Tech Sightings, February 13, 2014

Posted February 13th, 2014 at 2:21 pm (UTC-4)
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Humans Account for Less Than 40% of Global Web Traffic

A recent report from cloud-based application delivery platform Incapsula says less than 40% of global web traffic comes from humans. And 31% of traffic comes from search engines and bots.

Apple Says Supplies Don’t Come From War Zones

Apple’s annual audit of contract workers who produce and assemble iPhones, iPads and other hardware in factories outside the United States, confirms the company’s suppliers do not use any conflict minerals that from war-stricken areas.

JP Morgan: Bitcoin “Vastly Inferior” to Traditional, Fiat Currency

Excerpts from a note written by JP Morgan’s foreign-exchange strategist John Normand describe Bitcoin as “vastly inferior” to flat currency and say that as a medium of exchange, Bitcoin performs “no worse” than the US dollar or similar currencies.

Parents Resume Privacy Fight against Facebook over Use of Children’s Images

Two years ago, Facebook was ordered to pay up to $20 million in fines and charitable contributions after a class-action lawsuit found it was using members’ images in advertisements without their permission. A group of parents now contends Facebook continues to expose children to harm despite the settlement.

Surgeons Test Glasses that Make Cancer Cells Glow Blue

A group of surgeons test glasses that seem able to distinguish cancerous cells from healthy ones by making the cancerous cells appear blue. The technology, developed at St. Louis’ Washington University, may transform the way medicine addresses cancer.

Gaming Marathon Raises $1 million for Cancer Prevention

A group of gamers who enjoy beating games as quickly as possible helped raise over $1 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation over the weekend. The marathon, called Awesome Games Done Quick, racked up an average donation $37.01.

Spider-Man Joins Forces with Earth Hour

Spider-man is set to become the first superhero ambassador for Earth Hour. The superhero will partner with the World Wide Fund for Nature to inspire individuals to become superheroes for the planet.

Beware the Malware-Laden Flappy Bird Imposters

Security firm Sophos warns that malware-laden Flappy Bird clones spotted in Android markets are serving users malicious software instead of games.

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