Tech Sightings, April 9, 2014

Posted April 9th, 2014 at 2:23 pm (UTC-4)
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New ‘Heartbleed’ Bug Poses Major Threat to User Data

A new type of bug that affects a widely used Web encryption technology has made data on many of the world’s major websites vulnerable to theft by hackers.

How to Protect Yourself from the ‘Heartbleed’ Bug

The natural response to the Heartbleed Bug might be the desire to change passwords immediately. Security experts advise users to wait for confirmation of a fix.

A Hack That Makes Bitcoins a Whole Lot Harder to Steal

The great strength of the popular digital currency Bitcoin is that you can send it from person to person with only an online address and a password, but that can make it easy to steal. Now, a scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation has found a way to make this kind of theft more difficult.

Study: Too Much Time in Front of Screens Could Lead to Low Bone Density in Boy

A study by Norwegian students found that teenage boys who spend more time in front of screens tend to have lower bone mineral density, which could be “a strong predictor of future fracture risk.”

Singapore’s Starhub Launches First Telco-backed Crowdfunding Platform

Starhub is touting Crowdtivate as the world’s only telco-backed crowdfunding site. The company hopes that the site will help inventors ultimately turn their ideas into future businesses.

Bluetooth Wants to Talk Directly to the Internet – and Soon It Will

A new version of Bluetooth coming up in a few months will bypass smartphones and other devices and connect directly to the cloud.

Intel Closes Costa Rica Operation, Cuts 1,500 Jobs

A spokesman for American chipmaker Intel says the company, which is struggling with a shrinking personal computer market, is closing assembly and test operations in Costa Rica and eliminating 1,500 jobs.

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  1. Bishal says:

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