 3:20 pm (UTC-4)
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iBall Launches ‘Safety Phone’ for Women in India

The device features a SOS button on its back, which sets off a loud alarm and also triggers calls and text messages to pre-defined contacts.

Mobile’s Growing Role in Corporate Social Responsibility

Mobile’s unparalleled reach is great for keeping in touch with loved ones. It’s even better when disaster strikes, as it has the ability to connect people who need help no matter where they are.

2013 Was a Banner Year for Android Games and the Asian App Market

It’s been a good year for mobile games in general, but Google’s Android ecosystem has done particularly well for itself.

Google’s Top 2013 Search Terms in Asia Hint At Online Trends That Might Go Global

2013 might be remembered as the year Asian companies started making an undeniable impact on consumer Internet habits around the world. Google’s 2013 list of top search results for Asia show what consumers were the most interested in–and is a clue to the types of games, apps and viral weirdness you might see in 2014

Google Glass Takes a Step Toward Creepy

Traditionally we wink to signal some shared hidden knowledge or convey solidarity. Google may be changing that after it released updates to Google Glass on Tuesday afternoon, including a setting that allows for photo taking with the wink of an eye.

Bitcoin Prices Tumble on China Crackdown

The price of a Bitcoin was sent tumbling Wednesday after China’s largest exchange for the virtual currency said it would stop accepting yuan deposits — China’s local currency.

Faster Data Speeds Can Spur Migration from Prepaid to Postpaid in India

Most mobile subscribers in India are prepaid customers, for a variety of reasons. However, more would be willing to migrate to a postpaid connection if faster speeds were provided–a boost in ARPU for telcos.

Bringing Brains to Computers

For decades, scientists have fantasized about creating robots with brain-like intelligence. This year, researchers tempted by that dream made great progress on achieving what has been called the holy grail of computing.

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