Tech Sightings, December 31, 2013

Posted December 31st, 2013 at 4:27 pm (UTC-4)
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How to Get the Most Battery Life from your Android Device

If your Android device is powered on all of the time, you may well find that you run out of juice before the end of the day. Though batteries in such devices are getting more powerful, so are the features and apps that run on them. Since some of these features aren’t needed all the time, they can be turned off until you need them. Here’s a look at how to get more up time out of your battery.

Africa: Lightning Detection Promises Improved Storm Forecasts

An alternative to costly radar-based weather services could soon be operational in developing nations to help detect severe storms more cheaply and quickly. The technology, which uses lightning detection to forecast when and where storms will strike, has already proven successful in demonstration projects in Brazil, Guinea and India.

How Technology Can Halt Climate Change

A team of USA TODAY reporters traveled across the United States this year to look at how climate change is affecting Americans, from the coasts to the heartland. The reporters visited 10 states and found rising temperatures have exacerbated allergies, flooding and drought, among other problems.

Social Media as a Megaphone to Pressure the Food Industry

Renee Shutters went online, using a petition with the help of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, to push her pleas for the food industry to remove artificial dyes from food.

India’s Aircel Goes 4G with China’s ZTE

Having deployed Aircel’s 2G and 3G networks, ZTE will now design, supply, and deploy the Indian operator’s LTE network in eight telecom circles across the country.

SD Cards Hacked

Summary: SD cards, including tiny microSD and SIM cards, contain a powerful – and hackable – computer system. Are you sure you want to use your cell phone as a credit card?

Can Apple Teach China about Quality?

The doom and gloom about Apple’s future continues. The party line goes that Cupertino must repent of its ways and make a New Year’s resolution to produce cheaper and cheaper systems. How else can it really succeed?

LinkedIn, Pinterest More Popular than Twitter: Study

More U.S. adults use LinkedIn and Pinterest than Twitter, but that website attracts a greater proportion of blacks and young adults than do its social media peers, a Pew Research Center study released on Monday showed.

Facebook Dominates in US Rush to Social Networking

he surge into social networks is gaining pace among Americans, with Facebook dominating but with many people using multiple platforms, a study showed Monday.

Students Create 3D Grass Printer

Art students Tina Zidanšek, Danica Rženičnik, Urška Skaza and Maja Petek in Maribor, Slovenia have come up with a process for creating beautiful 3D-printed grass designs that allows gardens to come alive with artful designs.

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