Tech Sightings, March 20, 2014

Posted March 20th, 2014 at 2:21 pm (UTC-4)
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How a 3-D Printed Arm Gave Hope to Boy Maimed in Sudan Bomb Blast

In Sudan’s Nuba mountains, Dr. Tom Catena is treating thousands of people who lost limbs in the country’s bloody conflict. Many of his patients are children. One is a 12-year-old boy who lost his arms in an aerial attack. While surgery saved his life, it was 3-D printing that gave him back his arms. This is his incredible story.

China Deploys Drones to Spy on Polluting Industries

China’s deputy minister of environmental protection, Zhai Qing said drones have recently been used in Beijing, Shanxi and Hebei provinces, which are some of the worst polluted areas of China.

In Hong Kong, Placing Their Bets on Bitcoin

Even as the long-term future of digital currency remains in question, many in Hong Kong are hoping cryptocurrency will fare better there than in mainland China, where the government has tightened regulation on Bitcoin exchanges.

How to Upgrade Your Brain

Some scientists claim that you can upgrade your brain. The key lies in brain implants, which enable you to learn foreign languages, upgrade memory capabilities and learn new skills.

Prisoners ‘Could Serve 1,000-Year Sentence in Eight Hours’

Philosopher Rebecca Roache says future biotechnology and psychoactive drugs could transform punishment by distorting prisoners’ sense of time and making them think they have served longer than their actual sentence.

‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Confirms His Next Game Will Be Even ‘Better’

Dong Nguyen confirmed to his Twitter followers this week that Flappy Bird will fly again. He is working on a new version of the hit mobile game, which he says will be different and better than the original.

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